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    Firearm Fundamentals

    in Politics Conservative

    Concealed carry increases safety.  Misinformed people fear that concealed carry laws will encourage homicidal chaos in the streets and everyone will be in mortal danger.  Established facts prove just the opposite.

    In states where concealed carry has been adopted, crime rates have been significantly reduced. 

    Gary L. Behr is the author of Firearm Fundamentals.  Gary is both an NRA qualified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer, as well as being a former Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education Safety instructor and presently serves as a Firearms Instructor and Advisor.  He is also WI LE/Security Trained Wisconsin DOJ DAAT Trained (Defensive and Arrest Tactics). Certified: CPR, AED, First-Aid.



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    in Entertainment

    Guest: KEN PENTEL (Director of The Ecology Democracy Network, Former Candidate for Governor of Minnesota, Political Strategist) Ken is committed to creating the Tools and Strategies needed to change our Political System. His Non-Partisan approach to Political Organizing is a breath of fresh air in the current Political chaos. Ken illustrates how we are all interconnected with one another and our planet. We have to take care of our planet first and foremost, because our Eco System is in a state of Great Imbalance, putting All LIFE at RISK. Ken gives us an overview of the Fundamentals of Organizing and how to be successful when dealing with Group Dynamics.Ken says that we need our Healers and Artists NOW more than ever, and he Encourages ACTIVE and CONSISTENT PARTICIPATION on all Levels of LOCAL POLITICS. Ken Biked across MINNESOTA, going door to door and creating solid relationships with the community.Ken says that we must focus on STRUCTURAL CHANGES such as changing our Model of Economic Growth from The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator). He also is adament that we MUST get BIG MONEY out of POLITICS and change the system to a PUBLICLY FUNDED system. He also stresses that we must change the WAY that we vote to a system that is PROPORTIONAL, so that everyone gets a VOICE and a REPRESENTATIVE that reflects their VALUES. He discusses INSTANT RUN OFF VOTING as a vehicle to change the 2 Party system on the NATIONAL LEVEL.Ken says that it is IMMORAL to keep Leaving our Problems for FUTURE GENERATIONS and that we need to WAKE UP and get to WORK, before it's too late.Ken Reminds us to STAY ENCOURAGED and to REMEMBER that Small Groups of People, Facing HUGE ODDS...Have been able to CHANGE THE WORLD! kenpentel@yahoo.com
    CONTACT THE SHOW: e.mandisa@gmail.com 206-600-2730

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    The Fundamentals

    in Lifestyle

    Jen returns to the air waves as Everyday Joy teams up with Angie, from Moments of Awakening, to bring you a series of shows that are all based on Fundamental skills that can support you as you go through any of life’s events that lead to transformation.
    You won’t want to miss the Introduction to The Fundamentals! You will find out about the topics to come and why Jen and Angie have chosen to gift YOU with these shows! Are you ready for 18 weeks of mini-classes that will give you the steady bite-size nuggets of information to support you no matter what is going on in your life?
    If you want to know more about these shows you can find more information at everydayjoyessence.com and angiemillgate.com.

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    Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est Call: 213.559.2995 Tonight's Topic: Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

    The Internet lends us no excuse not to promote and marketing our music today. Rather you are the biggest or the smallest band the opportunity to be creative in your marketing is extraordinary. Tonight we will discuss tips technique basic fundamental you can use to up your game in your marketing.

    Feel free to call in and voice your thoughts.

    Show link: UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com

    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995 Show Date: 9/22/2015

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    Episode 7 of 10: "Grief: Family Fundamentals"

    in Self Help

    Episode 7 of 10: "Grief: Family Fundamentals" Today, we continue a 10-part series depicting the devastation of grief associated with the death of a partner.  Our special guest today is Kristina Harris, a sage survivor and true inspiration. Join us to hear Kristina Harris' meaningful introspective outlook, filled with strength, perseverance and the continuation of hope. 

    Known as the "911 Celebrity Therapist," Licensed Clinical Therapist Carla Lundblade, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.C., provides clinical therapy for top performers, leaders of industry and gifted individuals who yearn to utilize the most modern, up-to-date MRI brain imagery research and evidenced-based psychological techniques to improve peak performance, become self-actualized and attain their fullest potentials. 

    Please go to http://carlalundblade.com

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    Fundamentals of the Field

    in Football

    Tap, A. Wade, B. Long, and Rob The Cuban discuss the latest sports news.

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    Fundamentals of the Field

    in Football

    Tap, A. Wade, B. Long, and Rob The Cuban discuss the latest sports news.

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    Back To the Basics: The Fundamentals of Building Your Business with Darryl Lyons

    in Business

    This week, we welcome back, Darryl Lyons, CEO  of PAX Financial Group, and author of Small Business, Big Pressure. 

    Darryl has a mission to educate entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of building a business from a Christian perspective.

    “Many families strive for the American Dream of owning a business,” said Lyons, who was raised by business owners. “Unfortunately, the business schools fail to teach the basics. Additionally, most business books focus on the entrepreneur being the source of all wisdom, joy, and peace. The lessons here point to God as the only source for those character qualities.”

    Lyons cites unemployment as a continuing concern in the United States and hopes his book, which lays out the fundamental process for how to build a business with God, will give people with unique God-given skills the confidence to take that next step in starting a viable business. 

    Darryl Lyons is a rock star in the financial world, and he’s built an incredible team and business that’s helping a lot of people. "Small Business, Big Pressure" is the playbook for how he did it—and how you can do it, too

    Join us for this insightful and engaging discussion about how to start up your business the right way!


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    american tennis with coach chuck kriese - 2/3/16 - Goal Setting fundamentals

    in Sports

    American Tennis with Coach Chuck Kriese - Broadcast of February 3, 2016 - Goal Setting is a basic to any achievement.  Coach Kriese gives a few simple fundamentals that youngsters can use in their day in and day out routines..    He also talks briefly about how to develop a coaching philosophy that helps coaches and players to avoid the mediocrity that is so prevelent in our culture today.   Listen to American Tennis every Wednesday at noon on the UR10S network. 

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    The Fundamentals of Natural Health

    in Health

    What are your basic necessities for good health? In this episode of the Doc. Mo Show, Dr. Mosley will go over what your true needs are to start down the path of a natural and wholesome life. 

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    Fake Fundamentals With Brian McCormick

    in Basketball

    Coach Nick sat down with Brian McCormick, who's a PhD in Exercise and Sports Science, coached professionally in Europe, and at every level in the U.S. as well as being a college strength and conditioning coach. He shatters the myth of so many of our commonly run basketball drills, explaining why there is very little practical use for them. In his book Fake Fundamentals, he goes in much further detail - a MUST read.