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    Miss Communication: Truth, No Consequences

    in Entertainment

    Join Kelli and Claudia as they share with you their thoughts on the Big Brother 17 Premiere and the BEST motivations to work out. Grab a beer, a glass of wine, a mixed drink (or all three, if you dare) and let's get to the truth...because that's all we'll tell. Don't want to hear the hard truth...we'll still make you laugh as you shake your head in agreement with our crazy thoughts and opinions.

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    The Fabulous, RHOA Alum, Miss. Marlo Hampton!

    in Entertainment


    We have the FABULOUS, RHOA ALUM, Fashionista, Miss. Marlo Hampton!!! (The ONLY woman to run Mrs. NeNe Leakes off!)

    More on Marlo:

    Marlo Hampton a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, defied a childhood spent in and out of the foster care system and a life destined to be just another statistic, and forged a prosperous career in the fashion industry. While earning a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Science, Marlo developed a love for fashion and a sense of style that has made her one of the most sought after stylist on the fashion scene today.  By 2008, she opened her first high-end fashion boutique which catered to Atlanta's elite. Taking what could have destroyed her and using the experiences as a platform to raise awareness to issues affecting young women, Marlo formed the Glam It UP!Organization dedicated to encouraging young girls, 13-17 in the foster care system, to excel. Meanwhile, each holiday season Marlo spearheads her "Simply Giving" initiative, which provides Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents to families in need. For more informtion on Marlo Hampton, please visit her at: www.MarloHampton.com

    Interested in guesting on Living Large Radio? Contact P.K. Spearman today at BeAGuest@LivingLargeLive.net

    Interview inquiries for Marlo Hampton, please contact, Jacqueline Rhinehart today at: (917)-554-2851

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    SOULutions for Fabulous Living with M.E. Porter: Fabulous Money Moves

    in Lifestyle

    Join M.E. Porter and her guests Nisha Jackson and Shemika Murphy as they discuss Fabulous Money Moves.

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    The Art and Wendy Show

    in Lifestyle

    Art interviews Wendy about her service in the Peace Corp in Paraguay.

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    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader

    in Self Help

    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader


    “Be the Person you were meant to be” by Dr. Jerry Greenwald

    Living a nourishing life is an ongoing process of recognizing and responding to our changing needs and the changing reality of ourselves.

    Being obsessed with the past does nothing but waste the present. Regrets are an exercise in futility which can go on forever.

    As long as a person continues to postpone living his own life, or waiting for the stamp of approval from others, he continues to poison himself.

    Tension and frustration are in inevitable part of being alive. To refuse to tolerate such experiences is to deny this reality. Overcoming this toxic attitude often means letting go of the fantasy that life SHOULD be easy and that frustration is unfair.

    To refuse to reach out for the joys and excitements of life is frequently a refusal to face the pain of possible disappointments and rejections.

    To refuse to let go of the past is to deny the natural process of change that is a function of every living organism.

    Nourishing attitudes are the foundation for a nourishing relationship as well as for effective antidotes to existing toxic relationships.

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    SOULutions~ SOULutions For Fabulous Living!

    in Lifestyle

    Join ME and her guests  - Famira Green and Chris Dannie -  as they discuss the skills to show up fabulous in the world both inside and out. There is nothing worse than showing up drape in BLING  and designer garb while your self esteem is in the trash can and you are hiding hatred in your heart - that ain't FABULOUS. No worries, I have have the SOULution!

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    Blingin The Airwaves with HAHN's Angela Robinson and Miss Bling

    in Entertainment

    The season premiere of the Have and the Have Nots airs today! This blingsclusive interview is dedicated to my HAHN faithfuls! Angela Robinson aka Mrs. Veronica Harrington will Bling the Airwaves with me! I know how much you all love her character and how much you love the show! I will chat with Angela about her character, her career as an Actress and more! Tune in to hear our interview live at 5:30CST, then later tune in to the OWN network to watch Have and The Have Nots at 9/8CST! 

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    PMP: Wendy Callahan and writing Steampunk Fantasy

    in Spirituality

    RevKess is pleased to get the opportunity to visit with Wendy Callahan, a Nebraskan author and steampunk novelist with an extensive background in Paganism and spirituality.

    Note: The focus of the show went in a different direction at the request of Wendy. She wanted to talk about Pagan parenting, or more to the point, parenting as a Pagan. There is a difference. Tune in for the archive of the show to learn more about that. The topic of her writing came up towards the end of the show.

    As her bio describes: "Wendy is a contemporary and steampunk fantasy author, co-author of "Steampunk for Simpletons," and a genealogical Nancy Drew in disguise. A college town New Englander turned one-horse town Nebraskan, she raises a cup of Dunkies to life among cornfields and coyotes. She is still pleasantly surprised that amber waves of grain exist, and has declared the Midwestern prairies "wicked cool."

    "Her writing has been featured in “Witches & Pagans” (f.k.a. “newWitch”), “The Beltane Papers”, “If… A Journal of Spiritual Exploration” (f.k.a. “PagaNet News”), and many other publications."

    RevKess first "met" Wendy over social networking a few years back and has devoured several of her fantasy novels and shared in conversations about writing. Adding her voice to the conversation, KaliSara will be talking parenting from a Pagan perspective with this multi-faceted guest.

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    Blingin the Airwaves with Nasa's Raymond French and Miss Bling

    in Entertainment

    This is an interview I spoke on years ago about speaking with someone from NASA about blinging out a space shuttle, besides that I wanted to know whats going on in Mars and on Earth. I was concerned about UFO's and so I called NASA to find out what the LDSD experiment was all about. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Raymond French who serves as the deputy manager of the Technology Demonstrations Mission (TDM) Program Office located at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The TDM program oversees a portfolio of technology demonstration flight projects led by NASA centers and industry partners across the country for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington.

    The TDM program focuses on crosscutting technologies, with strong customer interest that meet the needs of NASA and industry by enabling new missions or greatly enhancing existing ones. Chosen technologies will be thoroughly ground-tested and flight-tested -- reducing risks to future flight missions, gaining operational heritage and continuing NASA’s long history as a technological leader. Tune in to find out about the experiment and all things related to NASA's technology on Earth and in Space!


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    Stilettos and Convos with Miss Lee: Keep it Spicy

    in Radio

    Tonight on Stilettos Miss Lee discusses ways to keep your relationship spicy. Who wants to be in a boring relationship. tune in to uncover a new spice that will keep it fresh and new. 


    Stilettos and Convos w/Miss Lee is a show that will give you music, information, interviews and HOT Convo about topics that matter to your life. Miss Lee and her Co-Hosts - T, Marcus Omari, Meek Love, and Keiara Monet will keep you entertained and help you have some meaningful conversation with everyone you encounter! Catch Miss Lee live on Monday Nights at 8:30pm for a Special Topic Discussion on Stilettos and Convos w/Miss Lee, Tuesday Nights (starting January 2015) for Sports and Convos at 8pm (a show focused on sports for men and women) , and Hot Convos at 8pm (news, entertainment, and more) Tune in to the show live or on podcast each week for great conversation, celebrity interviews and great music!

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    Blingin The Airwaves with Jules Nobles and Miss Bling

    in Entertainment

    I'm Blingin the Airwaves with the Multi-talented new Mississippian, Jules Nobles! She is one of the newest young actresses to surface on the Atlanta film scene. A Mississippi native, she got her love of the stage from years of competing in beauty pageants. The fashion model-turned-actress starred in the indie film “Greed”, as Sky (Lead Detective) which is coming this summer. 2010 opened an opportunity for Jules to become the host of her own online talk show entitled, "Lights, Camera, Action LIVE". Preproduction began in late 2010 and the show was set to launch in mid-2011, but additional opportunities opened for Jules to pursue acting. Jules Nobles got her formal education in nursing, from the Mississippi University for Women (MUW), but her love of acting continues keep her busy in New York City.  Tune in to hear what she's doing now and whats coming up in Jules world next!