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    Living In Denial

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    With a vast amount of resources at everyone's disposal to assist each and every one of us in our difficult emotional journeys through life, why do so many of us still live unhealthy emotional lives? There is no simple answer to that question and it is the reason I do the shows I do on A Fine Time For Healing.

    We all use defense mechanisms as a way to cope with life and its painful truths, distressing thoughts, and uncomfortable feelings. There are several defense mechanisms that we may employ, but denial is the one most commonly used to avoid acknowledging unacceptable realities.

    Denial is not a bad thing when it is used to temporarily cope with tough situations. It only becomes a problem when we use it as a substitute for healthy coping skills over a long period of time.

    The goal of today's show is to help you understand the many facets of denial. You will learn to recognize denial in yourself and others. By the end of this show you will have some tools to help you or someone you care about begin to stop living in denial and start living emotionally healthy lives. 


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    Breaking Through Denial With Cathy Taughinbaugh

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    Today we welcome Cathy Taughinbaugh to the show. After discovering substance abuse had become an issue with her children, she decided to support other parents and share information about addiction, treatment and recovery through her site cathytaughinbaugh.com.

    Although there are tuns of interesting topics, resources, support and advice available through Cathy's site, today she is here to speak specifically about denial and substance abuse in the family and to offer up three tips that you can start using today, to break through that wall of denial.  

    To learn more about Cathy, click here. 

    To scoop up Cathy's FREE guide for parents, 7 Ways to Find Parental Recovery When Your Child is Addicted, click here.

    To connect with Cathy on Facebook, click here


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    Domestic Abuse............ "Are you in DENIAL?"

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    Denial at it's most basic is saying something hasn't happened. It is extremely sick, and extremely powerful. It is the way that we can commit abuse and still live with ourselves. It allows us to continue being abusive by staying in the sick place, and by allowing us to hide our sickness from others so that we can maintain the abusive situation for a longer period of time. 

    We lie to others, and most devastatingly, we lie to ourselves.The major tactics we use in maintaining our denial are minimizing, rationalizing, and justifying. The effect of these tactics is to redefine what happened, what is acceptable, and what is harmful in such a way that ultimately any act, no matter how hideous, can be carried out.  

    Excerpt from: http://www.verbalabuse.com/

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    Domestic Abuse "Self Denial"

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    We understand the definitions below according to the Merriam Dictionary.  However, there are times in an abusive relationship adapt to a place of "self-denial" be for various reasons.

    1.  We do not want to accept the fact that we are in an abusive relationship

    2.  My partner does not hit me as you see reported.

    3.  It is just a way of marriage...these are just a few and we are going to discuss others on the show.  Join US!

    de·ni·al  (di-ni′?l)


    a. A refusal to accept or believe something, such as a doctrine or belief.

    b. Psychology An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings.




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    Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the

    in Politics

    Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama

    Uploaded on Apr 7, 2010

    Celebrated anti-racism activist Tim Wise, author of Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama, will appear at Villanova University March 29 to share his insights and wit, and to issue challenging calls to actionObama

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    Free From Denial

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    Created to Encourage, Uplift and Inspire ALL women to be great! A FAB U organization empowers women to be all they can be mind, body & spirit. There is greatness inside of you, tap into it so that you can live a great life.  Join Host Eboni Nicole this week as she taps into DENIAL...Am I in Denial, How to recognize it, take responsibility and move forward from it to create a better life for yourself.

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    DENIAL The Two Sides of Self-Deception

    in Education

    DENIAL is one of the most commonly employed defense mechanisms. Tune in to learn more about how and why ...

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    Irate, Tireless Minority - Dogs and Denial and the Truth

    in Politics Conservative

    Links for today's show:


    Turnbacks working in Australia but denial is still in full swing

    5 Key Implications if Baghdad Falls to ISIS


    Reyhaneh Jabbari hanged

    And news of Rehana

    Dogs and islam 1

    Dogs and islam 2

    Dogs and islam 3

    Doing What's Right:

    Ebola and Quarantine

    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.

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    Denial of Jesus/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshall Perot

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    amzn.to/GF3mTC Amazon.com: pat holliday kindle: Books


    The apostle Peter indicated that many would come in the name of Christ, yet deny Him as both Lord and Savior. The apostle also said that these same apostates would make merchandise of the members of the churches. In other words, like the Nicolatians, they would use the money to gain advantage, (Rev. 2).

    When Jesus walked among men, He taught His disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, whom He denounced as hypocrites. With them, He classed the chief priests and the temple officials, together with teachers in the synagogues. He declared that they had so corrupted the truth of God with the doctrines of men (the same sin as the Nicolaitans) that the truth, as originally given, was no longer with them. 

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    Psychological denial is a defense mechanism that is used by everyone at different times in their life to cope with an unacceptable reality. It becomes pathological when it persists for more than a brief time. Denial can either allows the user to come to grips with the pain by temporarily modulating it; or it can usher the user into fantasyland.

    Tonight We shall present some recent examples of the fantasyland variety:

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    Stories About Denial: Ernst Becker and the Denial of Death

    in Psychology

    We begin tonight's narrative with a discussion of the documentary "Gasland" which details how the modern extraction of natural gas is destroying huge amounts of the planet's fresh water supply and adding to the problem of greenhouse gasses and climate change. Evidence is presented that the energy companies, the politicians and large segments of the public continue to deny the clear and present danger of despoiling our land, air and water. Psychology has also little to say about this mass denial of what is in front of us as it continues to focus of problem of the individual and sometimes the family. We will discuss this problem beginning with Becker's two masterpieces (now denied and forgotten) "The Denial of Death" and "Escape from Evil."  

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