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    Pakistan, Fatherhood, & I Stand w Israel - A Voice for Our Time w Charlana Kelly

    in Christianity

    Join host Charlana Kelly for an update on Pakistan with Betty Swann and a discussion about the gifts of the Spirit then a poignant conversation with you about fatherhood in leadership. We are lacking true fathers in every aspect of our culture and society in America. This is why we find ourselves on the verge of collapse. If you are a man who loves the Lord, then you are called to a powerful fatherhood in everything you do; whether in the home, on the job, in the community, in church, or in national leadership. It's time to have an honest conversation about men in our nation. In the last segment Charlana give a fervent call to STAND WITH ISRAEL! Don't miss it!

    A Voice for Our Time is the flagship program of Voices of TRUTH Radio Network a production of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC © 2015

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #16

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 16 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley," airing Sunday, March 22 at 7 pm.

    Our topics for this episode will be:

    Harley Doles' plot to arm Town dog catchers
    John's actions at the Town Board meeting during the dog catcher discussion
    The continuing saga of  TWACC (Monroe Movie Theater) 
    The Village of Kiryas Joel's poor financial condition

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live, call-in podcast.  And remember, not only is public comment welcome, It's encouraged -even if it's not on the agenda!


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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #15

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 15 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley."  

    In this podcast, we'll discuss; 

    A new lawsuit against the DEC
    More KJPE propaganda
    Our meeting with Assemblyman Brabenec

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment allowed, it's welcome. Even if it's NOT on the agenda!

  • 02:59

    Stand Up Hudson Valley #14

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 14 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley."  This week, you'll hear about the KJ Scoping Session that should not have been held, annexation propaganda, and a very special segment on the plans for a film festival to be held in a theater that doesn't have a plan.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is live, call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment welcomed, it's encouraged.  Even if it is NOT on the agenda!


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    Game Over With Vashti and Sharona March 27

    in Sports

    Join Vashti and Sharona as they talk college hoops, NFL with former Tennessee Volunteer and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Steve White of SB Nation, and fantasy football with Sigmund Bloom of Football Guys. We start as usual with our signature segement, and your favorite, Game On or Game Over. There is no offseason. Friday 10 a.m to Noon EDT.

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    Prosperity Game. Your Dress Rehearsal to YOUR First Million. I

    in Finance

    If you are not happy with your results - check your activities. You won't get an apple tree if you are planting pumpkin seeds. You REAP what you SOW!. 

    With that in mind, let's plant seeds over the next 14 days that will give you a 'walk-through', a dress rehearsal, an internship, a training camp - if you will, to mentally and visually live through what it is to earn increasing amounts of money to the point where you are a millionaire. Discover YOUR financial glass ceiling - if you have one, this game is likely to reveal it.  Bust through it and take your mind and visualize every detail of every dollar that you want to attract into your life.

    This game is evergreen - which means, you can start the game whenever you like, and then play for 14 days.

    Goals are not goals until they are written down, and fantasies are fleeting wishes unless those too are written down and given more than a passing thought.  This is the Law of Attraction/Manifestation on steriods!

    I am playing this game for the 3rd time, and I am now earning $ from ideas I dreamed up in my earlier rounds of playing the game.  My mind has been expanded as in round 1, I came nose to glass with my financial glass ceiling.  It was a mental overwhelm to discover it and break through, but I did - and so can you.  In round 2, it showed up again, but it was several hundred thousand dollars later, and busting through that was easier.  Now, I am dreaming even BIGGER!

    Many who played, and completed all 14 days of play, found similar and better results.  Free to play.  Come play with me! http://bit.ly/1EanO53 



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    I saw Heaven , I see Things 2

    in Spirituality

                                   Heaven I saw.......................................
       An  Explosive, Phenomenal Mind blowing, Unbelievable
    account of my real life  experience.  Heaven is not a dream, this book 
    is dedicated to the People that I saw,  there pasts,
    future and present in their eyes. I am able to see places, people and
    things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses.
        It was prophetical during each experience,   like I was fore telling
    events,  as if by Gods, supernatural intervention.
    Why, No one knows , but I know it happened. I expect that reading
    about me and all of this was meant for you to find. I'm sure if you do
    some  inner looking you will find out why you were drawn this

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #13

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for "Stand Up Hudson Valley" episode 13.  Things are heating up in the region: the Environmental Scoping Session for the "KJ 507" annexation will be held on March 3rd.  The KJPE launched a PR propaganda campaign.  And of course, we have more Harley Doles nonsense.  

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment welcome, it's encouraged.  Even if it's NOT on the agenda.

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    Game Over With Vashti and Sharona March 20

    in Sports

    Tune in as Vashti and Sharona talk NFL, NCAA March Madness, Greg Hardy and more. This week's guest is Will Carroll of Fan Duel talking about daily fantasy sports, Chris Borland retirement and Kevin Durant's injury. We start with our signature segment, and your favorite, Game On or Game Over. 

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    “I don’t Suffer from Insanity, I Enjoy Every Minute Of It”.

    in Entertainment

    This is the first series of GSITP Jenice Matias will share her personal experience about dealing with abuse, hopelessness and mental illness. The show will feature Jenice performing storytelling and spoken word pre-recorded, with an open discussion between each piece for listeners’ participation

    Jenice Matias was born and raised in New York City. She considers herself the last of the Nuyorican baby boomers. She is an actress, storyteller, dancer, singer, and improviser. After studying with Adam Wade and John Flynn she has established herself as a raconteur extraordinaire. She has shared her life stories in various storytelling venues including The Moth, NYC and Monti, NC, In addition, She wrote and performed in solo shows  entitled “Pussinomics: A Comedy” an outrageous and unique collection of comedic character monologues, “I Have No Luck with Men” shares her personal stories about misguided liaisons, and "Shadow Bat" true personal stories about the paranormal and supernatural.

    You can find out more info about Jenice Matias at jenicematias.biz or you can email her at office@jenicematias.biz

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    No Open Containers on St. Patrick's Day: Where do you stand?

    in Politics

    I will be joined by Chris Pratt, owner of 5 Albany Bars to discuss the rule change on St. Patty's Day that will not allow for open containers, and put together what some have called a "cockamamie scheme" for this year's parade.

    I welcome your calls and opinions.

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