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    Nsearch Radio - 9-9-13

    in Christianity

    This is schedule for Nsearch Radio for tonight
    0 - :30 - Chuck Smith - Word for Today
    :30 - 1:00 - David Hocking - Hope for Today
    1:00 - 2:00  - Terry Clark & Friends
    2:00 -  3:00 - Faith in History - On the Box
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    in Politics Conservative

    The Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, delves into the Modern Influencers of Society's Cultural Institutions--Education, Economics, Government, Family and Faith--with an Unique Urban Perspective.   Mondays through Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST.   WHAT IS A JUST NATION? URBAN AMERICANS OFTEN POINT TO SLAVERY AS THE POINT OF NO RETURN FOR AMERICA BECOMING A JUST SOCIETY.  FREE MARKET THINKERS BELIEVE THE INVOLVMENT OF GOVERNMENT IN REGULATING INDUSTRY AND TARRIFFING NATIONS' TRADE IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN. THE GREAT MARK THORNTON JOINS US TO DISCUSS WHAT MAKES A JUST SOCIETY AND HOW AMERICA CAN BECOME ONE.   TheExceptionalConservativeShow.com [http://theexceptionalconservativeshow.com/] or ACNation Radio Network [www.acnation.com].

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    Greg Laurie - Ken Graves - Nsearch Radio - 9-9-13

    in Christianity

    Greg Laurie discussing Bible Prophecy, God, famiily, marriage, and so many other things important to all of us!  Greg will teach you amazing things about God and how you can have a relationship with him anytime!  It's not about going to church, it's about having a personal relationship with God, your creator!   Join Ken Graves after Greg for his wonderful program, "God's Sword"  Ken will give you a brand new perspective on God and his word - the Bible!  You'll understand God's word more than you ever have!
    Nsearch Radio Broadcasts 7 Days a Week from 8 PM (EST) to 12:00 AM (EST) and can be heard through the Nsearch Radio player on the right side of the page at www.nsearch.com anytime or through Itunes by searching the Podcasts for "Nsearch Radio".   You can Listen to our show by phone also.  Call 858-683-1309 and listen by phone and Press the "1" key if you want to talk to the host during the live broadcasts.    To support our ministry please consider a purchase at www.5starshine.com and sharing our videos at www.youtube.com/nsearchofsouls and the articles on our website at www.nsearch.com   Thank you!

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    in Family

    Watchman Chronicles with TOM GAMBILL MONDAY NIGHT 8pm eastern time,     I was a Marine Officer for 12 years, worked government contracting in the US State Dept and others as a security analyst and training consultant in CONUS and in three threat areas.  For over 8 years those areas included Saudi Arabia, Kosovo and The Congo and as a result of all I witness, I became a whistle blower.   "Thomas Gambill + Kosovo"  my work is chronicled in "The Coming Balkan Calaphate" by Chris Deliso in 2006 from my time in Kosovo.   I tell you this only to let you know that I know what I'm talking about and no other reason.   I put myself out there doing radio shows to get the truth out to folks and to expose the Satanic New World Order.  I welcome callers and hope that we may all come together to fight the NWO and follow His word always in our quest for knowledge because knowledge is power and without it, His people will perish

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    ProdBOK, The Product Management Body of Knowledge

    in Business

    Greg Geracie, President of Actuation Consulting, will discuss the newly available ProdBOK, The Product Management Body of Knowledge! 
    For the last three years approximately sixty of the industry’s leading product professionals banded together and contributed to the development of the ProdBOK Guide. The goal? To distill a collaborative cornerstone that can be built upon to ensure that the product management profession better supports the needs of the product community at large. 
    Resources: http://bit.ly/181Zwvu
    Learn about managing products to success at Product Bootcamp San Francisco Oct 10-12! http://bit.ly/14ZagOP
    Oct 10: workshops re: competitive space & Lean startup way. http://bit.ly/14SMcaC
    Oct 11 Startup Product Summit SF2 lightning talks w/experts & practitioners.http://bit.ly/1bvsOFm
    Oct 12 Product Camp San Francisco! true community unconference: You propose topics & present http://pcampsf.com

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    Jody Costello/Brad Morris/Deana Molle/Olivia Ebrahimi

    in Entertainment

    Jody is CEO of Contractors From Hell has strived to help homeowners avoid construction nightmares and has been featured in various media. As the creator of her PhD program (Preventing Home Disasters) and her online "Home Premodeling Bootcamp For Women (and The Men Who Love Them!), 
    Bradley Morris began his career as a teacher in 2007 with the success of his viral YouTube video called, "The Gratitude Dance".  The video’s profound success allowed him to travel extensively holding speaking engagements and workshops throughout North America for two years
    Deana currently holds the title of Mrs. Southern California America 2014 and was Ms. International 2011-12 and Ms. America 2004-05.  She is an accomplished Latina actress who has been featured in TV commercials, motion pictures, game shows, and numerous television shows.
    Olivia has taught meditation techniques for 10 years and is the President of Classes You Value.Previously she was the Regional Director of a prominent nationally known Mind-Body-Spirit Institute. Olivia mixes spirituality, creativity and business easily. She was an IBM marketing representative and owned Olivia Hand Painted Silks, a wearable art business. 

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    The Business Forum Show - Kevin Hunter and David Ford

    in Business

    Kevin Hunter and David Ford focus on the nuts and bolts of business. What makes business people tick, and what elements determine the difference between success and failure in business.
    In the past year, twelve different businesses have been coached under co-host David Ford. The average profit improvement in this past year was 252%! That's correct. AVERAGE PROFIT IMPROVEMENT was 252% among 12 different companies. If you think your company is unique, it's not. The success principles that we teach daily right here on this show are the same principles utilized by these amazing companies.
    David Ford is a co-host on The Business Forum Show, and a professional business coach and business owner at Team Ford Business Coaching. If you have questions or comments for Dave, you can reach his office at (763) 444-9812.

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    in Religion

                               HOLD ON A WHILE LONGER!
    509 Jason Ave#1309 Amarillo Tx.79107

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    interviewing Khalid Rasheed

    in Music

    Kokoa Leaves grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and always knew rapping would be part of his future. Like most young talent, he started rapping at age 5 and he never stopped. Street kid to rap artist was a natural transition, writing his first rap at 12, had his first live performance at 15 and joining his first group at 16.
    Now at 33, “Street Religion” is what he calls his current music style. Life has its lessons it wants to teach and after being locked up for six and a half years on three felony charges, now it’s his time to let it all out.  Everything he speaks on from guns, drugs religion, incarceration, he lived all of it.
    He has opened up for major performing artist’s all over, including R. Kelly, Salt ‘n Pepa, Twista, Tech-9, SWV, Too Short and Mack 10.

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    Cool Coincidence 11/12 July 2013

    in Entertainment

    CC RADIO Host: Barbara Karnes Topic: Bioluminescent Synchronistic Communication   Date: 7/11/13 (US) | 7/12/13 (AU) Time: 7pm EST US | 9am EST AU Duration: 21+ mins ---------- It's a night all about lightening bugs (fireflies), light bulbs, and LED data.  You'll hear about my experiential invitation that connected me with these beetles, an experiment which lead to further synchronicities and gifts of information that offered all possibilities on a tray  of LED light, imagination, and reality.   ---------- Here at Cool Coincidence, we like our synchronicity served with a side of awe and humor. For reasons I can only attribute to regular meditation, continuing education in the areas of spirituality, awareness and energy, and a possible shove from a dear relative who passed in the early summer of 2009, I experience really cool coincidence with ornate frequency.   Am I a functioning psychotic? Maybe. Yet, I can’t ignore the experiences that find me, and introduce themselves in the most amazing and clever ways. So, pull up a chair and enjoy a regular plateful. It’s good for the soul.  And, join me each Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., EST US for 15 quick minutes of pure poetry on Cool Coincidence Radio on the 5D Media Network.   http://www.Facebook.com/CoolCoincidence CoolCoincidence@gmail.com -------------- Full List of Resources (password: firefly)

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    Psychics Gone Wild Monday w/Bonnie & Gary & Jethro!

    in Spirituality

    Bonnie Albers, Gary Wimmer and Psychic Jethro host Wild & Marvelous Monday at 3pm EST - Free Psychic Readings - Amazing Lithomancy - Sexuality - Mental Health - The Psychic Art of Reading Stones - Tarot! - and Much More! www.psychicsgonewild.com   Bonnie Albers - 30 years of Professional Medical Experience  including Head Nurse, Legal Consultant, Private Work for Psychiatrists, Life Coach, Medical Residency Instructor - Bonnie offers Wild's Family & Friends opportunity to reconstruct relationships specializing in Mental Health, Marriage & Partnerships, Sexuality, Young Adult Transitions and More! Yourcoach4life@mail.com   Gary Wimmer - Psychic Intuitive and Master of Lithomancy provides decades of amazing accurate readings throughout the USA & Europe. Via Stones, Gary interprets the pattern of the current situation, major issues, opportunities and how they interrelate for 12 weeks. Lithomancy reveals light at the end of the tunnel as Gary taps into past lives, spiritual guides, karmic ties, discarnate souls, and systems beneath the surface. http://garywimmer.com/psychic   Jethro Smith, born gifted, has been reading professionally for over 30 years. He is renowned for swift and powerfully accurate readings and personalized psychic development classes. View more at  www.jethrosmith.net

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    Living Life On Purpose with Wendy Zake & T.D. Austin

    in Motivation

    Join Life Purpose Expert and Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower as she hosts this unique conscious living lifestyle show, interviewing people about their making a difference on the planet. Topics include:
    Sustainability Spirituality Optimal health & well being Personal fulfillment Inspirational new authors, musicians and entertainers. My Guest 12-1pm: Wendy Zake
    Wendy is the Publisher/Editor of Global Light Minds, a daily online magazine, is inspired by well known authors around the world, vivid photos, travel reviews, workshops for self improvement, news on world events and how to cope with daily stress. She has been the owner of several spas in both Mexico and the United States.
    My Guest from 1-2pm: T.D. Austin
    T.D. Austin taught college-level courses for many years before becoming a full-time fiction writer. Austin ran across the description of the animal art found in the 30,000 year old cave discovered in southwestern France are expressed in the characters, rites and initiations depicted in Austin’s fictional novel, People of the Bear Mother.
    Contact Suzanne:
    For information about sponsorships, to be interviewed on the show contact Host, Suzanne Strisower
    Visit her websites: http://www.yournextstepcoach.com to learn more about her books and coaching. Get her FREE Guidebook from Awaken To Your Life Purpose

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