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    Roman Merlino .. Hip Hop/Trap

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    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Hip Hop/Trap Artist Roman Merlino to the show!


    Roman Merlino is an upcoming hip-hop artist currently living in Los Angeles, originally from Seattle, Washington. He is 19 years old and has been releasing music since his sophomore year of high school. After dropping recent projects Pools (2015), and 604,800 Seconds (2016), he has begun to move in a new musical direction. His style has developed quite extensively from a smoked out, boom-bap feel, to a much more energized, 808 heavy, suburban trap sound. Determined to move forward independently, Merlino and fellow Seattle artist Lil Ca$ino recently started their own label, Wet Records. With the quick and consistentprogression of both his style and music, Merlino has demonstrated that he only has room to grow.


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    Setting a Trap for God: The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

    in The Bible

    Join the Operation Remnant Team as we delve into Rocco A. Errico’s book, Setting a Trap For God: The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus.  We’ll examine what Errico has to say about the prayer itself, what the prayer meant to the disciples and followers of the Messiah, and what these words hold for us today. Is there more to this prayer than modern-day believers have interpreted?  Has the English translation diluted the power behind the prayer?  Have believers missed the meaning altogether thereby allowing a powerful source to lie dormant for centuries?  Can this power still be obtained by the modern-day believer? 

    We’ll take a close look and breakdown supporting scriptural text used by Errico to get a better understanding of his position on this topic. What does the author actually mean when he says, “Setting a Trap for God”?  Join us as we walk step-by-step through each of the fourteen chapters examining everything, as the Operation Remnant (OR) Team is known for, pulling from the word of Yah and multiple resources, to get understanding and possibly another piece of our Creator's original intent.  You may not want to miss this!

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    5 Steps for Women Entrepreneurs to Succeed

    in Health

    Joanna Martin talk to Geeta Sidhu-Robb

    Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm.  Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents.

    Her private client list reads like a who’s who list of industry luminaries in the UK, USA and Australia. She is widely recognized as the secret weapon advisor behind the success of hundreds of change makers and entrepreneurial leaders.

    She currently leads over 22,000 professionals at various stages of growth to increase their impact and influence through her three organisations, One of many, Shift Speaker Training and the Empress Global Collective.

    After taking her own business from zero to 7-figures and two countries in 12 months, Jo became an internationally acclaimed and award-winning speaker.  

    She is a committed financial investor in the work of The Hunger Project  and has supported them by training over 70 fundraisers and facilitators globally.

    She’s also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She has very cool head, but a very big heart.

    Email joanna@joannamartin.com.au

    URL: http://empressglobal.com/leap

    coupon code: nosh

    - £30 discount

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    The uses of mobile/ Wireless technologies are fast becoming a critical element in the growth and productivity of companies in every industry. Often, there are entrepreneurs with exciting ideas of ways that they can use these technologies to facilitate growth of their firm or serve their customers more effectively, but they don't know how to access the expertise.

    Mobile Technology Association of Michigan and Michigan Small Business Development Centers(SBDC) Present; A Bootcamp for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs taking place in the Technology Innovation Center in East Lansing on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 @10:00 A.M- 3:00 P.M. 

    Please Join Melissa Birnie @9:00 AM on Saturday March 19th with Jody Burgess, Technology Business Consultant for SBDC Tech Team and Jerry Norris, CEO; Founder; Business Accelerator Consultant for GAIA, LLC; The Fledge; LEAP, when they give us the details of the event and who and how it can benefit the attendees.

    The registration is limited to 40 people. If you have a great idea for an App and don't know how to get started, this is a great podcast for you to listen to. 


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    7 Traits That Entrepreneurs Share

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    following 7 traits:

    1. Risk Takers

    entrepreneurs are high risk-takers … willing to put it all on the line for the big home run.

    2. Lots of Confidence

    "My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing."

    3. Learning Oriented
    This is almost a universal trait among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and also among the wealthy: They crave learning.

    4. Understands Failure is Part of the Game     
    According to a Bloomberg report, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

    5. Great Networkers
    Have you ever been to an event where you meet people who treat networking like a sport and just focus on getting as many business cards as possible?

    6. Ability to Sell and Promote

    To many people, the word selling implies manipulation, high-pressure tactics, cajoling, and basically, strong-arming someone to do something that they really aren't quite ready to do.

    7. Full of Determination
    If you have big goals you're truly committed go going after, the one thing I can guarantee is that you'll go through periods of major struggle and challenge.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs

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    Empowered Female Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Darlene Aiken

    in Psychology

    Darlene Aiken joins us on Mental Health News Radio to talk about what it means to be an empowered female entrepreneur. It was so refreshing to speak to a peer. We have a similar makeup and drive. Both of us love our work and we also have to pull ourselves into things outside of work to nourish our personal lives. Darlene is a powerful woman that takes excellent care of her clients who are peak performers while continuing to foster her own success. Join us as we discuss what it means to be an excellent business woman who fosters excellence with her clientele. 

    Read the full blog article HERE.