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    Pet Psychic Radio - How To Be A Better Animal Communicator

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    Please excuse the technical issues in the beginning the show does start :)

    @ 05:16 - Linda & dog Grisman, how did his crossing go?
    @ 12:19 - Laura & Ai, why Laura doesn't work with lost pets.
    @ 15:30 - guest Elaine Seamans & 2yr German Shepherd Lucky.
    @ 32:37 - Bridget & 20yr black cat Maxxwell, how's he feeling?
    @ 42:21 - Tiara & Miniature Pinscher Kalina, will she re-incarnate?
    @ 47:40 - Laura & Ai, how to be a better animal communicator.
    @ 49:52 - Laura & Ai, any animal ask to talk to biological parents?
    @ 51:44 - Jamie & 1yr dog Tonka, knew us in a past life?
    @ 56:16 - Bean's WoW: "It's really important to get fresh air."
    Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/831040403604720
    Mentioned: Laura's website www.ThePetPsychic.com
    * Hilary Renaissance, lost pets psychic, www.CalmPet.com * Lori Spagna, lost pets psychic, www.LoriSpagna.com * At-Choo gifts, www.at-choo.com * Primal Pet Foods, www.PrimalPetFoods.com
    * Stella & Chewy's, www.StellaAndChewys.com


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    Dr. Laurie Moore - Animal Communicator

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    We're pleased to welcome back Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) and certified animal communication specialist.  She has a new TV show to tell us about called Akua Lono. For two decades, she has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways.  She has taught in Europe, around the USA, and all over the Hawaiian Islands reaching people of many backgrounds, spending her twenties living in a variety of organic, spiritual, cooperative farm communities with high ideals.  Her reputation as an internationally respected therapist, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher began with the many awakening experiences she was ushered through by Divine Ma, inside her own heart, and Jessie Justin Joy, her feline Guru.  Supported and inspired by many, she is especially close to Gangaji and Sh. Ahmed, a Sufi Teacher.  Dr.  Moore has appeared in hundreds of venues as Universal Love and Animal Communication Satsang Leader, key note speaker, multiple dimensions communication expert, graduate psychology professor, Goya yogic and meditation teacher, and seminar teacher. Dr. Laurie was founder and president of The Miracle Ground later known as The Love Climate from 2005-2011.  Moore was a graduate and undergraduate expressive arts psychology teacher at San Francisco State University, Johnson State College, and Chico State University. Her websites: http://www.animiracles.com and offering free gift tickets to http://www.streamingforthesoultv.com.

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseeds. 

    Now Gathering!
    Equinox Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas Sept. 21-27, 2014


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    The Dog Communicator: Christmas Special

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    Ho Ho Ho! Join The Dog Communicator as he welcomes the Holidays with advice and fun for you and your canine companion....

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    The Dog Communicator: The Final Show

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    Join Dog Communicator Eric Von Falconer for his last show before he goes on hiatus for a while. He will answer your questions and give you tips so you can better communicate with your canine companion...

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    Animal Communicator & Psychic Candy O'Donnell

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    Candy is a psychic and an animal communicator. She also works with other's pastlives through pastlife readings and pastlife regressions. Discover your purpose by experiencing a pastlife regression and seeing/feeling for yourself what is blocking you in this lifetime. Sometimes repetitive scenes play out again during this life, and one needs to see what that is. It can be something as simple as letting go, gaining inner confidence, forgiveness, releasing fear, or understanding unconditional love.
    Pastlife readings are small snippets of a pastlife that can give clarity and release if one understands the issues surrounding you.

    Candy can read into your animal and discover what issues are affecting them in the now from either the past or present. Animals are pure souls and give willingly unconditional love and answers.

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    The Dog Communicator: Halloween Special

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    Have a spooky time when Dog Communicator Eric Von Creepy (Von Falconer)  answers your scary questions, interviews ghostly experts, and gives you tips so you can better communicate with your canine minion..

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    The Master Communicator Sharon C. Jenkins stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Sharon C. Jenkins is an educator, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, author, freelance and ghostwriter, editor and the Inspirational Principal for The Master Communicator’s Writing Services. The Master Communicator’s writing services provides business communication services to small businesses, non-profits, and authors.  Sharon is also the mastermind behind the annual Authors Networking Summit, America’s Favorite Author Competition and Houston’s Favorite Author Competition.

    Known as The Master Communicator, she is proficient in communicating in all forms of media: radio, newspapers, magazines, and spoken word. She worked as an editor for a major minority communications and marketing company in the 4th largest city in the U.S. She hosted the Blog Talk Radio Program, The Literary Showcase from 2010 – 2013). Sharon has moved to the HOA platform and hosts The Literary Fellowship on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00 am. 

    Sharon has helped hundreds of authors get their message to the masses through workshops, webinars, her radio show and coaching.  She is currently an acquisitions editor for the award winning Ellechor Publishing House. Sharon has participated in numerous compilations, been a co-author and self-published three books. Her first solo-project was Beyond the Closet Door, Christ’s Rescue from Abuse. Her new book Authorpreneurship: The Business Start-Up Manual for Authors, is the culmination of everything she has learned from her literary journey and that of other authors. It will be launching in September 2014. . For more information about Sharon go to www.mcwritingservices.com  or www.sharoncjenkins.com.


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    All About Spirit with Boo Newell, International Medium and Animal Communicator

    in Spirituality

    Boo Newell is a wellspring of spiritual knowledge. She is an internationally known, highly revered medium and animal communicator. This captivating conversation spans a variety of topics including the truth about ghosts, imaginary friends, religious division, aliens and more! Tune in to hear Wendel access the profound insights of this spiritual teacher and her authentic experiences as the host of the popular Decatur Ghost Tour. 

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    Interview with Medium, Psychic and Animal Communicator Lai Ubberud

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    Lai comes from a long line of European psychics and has worked all over the world as a psychic.  She has also visited many holy and spiritual places, like the pyramids in Egypt, the cave where Jesus hid with the Virgin Mary and Joseph, Fatima in Portugal, Notre Dame du Bourguillon in Switzerland, Sai Baba in India, the Vatican, Edgar Cayce's ARE in Virginia Beach, Yugoslavia, the Big Buddha in Japan, the American Stonehenge, Salem, NH, Salem (the Witch Town), MA and many others.  She also keeps in touch with top European psychics and spiritual people.  Lai has clients throughout the world

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    Meet Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach

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    On this episode of Talk2theAnimalsRadio you'll be hearing from animal communicator Anna Breytenbach, a South African-based professional animal communicator who inspired the documentary film "The Animal Communicator". Anna discusses the importance of respecting and revering the animals with whom we share this earth. Shaman Billie Dean shares what she means when she speaks of the 'new shamanism'. As always, you'll hear from our animal guest and discover how you too, can communicate with animals!

    This show is brought to you in part by Talk2theAnimalsRadio  sponsors Animal History Museum, Cedar Breeze Consultants,  Simply Numbers - Not Just Another Bean Counter, Flowering Hills Flower Essences and Ame Jo Hughes, Intuitive Artist. Be sure to visit their sites! 

    Be sure to visit the NEW Talk2theAnimalsBlog which, by the way, is now available on Kindle. Subscribe now! Join our Talk2theAnimals community on Facebook. 

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    Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Shauna Psychic Medium Angel Communicator

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    Welcome to the Cosmic Contacts Show, this Monday 12/16/14.

    My special 'guest' is Shauna a very 'Gifted' Psychic Medium and Angel Communicator.  Shauna has the amazing ability to make contact with Spirits on the other side. Many times our loved ones leave this world unexpectedly or were too ill for us to have closure or say a proper good-bye. 

    Shauna quickly makes contact with Spirits that have crossed over, as she receives messages from them giving specific details about their personalities, perhaps cause of death and physical appearances as well as other characteristics. You will immediately know she has made a connection and feel at peace after their transition.  You will love her readings     

    Shauna will be sharing the many classes and workshops she offers on ways we can develop our own Psychic abilities.

    Get on line early 347-838-9142 and press 1, Annie the Moderator will get you in

    Shauna's contact info: www.angelwerk.com 360-213-5732

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