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    Where I'm From and Where I Am; Super Bowl is here!

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    Where I'm From and Where I Am

    Wizards (31-16) and Rockets (32-14); both in 3rd in the conference
    'Skins (4-12) and Texans (7-9); questions at QB, difference is defense
    Nationals and Astros; top rated in NL, bottom rated AL

    Super Bowl is here!

    Patriots: very good defense (Darrelle Revis and Jamie Collins); very good offense (Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski); running game (3.9 yac; Blount-4.7); don't forget about Tim Wright
    Seahawks: great defense (Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner); good offense (Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch); running game (175.3 ypg, 5.4 yac); big-play receivers are Lynch and Luke Willson

    2 minute warning

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    At Eye Level - From Stood Up to Stand Up

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    Hosted by Matt G and "Doc" Savage

    From Bronson to Nader - Anarchic fun from minute one this time around, where we talk everything from stalkers and crappy Charles Bronson films to fights breaking out at weddings and environmental concerns.  Just listen already, "you punk...you scum!" (Bronson impersonation)  One of our funniest episodes awaits...

    Groundhog Day Reboot


    So, last week's show didn't go quite as planned. Due to various unforseen circumstances, we're going with Murcury being in retrograde, Regan Talleh and Alycia Marie, were unable to join us. In keeping with the spirit of Groundhog Day, we've decided to do a reboot. We've invited them to return to the show and give it another shot. We know we've had our hearts broken in the past, but this time it's going to be different.


    We'll hear about Matt's return to stand up at last Monday's open mic at the Zodiac Venue Bar in Colorado Springs and what motivated him to do it. He may even play a clip or two.


    Of course, as usual, we want to hear from you! Feel free to call in with your questions or comments.

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    Where do I fit in?

    in Spirituality

    The Younger Generations shall gather a wealth of information from the older generations, but shall come out of these camps full of madness and idolary to come Home to the Universal Accord of Law.  

    Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Many of us bounce around investigating various religions looking for a sense of belonging.  We inwardly all want to know who we are, where we came from, why we are here, how we should be conducting ourselves, etc.  So this journey leads us to move from religion to religion, camp to camp, then finding what we thought was our home with a particular camp and then still ending up feeling like something is missing inside.

    The Truth of this matter is we do not know who and what the Most High Almighty God is until we find out who we are.  The True Supreme Being would not fail to first properly identify you to yourself and the True God would not be absent of this knowledge.  Still yet after finding out who we are, we still don't seem to feel completely at ease within because those who've been teaching these things have baptized these doctrines with idolatry.

    We are sick of this racism, hatred, self-righteousness, and self-exculation among our people!!!  We just want the truth minus the lies, manipulation, and mental enslavement that religions and so-called non-religions provide!!!

    Many of you are looking for the proper home for yourself, looking to know what you fit in.  We all need one another and we need one anothers minds, strengths, talents, skills, and all that comes with you being you!!!  In order to find such a home.......we must understand this simple truth, most of what you've been thinking is God related is really just Idolatry!!!  The time has come to shed idolatry! 

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley Episode 12

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    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for "Stand Up Hudson Valley" on Feb 19 at 730 pm.  In this podcast, your hosts will discuss the lawsuit filed by the KJPE against petitioners and municipalities involved in the Monroe/Blooming Grove annexation. Also on the agenda; Town of Monroe filing for lead agency in the Blooming Grove action, more bad government by Harley Doles, Dan Burke, and Gerard McQuade, and the ever-growing theater mess.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is a live call-in podcast.  We accept public comment, even if it's not on the agenda!

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    Game Over With Vashti and Sharona

    in Sports

    Join Vashti and Sharona as they talk Tennessee Titans with Greg Arias of Titan Red Zone, NFL, Vols and Raiders with Charlie Garner, and college hoops with Simone Bridges. We start with our signature segment, and yours, Game On or Game Over. Get you some.

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #11

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 11 of Stand Up Hudson Valley.  This week, well talk about; the recent United Monroe informational meeting, the "Curious Case of 1-1-39", and a few other important local issues.  And of course, we'll have another installment of "Peter Martin"math.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is a live, call-in podcast.  We welcome all calls, even if they ARE NOT on the agenda!

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    When should I stand for Jesus and when should I sit down?

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    Do you stand up for the cause of Christ or do you use "meekness" as an excuse to sit down and let someone else?

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    Game Over With Vashti and Sharona

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    Join Vashti and Sharona for a special Tuesday edition of Game Over with a full dose of your favorite, and ours, Game On or Game Over. Real talk on sports from a female perspective. Get you some. 

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    Game Over With Vashti and Sharona

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    Join Vashti and Sharona as they talk athletes and social media with Kathleen Hessert as well as the NFL Combine. More NFL Combine and draft talk with the guru himself Josh Deceuster of Draft Breakdown, and NBA with Gerald Brown of Bottom Line Sports Show on Sirius XM NBA Station. As always, we start with your favorite, and ours, our signature Game On or Game Over segment. Friday 10 to noon EDT. Get you some. 

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    Game Changers Radio - Show #186 | Other Game Features in Madden

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    Join us; Shopmaster and MadScientist06, as we host another exciting episode of Game Changers Radio. In Show #186 we talk about why doesn't EA share game features throughout all of their games.  There are some awesome stuff going on in other games and even in other EA games that would be great in Madden, why is it not there?  We'll also be answering CFM/Gameplay questions from the community.  Also, Shopmaster is throwing a Madden tournament this Saturday in Arlington, Va., details on the show.

    You’ll hear all of that and more on the next jam packed Game Changers Radio which will be airing live Tuesday February 24th @ 9:00pm est.


    The Question of the Night is something we do every show and gives you a chance to chime in with your answers. You can call in during the show at (760) 454-1156.  Join the debate and call in!

    QOTN: What features in other games (past or present) that you'd like to see in Madden 16 or beyond?



    1. Non-Madden Game Features that would be great for Madden

    2. Community Q&A

    3. CFMMovement.com Idea Segment

    4. Shopmaster's Madden Tournament

    5. Madden Tips from Kobra

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    I was just thinking...Black Revolution Songs! Where is our music?

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    Every movement needs inspirational songs.

    We will go from the songs of our ancestors to the songs of our elders and beyond.

    We need to be inspired and Friday, February 27, 2015 is the night to put on your Dashiki, take off your wig and hold your fists in the air!

    It's time for revolutionary music to get our juices flowing.

    So grab your kids, spouse and all those who need to have a theme for the times and  let Beyonce go and turn off Iggy Azaela and Let's get our Funk on!

    Black Power!

    661-467-2407 and press 1 to speak.

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