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    OK we are back, moving is a pain... Well one  after another, it just don't seem to ever stop. As we have been talking and building the NU CODE for several months now, we can clearly see why we need it. Brother Dr Umar Abdullah Johnson done violated the code.....No not the NU CODE, but his own code regarding relationships. No room for "CULT OF PERSONALITY" EVERYBODY got to answer. Of cause at the same time South Carolina is producing some killers. 

    Join US Wednesday night 8PM eastern time                                                Call in 646-564-9840

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    Christianson does not hold himself accountable to a code of ethics.

    He is not a role model for the employees that compromise law enforcement , in fact, he reinforces the culture of crime and corruption that exists within his office.

    Only the people can replace him, but first the people must have a full report on his record.

    That record should include that Christianson failed his psychological evaluation while he was with the Modesto Police Department and did not complete his probationary period.

    He was given a “second chance” by then Sheriff Les Weidman.

    Christianson doesn’t deserve any more chances only a full exposé on his record,the lives he has destroyed, and the deaths that have occurred because he lacks a code of ethics.

    The following quotes from the Modesto Bee can be characterized as the “big lie”.

    Authorities on Tuesday arrested a deputy who served at the Stanislaus County jail, alleging he stole money that belonged to inmates.

    “To protect the public’s trust and confidence in us, we will always hold our employees accountable to the community we serve and to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics,” Sheriff Adam Christianson said.

    Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/news/local/crime/article25344403.html#storylink=cpy


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    Dress Code 187 Radio with Whitney Stylez

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    Dress Code 187 Radio with your Host Ms. Whitney Stylez & Cohost Mr. Eugene Wilborn

    "Don't dress to impress but dress to kill!"

    Topics of Discussion On This Episode:

    What is head to toe style?

    Reasons why people need a wardrobe stylist.

    Ways in which a stylist can be utilized.

    Whitney is the founder of Dress Code 187, a wardrobe styling and fashion consulting business providing services to men, women, children and businesses. Event styling, personal shopping, closet reconstruction and on set wardrobe assisting are a few of the services available through Dress Code 187.



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    Mike Da Vinci and DJ F on www.fnfstudioradio.com

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    Mike Brooks and DJ F on www.fnfstudioradio.com

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    Emotion Code/Body Code with Katherine Nuyens

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    Katherine Nuyens was a teacher/school counselor for 25 years. After feeling that she had completed that work, Katherine was led into alternative healing methods, beginning with Hypnosis. A whole new world opened up to her and moved her into expansion. Synchronicities continually happened that led her into new healing modalities.

    Katherine is thrilled to use the powerful, revolutionary Emotion Code/Body Code, created by Dr. Nelson,  to find and release what is underneath the challenges  we all experience. It is all mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical that create these issues.

    Presently, she has been offered a new opportunity to do more teaching. I recently trained with Dr. Shad Helmstetter, author of The Power of Neuroplasticity. I am gifted with the opportunity to share with the world the newest scientific discovery that every thought we think actually rewires our brain. Thus, we can change our life with this new information from neuroscience.


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    Dress Code 187 Radio with Whitney Stylez

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    Born and raised on the Southeast side of Grand Rapids, MI Whitney is an alumna of Grand Valley State University. She never dreamt of climbing the corporate ladder because she was more interested in turning her passion for art, style, entertainment and media into her profession.

    In 2010 Whitney launched a YouTube channel showcasing hair, beauty and fashion and Whitney Stylez was born. From there Whitney began modeling for websites and local boutiques, hosting parties, concerts, and talent shows and even landed a few acting roles.

    Whitney is the founder of Dress Code 187, a wardrobe styling and fashion consulting business providing services to men, women, children and businesses. Event styling, personal shopping, closet reconstruction and on set wardrobe assisting are a few of the services available through Dress Code 187.


    Coach TMB would like to apologize for the static that you will hear in the background during this show. During recording, I did not realize the air conditioner was being picked up while our host and her guest were taping the show. My deepest apologies. -Coach TMB, Executive Producer

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    DA Harris asks appellate court to let him go

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    Stanislaus County district attorney Dave Harris asks fifth appellate district court to let him go.

    Harris claims Superior Court judge McFadden has abused her discretion and exceeded the bounds of reason.

    He also asks for a peremptory writ of prohibition restraining respondent court from enforcing its judgment ordering petitioner committed to the County jail for five days for contempt of court.

    Harris requests relief from the appellate court in that it issue an immediate stay of these proceedings which are to continue July 27, 2015 in the Stanislaus County Superior Court Department 2 until the appellate court rules upon and made orders to the Superior Court regarding petitioners requested relief as follows:

    DA Harris asked the court to issue a  writ of mandate directing the Superior Court dismiss the order to show cause against the petitioner.

    Harris asks that the Superior Court remove Frank Carson as co-prosecutor.

    Attorney Frank Carson made judge Steffen aware of the misconduct by Harris in tampering with the jury in the AJ Pontillo case and of withholding exculpatory evidence from the court and the jury that could have put Pontillo in jail for life had he been convicted. Pontillo was completely exonerated on all charges.

    Harris also asks the appellate court to issue a writ of mandate and or prohibition directing the respondent Superior Court to recuse judge McFadden from the proceeding, and appoint an unbiased in the impartial judicial officer to preside over the order to show cause.

    Tampering with the jury is a felony and DA Harris is getting a break because DA Birgit Fladager is not going to charge her chief deputy with a crime.

    The contempt of court charges against Harris is inappropriate. He should be charged with a felony.

    Tthe California State Bar should rule on removing DA Harris’s license to practice law.


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    Da B Side

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    Classic R&B

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (the book of the SUN) WE ARE IN CODE RED.

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    CODE RED- A very serious security warning or threat; indicates emergency situation or threat of a dangerous situation that has deteriorated drastically so as to constitute an emergency.  papal letter released Thursday, Pope Francis ,In the lengthy treatise, more broadly addressed to “every person” who lives on Earth, the pope lays out a moral case for supporting sustainable economic and population growth as part of the church’s mission and humanity’s responsibility to protect God’s creation for future generations. While saying that there were natural causes to climate change over the earth’s history, the letter also says in strong words that human activity and production of greenhouse gases are to blame.The Illuminati considers war to be a most advantageous way to sacrifice, for it kills both
    children and adults. It is also a way to have plausible deniability where they brainwash
    and commit the acts of murder. Keep in mind there is no blood on the hands of the
    Illuminati only on the hands of the armies they command. It is the destructive group
    dynamic and manipulation that is used by most destructive cults and is very effective
    in cementing the commitment to create more war, ensure more pain and suffering and
    convincing the apt pupils to dance in the blood of the dead in celebration.There are magical workings being performed in high places of power and behind the
    closed doors of the churches and synagogues.The ancient writings of such workings can be found in the Talmud, the Koran, The Book
    of the Dead, The Bible, The Kabala and the ancient books of Enoch. All powers are
    to be considered and all magic has relevance and power. JULY1  Demon revels:  Blood rituals and sexual relations with demons. 20 - 27  Sacrifice preparation:  Kidnapping,female sacrifice.


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    Da Lodd Manafess Show

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    Da Lodd Manafess Show on BlogTalkRadio.com brought to you by Raaddrr-Van and Co-Host Ms.TruVison.  On the show we talk about Hip Hop.  Real Hip Hop.  We also Play Hip Hop tracks. We at Da Lodd Manafess Show represent the Culture of Hip Hop.  The Show is on from 10PM Est. Until 12AM Est. Tune in!!  also featuring Co-Host's DeErra, ~TheMA~, Neil Shakur Cook, and Bobby Metro(DJ Metro).

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