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    The Fundamentals

    in Lifestyle

    Jen returns to the air waves as Everyday Joy teams up with Angie, from Moments of Awakening, to bring you a series of shows that are all based on Fundamental skills that can support you as you go through any of life’s events that lead to transformation.
    You won’t want to miss the Introduction to The Fundamentals! You will find out about the topics to come and why Jen and Angie have chosen to gift YOU with these shows! Are you ready for 18 weeks of mini-classes that will give you the steady bite-size nuggets of information to support you no matter what is going on in your life?
    If you want to know more about these shows you can find more information at everydayjoyessence.com and angiemillgate.com.

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    Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est Call: 213.559.2995 Tonight's Topic: Tips, Techniques and Fundamentals You Could Use To Increase Your Music Exposure!

    The Internet lends us no excuse not to promote and marketing our music today. Rather you are the biggest or the smallest band the opportunity to be creative in your marketing is extraordinary. Tonight we will discuss tips technique basic fundamental you can use to up your game in your marketing.

    Feel free to call in and voice your thoughts.

    Show link: UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com

    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995 Show Date: 9/22/2015

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    Fundamentals of the Field

    in Football

    Tap, A. Wade, B. Long, and Rob The Cuban discuss the latest sports news.

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    Fundamentals of the Field

    in Football

    Tap, A. Wade, B. Long, and Rob The Cuban discuss the latest sports news.

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    Fake Fundamentals With Brian McCormick

    in Basketball

    Coach Nick sat down with Brian McCormick, who's a PhD in Exercise and Sports Science, coached professionally in Europe, and at every level in the U.S. as well as being a college strength and conditioning coach. He shatters the myth of so many of our commonly run basketball drills, explaining why there is very little practical use for them. In his book Fake Fundamentals, he goes in much further detail - a MUST read.

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    9 Fundamentals of Successful Relationships

    in Relationships

    Successful relationships all share certain fundamentals.  Although people are different, there are several key areas and fundamentals that work together to created loving, lasting, relationships.  In this episode, we will explore those fundamentals.


    Renee DiBiaso, has been called the “Healer of Marriage Hurts,” and is the creator of the Nationally Acclaimed marriage success system called “The Relationship Roadmap,” and Author of “The Relationship Manual: How to Overcome The Swamps and Quicksands of Couplehood.” Renee and her husband Brian are considered the “Go-To-Couple” for couples who refuse to settle for mediocrity in their marriage and want to leave a legend of love, passion, and laughter to each other, their children, and the world. Renee & Brian take the guesswork out of successful couplehood and teach couples step by step how to have a long term relationship that is extraordinary, that fulfills them in mind, body, heart, and soul. 


    Renee is passionate about love and believes that by changing your own intimate relationship you can change the world. That is how change occurs. With you. And with me. In our own hearts. By loving each other we change the world. Don’t wait to love, don’t withhold the love you have bottled up in your heart…live each day as if it’s your last and love without regret. 

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    Career Management Fundamentals

    in Jobs

    In this episode of Own Your Career, Rod covers the basics to Career Management as the CEO of Me, Inc. Rod call it Career Management Fundamentals.


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    Jack Fundamentals: An Interview with Derrick Jack

    in Entrepreneur

    Derrick Jack is a Gallup Certified Strengths Performance Coach and EP10; Entrepreneurial Profile 10 coach based in greater Louisville KY.

    He is uniquely able to use both the Clifton StrengthsFinder and the Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder to more fully serve venture capitalists, investors, entrepreneurs, economic developers, educators and mentors. Reviving the entrepreneurial spirit in our local communities is vital to our country's position in the world and he is fully committed to finding and coaching those with high levels of entrepreneurial talent.  

    SHOW SPONSORED BY:  A Yummy Future     Prince of Peace Wear

    Check out POP Wear on Facebook: www.facebook.com/princeofpeacewear  or Twitter @Pop_Wear

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    TD46: The Fundamentals of Predicting Human Behavior

    in Entertainment

    Today, Derek wants to talk to you about human behavior and how it can be predictable.

    Derek pulls from his experience with games, poker, and rock paper scissors to explain the fundamentals.

    Predicting human behavior can help you navigate social interactions, competition, and more. 

    What do you think of these ideas? Can you see yourself applying them?

    Enjoy! Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter using #TD46




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    Networking Fundamentals with Isadora Badi

    in Work

    Isadora Badi is a global marketing professional specializing in marketing strategy and brand management. Over 10 years of experience creating marketing processes and systems to deliver global ad campaigns, promotions, email, social media, e-commerce programs and digital branding. Expert in leading multicultural and cross-functional teams in the implementation of marketing programs. Fluent in translating research and business needs into brand positioning and brand portfolio strategy.

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    MREA : Chapter 1 - The Fundamentals

    in Real Estate

    This series of Coaching Sessions will be covering all of the chapters in Gary Keller's National Best Seller, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  And...it's not about the money, it's about being the best you can be!

    In this first session, we will cover Chapter 1 - The Fundamentals.  A Real Estate Agent should focus on the models and fundamentals of their real estate business first.  Once the models and methods are in place and the business is profitable, then some energy can be diverted to considering other income opportunities.  Always lead with revenue.  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Model works in every market, every day!  Period!

    This first session will be one of 23 sessions.  I look forward to coaching you through this entire process.  Whether or not you desire to become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, understanding and applying what this book has to offer will ensure you are as successful as you can and want to be in this career.