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    5/15 250th jayreelz Final Word. NBA, NHL, MLB, Preakness

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    If you've missed out on what took place in the world of sports over the past week, then look no further as I cover all that's going on this Wednesday at 8pm on jayreelz Final Word. The Knicks have dug themselves a 2-1 series hole vs. Indiana. Will they be able to get the equalizer and bring it back to the Garden tied 2-2? I'll deliver the latest on their series, as well as, the rest of the NBA playoff landscape. The Islanders fought hard, but come up short against the Penguins in their first trip to the playoffs in six years. Meanwhile, the Rangers have a Game 7 date with the Capitals tonight. I'll check in on the locals, and go around the ice to update all that's happening in the NHL postseason as the second round is upon us. I'll peek what's happening with the slumping Mets, the surging Yanks and all of the MLB. Plus, a preview of the Preakness, and a recap of the TPC in Sawgrass as Tiger Woods wins another tournament that's not a major. All of that, and much more on your source for New York sports, jayreelz Final Word.

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    6/13 The Final Word w/JayReelz & J.D. 4th Anniversary Show

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    We're in full celebration mode, as we embark on our fourth year of The Final Word with JayReelz and J.D., Wednesday at 8pm. The Stanley Cup has finally landed, and it belongs in Los Angeles as the Kings avoided a trip back East as they annihilate the Devils 6-1. We'll recap the final three games and take a look at what's next for Eastern Conference Champions. The NBA Finals are underway as Oklahoma City plays host to the Miami Heat in the first two games of the series. We'll talk about Game 1 and reflect back on a grueling seven game battle with the Boston Celtics. The Mets surely didn't fare well in the first segment of the Subway Series. We'll see what that could do to a young Mets squad as they play in Tampa, while the Yankees continue to roll to the top of the AL East. We'll also recap the French Open and Belmont Stakes and may have a surprise in store. All of that, and then some on BlogTalkRadio's Top Show, The Final Word with JayReelz and J.D.

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    10/19 Brian Grant NBA on The Final Word w/ JayReelz and J.D.

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    Time to ring the bell once more for another 12 round installment of smash mouth, no frills sports radio from one of the Top shows here on WBTR, The Final Word. We'll recap the NLCS and ALCS as well as the Fall Classic between the Cardinals and Rangers which will be far from the ratings bonanza that MLB craves. In the NFL, the Jets and Giants come away with victories, but were they impressive and convincing? We'll go through Week 6,look ahead at Week 7 and give you our picks. Our guest for the evening is former NBA player, Brian Grant. We'll touch upon his career as well as his battle with Parkinson's . NCAA football, NBA lockout, NHL and much, much more live, direct and in full effect always from the Bronx, NYC!

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    Denominations and The Word of God

    in The Bible

     A certain percentage of Christians don't know the origin of their denomination or local church.Some people identify themselves as Baptist, Presbyterians, Methodist, Catholic, Church of God In Christ, etc. The reason most people do this is because their historical eyes are limited to this man made structure known as denominations as their focus, and not the Word of God. Powerful Christian structures such as the Cathloic church, as well as other Christians organizations, solicited attention away from the Word of God, and the Kingdom of God, to their denomination. This does not mean these organizations are not good. We just have to understand that Jesus said He was the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE. He didn't say He was the Baptist, the Catholic, the Presbyterian, and the life. This is important to understand because you may be believing something that has been filtered through someone elses' mind and not yours. Jesus said, when the Spirit of Truth come He will lead you into all Truth. We will talk about his today.

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    Final Turkey Focus

    in Indie Music

    No stress because its thanksgiving! Lets sit back and catch some jams from God's Netowkring body. We are goign to bring in Thanks giving right! Tonight on Final Reflect Focus at 6pm EST.

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    Money Talks with JD Townsend

    in Finance

    What factors are destroying your credit score?

    Not fully understanding your credit score can be costly. High interest rates on credit cards, auto loans, home loans, and money wasted on rent that should be invested into home ownership can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

    Today we discuss the factors that have the absolute biggest impact on your credit score, including one factor, which has a major impact on your credit score, that might really surprise you.

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    Unpacking The Word Love

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    The most overused word in the English language is the word "love". People attach the word love to almost everything. I love my car. I love my cat. I love my dog. I love you. But what is love? What is this experience that everyone talks about but is rarely expressed.  We must answer that question because we see more actions of hate in our world than love. People are killed everyday on our streets. The radical terrorist group called Isis are cutting off the heads of Christians in the middle east. Racist police are killing young black males at will. Yet we use the word love as though we really love. We don't really love because natural love, or romantic love starts off with a bang, but has no sustaining power as witnessed in this country's high divorce rate. Love is a feeling but so much more. People jump from one relationship to another looking for a feeling rather than real love. So, what is real love? Lets talk about it.     

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    Renewed Radio Feat. Doctrinn of Final Reflect Entertainment

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    Renewed Radio comes to you again with our featured guest Doctrinn of Record Label Final Reflect Entertainment. He talks about his personal testimony and the birth of his label. He also discusses the influence of hip-hop music on today's society and how he is making a positive change in the minds of youth and young adults to help them become successful through his music as well as some great music produced and written from the Final Reflect Entertainment family.

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    Final Reflect Focus: Evening Hits!

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    Final Reflect Focus is Back in effect! In the evening time just to add a new falvour to the hits to come. Join Doctrinn as he answes Questions live on the air or you guys out thre and makes a few tips know to the world on how to broaden your audiene to you ministry.


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    Simply The Word Ministries Intl

    in Christianity

    Please join STWMI on tonight as we minister in song and prayer... Target Prayer: Our Nation 


    As we move forward to the ending of this year and as we embark upon a new year, the bible tells us to watch as well as pray....

    Pastor K


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    Zero Hour

    in Entertainment

    Zero Hour is the Official weekly gospel countdown of smooth music hosted by Doctrinn, the CEO of Final Reflect Entertainment and radio co-Host of Final Reflect Focus from the Orlando Presentz Network. Zero hour will count down until midnight with smooth, gospel music that will bring in the weekend with a relaxing worship feel. The music played is from all over the world with one common goal: To praise the name of Jesus Christ and give him the glorification that he deserves.


    The Week can run you raged with work, responsibilities, and every day life. So lets bring in the weened with  late night, easy listening, gospel party.

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