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    Health with The Forgotten Foods

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    Let talk how to stay healthy with my friends from The Forgotten Foods, and learn about my trip to Belize.

  • Holiday Foods and Recipes

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    The Holiday is one of those times that many familiy and friends gather together for great food, drink and even recipes to celebrating what the holiday means to them.  However, the grandma's or family recipes on the menu how much of those are the healthiest for us and is it possible to change tradition by changing the menu but still make it memorable, delicious and healthy?  In this episode I will continue to share with you the foods and recipes that you can added and even change to be more healthy to those not so healthy meals.

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    The Forgotten Friend ...Janice Fuchs

    in Spirituality

    The Angels Monday Show! - The Forgotten Friend!  -  Dax and Janice discuss Janice’s New Book : The Forgotten Friend! …A simple guide to a new way of being you! …Just in time for 2015!

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    Canned Foods, Ebola,

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode we talk about Ebola, of course, and the myth of canned foods.  The contrafighter wordblog is the campanion to this site.

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    You ARE what you Eat... Foods that Heal

    in Nutrition

    Unless you choose to stick your head in the sand about what you put into your body, food will affect you. We are learning new things about foods, nutrition, healing and disease, all from foods, and diet and how to heal, nurture and overcome ailments.

    Healing foods can taste good, great even!! Here we discuss simple foods and recipes to get you on the road to explore a healthier lifestyle to life longer and happier.

    With genetic engineering, chemicals, contaminations, and even deaths from foods we have valued and trusted to be safe has shown time and again , hidden dangers.Disease and inertia result from lack of the right nutrients for the brains nourishment. We have control. Here Nutritionist Teri Cochrane shows us the way..

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    Holiday Foods And Recipes

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    Food, It brings people together especially great testing food and food made with love. What foods are great during the Holiday a season and how do we those foods in a recipes? I will share those with you on this episode.

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    The Forgotten : The Cases & Causes Black America Forgot

    in News

    the revolution of the mind continues ...

    The MadMen continue to fight to help you take back and keep your righteous mind.

    This week we take a look at what "the forgotten". The cases and causes that were conveniently forgot about once the new TV season began or when the media waved a "red flag" in front of our faces to distract our attention from real change on American soil.

    Call in and let us know what cause you think everyone forgot about...

    Won't be home? No problem. Text "WYMS" to 76000 and get the listen in number sent directly to your phone 5 minutes to showtime.

    Tuesday 10pm - www.whyyoumadson.com

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    How our bodies create cellular energy from foods and how to optimize the energy

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Alan Miller, ND, will discuss how our bodies create cellular energy from foods and how to optimize the energy-producing process.

    Dr. Miller is a 1989 graduate of Bastyr University and a well-known clinician and educator who has lectured at medical conferences nationally and internationally. He has been a member of Thorne Research’s Medical Affairs team since 1994. As an author and researcher, Alan has published over 20 articles in the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Medicine Review. He is Chief Medical Editor of the book Alternative Medicine Review Monogrophs, Volume One and is a contributing author to the Textbook of Natural Medicine.

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    5 Holiday Foods On the Naughty List

    in Health

    The holiday food rush is in full swing across in the US. And, for the next month, Americans will be stuffing their faces with all kinds of disease-promoting foods that are recipes for all types of illness and diseases.

    Find out what the top 5 holiday foods to avoid are!


    About Your Host:

    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP



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    "One True Thing" Green Soup Recipe from Dara Dubinet - Raw Foods with Dara

    in Food

    What to do with greens, here's how to make it taste good. :) for the blender.  

    RECIPE for Dara's "One True Thing" Green Soup
    3 Cups Purified Water, a Large Bunch of Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Bunch of Cilantro, Fresh Dill, Parsley, 2 Peeled Lemons, Olive Oil, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Powder for Pop, a Pinch of Himalayan Salt, Celery (Cut in Half), Nutritional Yeast, Mung Beans for Garish, and you can add Spirulina if you want for more Protein.  ... and 2 Avacados at the VERY end, just before you garnish! 

    Bon Apetit! Get your greens on!   #KeepingItRawKeepingItReal 
    To see me make this soup, visit my YouTube channel!  http://youtu.be/J19GtxXcgfU

    YouTube:  http://bit.ly/DaraOnYouTube
    More With Dara:  http://www.daradubinet.com/more-with-dara 
    Website: http://bit.ly/MoreWithDara 
    Twitter: http://bit.ly/DaraStyle
    Facebook: http://bit.ly/DaraFacebookFanPage
    Buy DVDs: http://tinyurl.com/buydaradvds

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    Talking with Gary Knight, author of "Forgotten Brothers"

    in Books

    What if Christopher Columbus owed his success—maybe even his very life—to two brothers who have been almost completely forgotten in the annals of history?

    Forgotten Brothers is the story of Martín and Vicente Pinzon, and their instrumental role in the eventual success of Christopher Columbus’ mission. Columbus invited Martin Pinzon to join the expedition, but the two men would eventually become bitter rivals. And while heartbreak was the fate for the Pinzons, Columbus returned a victor, and history regards him as a hero.

    Based on many long-neglected historical treatises, some as many as 140 years old, this book presents a different picture of the facts of the voyage—facts today’s history books fail to reveal.


    Gary Knight is a descendent of Spanish immigrants (on his mother’s side) and has heard from his Spanish cousins for years the story of the Pinzon brothers, highlighted in his historical novel Forgotten Brothers. For 10 years, Gary tutored English and writing to aspiring high school students and was an adjunct professor at a community college for 5 years, while he continues his book writing.  He is a member of the American Independent Writers group and writes on-line book reviews for them.



    Mr. Knight is a life-long sailor, has owned five boats on the Chesapeake Bay, and has participated in the Marion to Bermuda cruising race. He and his wife Brenda, who is a retired financial analyst for the Federal Reserve Board and a hypnotherapist, live on the water on the Chesapeake.  Each has two grown daughters.

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