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    Mere Christianity: Book Two - Chapter One

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    Mere Christianity Book Two: What Christians Believe - Chapter One: The Rival Conceptions of God

    Tonight we discuss rival conceptions of God, where does Christianity agree and disagree with the other major world religions.  Do Christians have to believe that every other religion has gotten it completely wrong?  We discuss some of the other major world religions including Pantheism vs. Christianity, and what Lewis had to say on the subject.  One of Lewis' most famous quotes comes from this chapter when he discusses the idea of an "unjust" vs. "just" universe. 

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    Mere Christianity - Chapter Five: Part Two

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    We finish our discussion on Chapter Five of Book One: We Have Cause to Be Uneasy.  Lewis continues to address his critics that say he "tricked" them into a discussion about Christianity, which he explains he did not.  He never even mentioned the God of the Bible up to this point, and in fact has just been addressing the reality of the world around us and where that leads.

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    Mere Christianity - Chapter Five: Part Two

    in Christianity

    We finish our discussion on Chapter Five of Book One: We Have Cause to Be Uneasy.  Lewis continues to address his critics that say he "tricked" them into a discussion about Christianity, which he explains he did not.  He never even mentioned the God of the Bible up to this point, and in fact has just been addressing the reality of the world around us and where that leads. 

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    Change the Story, Change the Future

    in Environment

    David Korten

    David C. Korten is an American author, lecturer, engaged citizen, former professor of the Harvard Business School, political activist, prominent critic of corporate globalization, and “by training and inclination a student of psychology and behavioral systems.”  I heard him speak this past summer and he knocked it out of the park and received several standing ovations. So imagine an economy in which life is valued more than money and power resides with ordinary people who care about one another, their community and their natural environment. David will share with us why it is possible and why it is already happening. He believes, as do I, that our common future hangs in the balance. Be prepared to be inspired and filled with hope. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.


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    Mere Christianity - Chapter Three

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    Join Jared, Byron and Brandon as we discuss C.S. Lewis' classic work, Mere Christianity.  Tonight we are discussing Book One: Chapter Three - The Reality of the Law.  In this chapter, Lewis continues to make his case for the reality of the Law of Human Nature.  That it is a very real law that we can't escape or explain away.  A law that, "must somehow or other be a real thing - a thing that is really there, not made up by ourselves.  Lewis continues to make his case with a few analogies and we discuss which ones we find the most compelling. 

    *We had some slight technical difficulties at the end of the show, but chose to leave them in there.  Sorry for any confusion it may have caused, we are still getting the hang of these fancy computers!!

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    Doing Everything with Nothing: Ephemeralization and the Future of the Future

    in Technology

     R. Buckminster Fuller famously predicted that technological advancement will allow us to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing."

    So how is that working out for us? Are we doing more and more with less and less? And when do we reach that end point?

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon examine how Fuller’s concept of ephemeralization is showing up in numerous current developments:

    Getting the world to go solar using this one weird trick

    Beating cancer the easy way

    Cutting costs on going to Mars

    Virtualizing everything

    Redefining the human body as a computer programming project

    Join us.

    WT 131

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    Hidden History Reveals Future Plans of The New World Order

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    Guest: Steve Quayle

    The truth about history has been hidden… So begins the opening statement on the back page of Empire Beneath the Ice, How the Nazis Won World War II by Steve Quayle. No, this is not a book review or endorsement, although it could be, but it’s much bigger than that. What follows is a brief summary of that revered moment in every investigator’s career when the pieces of a perplexing case suddenly fall into place after many long hours of investigation, blurry-eyed research and frustrating dead ends.

    The case I reference is that which involves all of us who are living today. It is critical insight into the construction and implementation of global governance; how it is being implemented, who is behind it, and the warring ideologies that exist to confuse everyone from the average onlooker to the serious researcher.

    While much has been written about the conspiracy of a “One World Order” or the nefarious “New World Order”, nagging deficits in the related research have always existed. Such deficiencies have been exploited by the historically myopic, intellectually shallow and the deliberately deceitful alike, often to prove that no such conspiracy exists. These deficits have served as the fodder of those faithful to the globalists who are intent on enslaving mankind under a Luciferian rule.

    Thanks to establishment historians advancing a “Tavistockian” agenda of revised history while true history has been hidden from the uninitiated, the globalists’ agenda of enslavement has accelerated with little pushback or even accurate exposure. It is critical, then, to expose that which has been hidden in order for people to understand the magnitude of the lie that has been sold to us by those who we have entrusted with not just our past, but our future.

    This episode does just that.

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    Mere Christianity - Chapter Four: Part Two

    in Christianity

    Join Byron, Brandon and Jared as we continue through Chapter Four of Mere Christianity.  In Part Two we take a look at the final three paragraphs of the chapter, and what can we learn about man given the fact that we are men.  Does the universe just happen to be, or is there a reason for it?  What lies behind the Law of Nature that we have been discussing the last few weeks?  If something exists behind this Law, what is it like? 

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    Islam , Urantia Papers and the Growth of Christianity

    in Religion

    Live two hour inspiring show with co-hosts Brother Dave Jesusonian, Richard Stinson, Darren S. Henley and our featured Guest: Hamid Masdeh, who will discuss the growth of Christianity in Iran and other Islamic countries. 

    From the supernal 2097 page The Urantia Book in the public domain


    149:2.5 The teachers of the religion of Jesus should approach other religions with the recognition of the truths which are held in common (many of which come directly or indirectly from Jesus' message) while they refrain from placing so much emphasis on the differences.

    95:7.6 The strength of Islam has been its clear-cut and well-defined presentation of Allah as the one and only Deity; its weakness, the association of military force with its promulgation, together with its degradation of woman. But it has steadfastly held to its presentation of the One Universal Deity of all, "who knows the invisible and the visible. He is the merciful and the compassionate." "Truly God is plenteous in goodness to all men." "And when I am sick, it is he who heals me." ...

    This show will always have a panel of Guests Representing Diverse people who seek to Help Humanity in one way or another; as that is one of our major goals.  Show call-ins are welcome; the number is 347-838-8506 and you may use our open Chat Room.

    We all are sincerely dedicated to Unity not Uniformity. Our Progressive nature leads us to Unify on spiritual Values and shared Goals, and not only tolerate different beliefs or un-beliefs, but with free will dignity honor to be led in God's Spirit to treat them as the divinely beloved Children of God that they are !

    Truth-seekers and Truth-finders should find value in our shows and on my website http://www.purechristians.org

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    Black Future Month

    in Culture

    Sankofa means that you look to the past to get what was useful there, and use it to move forward intelligently. February is known in America as Black History Month, but what about our Black future?? We need to know what we want to happen in our future. We need to know about the innovators right now who are creating and producing our future. Should we be following other cultures' ideas about what the future should bring? NO!!! Our future is what we make it...so let's talk about some recipes...

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    Children: Potential Future Leaders

    in Lifestyle

    The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will expound on the maturity of today's children that is standing in line to be the potential leaders of the future of this world. Can we sleep at night being confident in the ability of our young children to lead us prosperously. If we should take a good look at the behavior of our today's youth, can we see the potential growth or failure of the world. How frightened are we and is that fear enough for us to do something about it. Are we destined to live the balance of our promised life at the mercy of children, our potential future leaders. Join us today, Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:30pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 and share with others how you feel. Understand, our potential future leaders are being groomed for life, but by whom?


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