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  • New Year! New Agreements! Break the Silence in 2015!

    in Lifestyle

    This year commit to giving up the resistance to change. Denial and avoidance isnt working. You know it is keeping you from realizing the potential you have for an amazing life. Consider what stops you from keeping your New Year's Resolutions. It isn't that you arent able to change - it is that you aren't commited to do what it takes. Strengthen your agreements with yourself by owning that you need to reveal the silent but deadly attraction you have to do nothing differently! Join Drs Anderson, Banks and Owens at 7pm on January 5th for a 30 minute make over. Then break your silent agreements with yourself in half!

  • soul agreements; how do they work with murder and abortion?

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels Tonight Victoria is going to discuss our soul agreements regarding murder and abortion.  This is a subject that has a lot of emotions attached to it.  It will be an interesting topic to talk about.

    The show starts at 8 pm eastern.

    The number to call is 760 890 7143.

  • What is your code of conduct? The Four Agreements

    in Spirituality

    The 'Clique will review the inspiring book, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  We will discuss the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of our joy and birthright of greatness, our own personal belief system and the code of conduct that leads your life. Join us for this important discussion. 

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    Episode 214: Bay Area Legends Eleven Five 11-5

    in Music

    Bay Area Legends Eleven Five 11-5  join the archive

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    8-24-15 SPECIAL GUEST: Howard Lax on Marketing Service Agreements (MSA's)

    in Finance

    It seems that Marketing Service Agreements (MSA's) have drawn the ire of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), but why?  What has been the evolution of Marketing Service Agreements (MSA's) and why now have they become so 'toxic' to the point that a number of major financial institutions have announced that they are terminating all MSA's?  Is there any MSA structure that the CFPB would find acceptable?  If so, do the risks involved out weigh the advantages?  ON this podcast we have as our special guest, HOWARD LAX of the Bodman law firm.  Howard will answer these questions and will explain why so many are exciting MSA's.  Don't miss this important discussion and interview with HOWARD LAX. 

    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program styled “podcast” hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of IMFnews.com giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update and Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry. 

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    ArkansasVarsity.com Week Five Weekly Blitz

    in Sports

    ArkansasVarsity.com Week Five Weekly Blitz

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    in Entertainment

    On this episode of "Rendezvous with Kent"..."FIVE MINUTE VACAY", LEARN SOME SIMPLE AND EASY WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS BY TAKING A SHORT VACATION IN YOUR MIND AND BODY! As always, the show is layered with a variety of great tunes from your Host....Kent!

    Sponsored by:


    Whole Foods Market


    Available on iTunes: Search "Rendezvous with Kent" Podcast: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/RendezvousWithKent.rss

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    Silent Agreements in the Holidays!

    in Lifestyle

    We all know that during the holidays we are challenged to juggle more priorities. Sometimes this requires we put ourselves our on hold and focus on others expectations and wishes. Holidays can be brutal and by the time we realize how much we are giving away or ignoring, it can be to late to turn on the joy and merriment we so desire. Learn ways you can overide and jump start your holiday happiness with more contented happiness and approaches to your Christmas list that don't leave you wishing you were somewhere else. Make the holidays fulfilling and celebrate the way you really want to this year!

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    "Over 45 Weightloss" DAY FIVE - Special Guest, Theresa Webb

    in Weight Loss

    Over 45 Weightloss Group  - DAY FIVE of our journey with the 30 Day Weightloss Program by Isagenix (tm)

    Many people over 45 have a harder time losing weight for many different reasons. We are here, helping each other through the program.

    Today our Special Guest is Theresa Webb, from Florida, US. Theresa is a "over 45" lady who has had a great experience with the Isagenix 30 DAY Weightloss and Cleanse Program. She will share her experiences and her weightloss story with us today.


    3 Tips to Make Your Cleanse Days Your Favorite Days:


    Here are Tips on Customizing Your Shake Day:


    If you have any questions please email Denise at:  DiamondsOrGold@gmail.com 

    ***** If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition, or are beginning a weight-control program, consult your physician before using Isagenix (tm) products or making any other dietary changes. Discontinue use if adverse events occur.

    **Hosted by Denise Saumer, Isagenix Independent Distributor 

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    Episode#131(What Is The Five Fold Ministry?)The Macedonia Call Around The Globe

    in Religion

    Tonight, We will be doing a live broadcast, starting at 9:00 pm est. Call in at 347-989-8862. The phone line only works while we are on live. The subject is, What Is The Five Fold Ministry? We will be preaching, teaching,singing, testifying and praying. We only use the King James bible. Call in and give your testimony or prayer request. If you are a preacher, call in and preach with us. God bless you all and keep us in your prayer. 

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    Violet Flame Saturday with Saint Germain- Five Dhyani Buddhas

    in Spirituality

    Decrees, Song, Meditation and Service to Light in You! : )

    Today we work with the 5 Dhyani Buddhas - who each represent a quality of your own Buddha Nature.


    The 5 Dhyani Buddha's are:

    1. Vairochana - All Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya

    2. Akshobya - Mirrorlike Wisdom

    3. Ratnasambhava - Wisdom of Equality

    4. Amitabha - Discrimination Wisdom (Discernment)

    5. Amoghasiddhi - All-Accomplishing Wisdom, Wisdom of Perfected Action

    Vajrasattva - represents the highest expression of the enlightened mind. He is the synthesis of the Five and has the Attainment of the Five.

    They are transcendent beings who symbolize universal divine principles or forces. 

    Each Buddha embodies one of the five wisdoms, which antidote the five deadly poisons that hinder spiritual Freedom and Ascension in the Light.

    So today we for the transmutation of the poisons that have held mankind captive to the ages of duality and seperation so that we can move into the Golden Age in a wonderful & beautiful Way together as One!

    We'll also be Working with the Violet Flame, Jesus, Archangel Michael & MORE!

    Click her to learn more about the 5 Dhyani Buddhas

    ESPAVO!!! < Thank you for taking your Power