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    Bonnie Albers On Air with Special Guest Mark Anthony Psychic Lawyer and Author

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    Please Join Me for an Evening of SPIRIT with the Bestselling Author and Psychic Lawyer MARK ANTHONY .His Bestselling and Sold out Book on Amazon ..Evidence Of Eternity is Ground Braking . Please Join Mark and I for a FABULOUS look at  SPIRIT , the Journey into Inter Dementional Communication and Communicators . Mediums , YAY 

    Mark Anthony www.thepsychiclawyer.com

    Bonnie Albers On Air  www.bonniealbersonair.co

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    Live:Immigration Reform 2015 Latest News with Immigration Lawyer Andrea Clarke

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     Live:Immigration Reform 2015 Latest News with Immigration Lawyer Andrea Clarke

    Law Offices of Andrea Clarke is a law firm founded by Ms. Andrea W. Clarke who has over 26 years of immigration experience. There are currently four offices: three located in Philadelphia and a brand new office in New York.

    My toll free number for flyer/contact is 1866 728 4962 (English and Spanish) or 215 735 9394

    Philadelphia Offices:

    713 E. Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134.... 215-423-6291
    3349 North 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 .....267-928-2805
    1500 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19102.... 215-735-9394

    New York Office:705 39th Street Brooklyn NY 11232


    Phone (866) 728-4962

    Email aclarke222@comcast.net

    has called on immigrants to start "gathering their papers" to prove their long standing residency in the country and guard against deportation.

    President Barack Obama has filed an appeal against a Texas federal judge's suspension of his executive order looking to stop millions of immigrants in the US from potential deportation. The executive action has been highly criticized by House Republicans as overstepping the bounds of his powers.

    Obama recently gave the executive order saying he was side-stepping Congress in the hopes of safeguarding millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. The move to loop out Congress from the decision has been slammed as unconstitutional by Obama's critics.

    #immigrationlawyer #immingrationreform2015 #lawfirm

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    PPRadio Welcomes Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer ®

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    PPRadio Welcomes Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer ® (also known as the Psychic Attorney®),” is a world renowned psychic medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is descended from a long line of psychics and mediums that have been helping people with their abilities for centuries. He uses his abilities as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor to help people cope with grief.

    Mark’s best selling, award winning and critically acclaimed book Never Letting Go, is the definitive guide to healing grief with help from the Other Side. This compelling page turner is for anyone coping with the loss of a loved one. His next book Evidence of Eternity is due to release, March 8th, 2015, taking pre-orders now!




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    MEDIUM MARK ANTHONY The Psychic Lawyer and Author on Beyond the Gate Radio

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    Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer ®

    Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer ®” is a practicing medium who not only communicates with spirits; he is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court.

    Mark graduated from Mercer Law School with honors which included the study of law at Oxford University in England. He has also studied mediumship in England at the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science.

    Mark Anthony is a published author of the Best Seller “Never Letting Go” which is the definitive guide to healing grief with help from the Other Side.  Tonight we will be talking about Mark's new book Evidence of Eternity Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife and much more!     

    Mark Anthony…http://www.NeverLettingGo.com

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    PIJN News: Chaplain Modder Update - Interview with Lawyer Michael Berry - Part 1

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    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    Assemblies of God Chaplain Lt. Commander Wes Modder is about to be fired from the Navy. This guy is a hero, he’s a SEAL, he’s a Marine. Chaps talks to his lawyer, Michael Berry from Liberty Institute defending is religious freedom.

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    What is a cumis counsel lawyer?

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    Cumis Counsel Lawyer

    What is cumis counsel?

    Sometimes in your practice of real estate (ex. as a property manager, commercial real estate or residential agent, or mortgage loan originator) you will be sued for your role in the transaction.  A plaintiff in a civil lawsuit might sue you for any or more of the following:

    Constructive Fraud
    Breach of Contract
    Financial Elder Abuse
    Breach of fiduciary duty

    These are just some of the common lawsuits (and requests for arbitration) that I see being filed against California real estate brokers and their companies.  When this happens, your errors & omissions insurance policy (ex. CRES or Lloyd’s of London) will normally cover you FOR COVERED CLAIMS ONLY.

    For example, in the above scenario, they may cover you ONLY for the Negligence cause of action.  They may issue you a “reservation of rights” letter informing you that they will not cover the fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or financial elder abuse claim, and they reserve their rights to come back TO YOU AND SEEK INDEMINIFICATION FOR THEIR LOSSES.

    Such a letter indicates a potential conflict of interest, and may entitle you to a “cumis counsel lawyer” at the insurance companies expense.

    Listen in to this great show with Attorney Steve and Frontline Lisee!

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    Is there a lawyer in the house, Episode 1

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    Do you have a legal case but no lawyer? Do you or someone close to you face criminal charges? Do you have foreclosure issues? DO YOU WANT TO SUE SOMEBODY? Call (818)572-2947 at 12 noon PST, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, and 3pm EST every Monday. State your case. Hopefully, some ethical legal professional will hear you and demonstrate an interest in your case. In any case, here is another opportunity to HAVE YOUR SAY.  

    Hosted by MaryLovesJustice. Produced by National Network in Action (NNIA)

    National Network in Action (NNIA) features advocacy radio channels on Blogtalkradio to promote human and civil rights and spiritual enrichment. Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr., director of NNIA, and radio hosts are committed to bringing quality programs to educate, motivate, energize, mobilize and organize to take our community to a higher level of awareness and stronger commitment to justice.

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    Lawyer For Two Please !!!

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    on todays show we will be joined by legal shield provider Guy Cundiff as he explains the in and outs of havinf an attorney at your fingertips. All this and much much more while we are live n the day wit  j

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    When Does an Employer Need and Employment Lawyer?

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    Even the most conscientious employer occasionally needs help from a lawyer. Although you can handle some employment matters on your own, a great many issues are particularly tricky and require legal expertise. Employment law can change rapidly. Courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting these laws every day, sometimes completely overturning what everyone thought the law meant. When you also factor in that lawsuits brought by former employees can end in huge damages awards against an employer, it's easy to see why you should seek legal advice when you get in over your head. Join Bill and Rick to learn when and why you need a business employment lawyer on your side.


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    Is There a Lawyer in the House?

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    Plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers are invited to meet at Human Rights Demand to expose wrongdoing or defend against allegations. Call 347.857.3293 around 1pm EST Mondays. Let law firms know if you need an attorney by giving a brief overview of your legal case. Unless we have arranged with a plaintiff or defendant or attorney to air a specific case, we will play a tape. The public can listen via computer or by phone, but no comments can be accepted on taped shows. Blessings.

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass

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    Monday Night Fallout: WWE RAW 3/16 Rusev's Lawyer, Orton, Sting

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    Instant reaction to the RAW overrun, with your host the world's only sign spinning Luchadore: T-Rock Plutonium. Lets discuss the build up to Wrestlemania. only 3 fallout's left. Don't miss it.

    Rollins and Orton
    Rusev's Lawyer
    Mark Henry
    WM card and predictions so far

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