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    Everything with Kathy B, Webley, Frankie Bee Good, De'Shay Land

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us LIVE today, from 2-5 pm EST for, Indie Soul Saturdays with Host James Johnson, as he welcomes three talented Artists' into the studio to share their amazing music and upcoming projects.

    2:14-Reggae Artist WEBLEY

    3:15-Reggae Artist FRANKIE BEE GOOD

    4:15-De'Shay Land

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy Amber Rose's new book! Episode #9

    in Health

    HEALING LYME WITH BEE VENOM THERAPY There is a ride in Disneyworld that shrinks a doctor down to a microscopic level and injects her into the bloodstream of a patient to find and heal the chronic illness. But we don’t have to wait for medical science to catch up with Disneyworld. We each have an inner physician within us who has gone to sleep, like Rip Van Winkle.

    It is imperative for Lyme patients (especially Late Stage/Chronic Lyme) to wake up their own inner physician. If this were an easy task, we would already have remedies for Lyme and many other chronic conditions. But waking up that inner physician is not so easy. You cannot just kiss Sleeping Beauty and wake her up.

    Bee venom is the only natural substance I know of that really wakes up this physician in such a powerful way that it cannot be ignored or go back to sleep. Since bee venom is a poison, a toxic substance, its entrance into the body creates an emergency situation and forces the body to go through a cascade of reactions. In the process it cleans up any underlying conditions. The melittin in bee venom must kill the Lyme spirochetes that are hiding out deep inside the body.

    We are gonna discuss the new book, it's teachings and how it's affecting the Lyme Patient.

    Purchase the book on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Pioneers-Healing-Lyme-Venom-Therapy/dp/1515127818/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441493310&sr=8-1&keywords=pioneers+lyme&pebp=1441493310999&perid=1V1AW4ECN8376AZ2RHC7

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    Retracting vs Relapse with your infections using Bee Venom Therapy ~ Episode #8

    in Health

    We are all accustomed to the surges as we treat our infections. 

    Many of us have tried this, that and the other. Bee Venom Therapy is some highly effective, targeted treatment for many, many pathogens. The venom kills these pathogens, but our 'journey of healing' can be rocky at times. 

    Knowing when to push on and when to back off, is wisdom we hard earn. 


    What is retracing?

    It's when a symptom that had previously been ameliorated suddenly makes a reappearance. How is it different from a relapse? A relapse means the treatment is no longer working and your symptoms have returned. Many people will experience relapse with antibiotics because antibiotics can't penetrate the cyst forms and most will not get through the biofilms. However, bee venom does both these things, so there is no such thing as a relapse when you are properly using BVT to treat Lyme. 

    Unlike a relapse, with retracing you will have a return of a symptom or symptoms, and then they will go away again. Usually the symptom return is short lived. I've seen where they have returned for a day or two and then disappeared again.



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    Free Psychic Readings with Queen Bee & Amada www.bluntpsychics.com

    in Spirituality

    Come join me Queen Bee and my tag team pal Amada while we tap into your situation and answer all your questions! This radio show allows you to receive a "free" spiritual and unique psychic reading unlike any other. Come and unwind! 

    On this day I will be co-hosting with someone truly special.  Her name is Amada and she is a very well known psychic / aura reader she can provide lots of insight and guidance by just picking up on your aura and how it reflects. You won't want to miss this opportunity! 

    BluntPsychics.com brings a unique mix of spiritual clairvoyance, wisdom, and confidence into each and every reading. The mastery of the Law Of Attraction will shine a bright light onto your life and relationships, allowing you to get the most from all aspects of your spiritual self. We  believe that everyone has lots of potential, but maybe it is difficult to see exactly what lies within,-Therefore, we can see this easily, and with our years of experience it will take no time at all for us to zero in and help you get everything sorted out and optimized. 

  • 2 in the Same Boat #18 - Special Guests Yvette Smith and Tim Bee

    in Entertainment

    Tune in LIVE this Monday 10/12/2015 at 9PM EST as Mojoe and Vincent take you down a path of the Paranormal and bizarre! We are discussing strange world news and opinion! 

    We will be interviewing Special Guest Mambo Asogwe Yvette Smith, Initiated Vodou Priest, discussing her life, as well as her experiences with the supernatural. She will also be doing some on-air readings.

    You can find more about Yvette Smith at the following


    We are also talking to Vocalist and Guitarist of Paroxysmal Butchering Tim Bee! He will be discussing his band, music stylings, tour and any releases coming out! Plus any crazy stories he might have as well!

    Check out his band at the following

    Paroxysmal Butchering on Facebook


    All this and your calls! 

    That's this Monday night 10/12 at 9PM EST!

    Give us a call (619) 924-0762 if you have a question or a story you wanna discuss!

    Check out 2 in the Same Boat on Facebook!

    Follow 2 in the Same Boat on Twitter!

    Follow the Intestinal Fortitude on Twitter!

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    Bee Venom Therapy and Acupuncture Meridian Lines ~ Where the heck do I sting? #6

    in Health

    Now that you want to sting, where the heck do you place those stings?

    We know that placement of the Bee Sting, is one of the primary questions to the new BVT patient.

    This is prudent to learn the why's of how this works in it's symbiotic relationship.

    I know myself I was harshly shoved into the Beek world, where some expected them to know where to place stings.

    Sadly, that's not sound advice. The Acupuncture world knows these matters well.

    How does application of Bee Venom stings relate to the Acupuncture points & sites??

    Does time of day matter?How does your infection load affect your treatment plan?

    So many variables to consider! We have Amber Rose here to discuss the interrelationship of BVT and Acupuncture. Her book, Bee In Balance discusses much of these choices and why them matter.

    Why does this meridian line work for your condition and others don't.

    Please join us to reveal the keys to proper placement, at the right time in your own, personal BVT journey.

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    Grudgeinc-roundtable hosted by king bee racing #3472158762

    in Automotive

    Wht can we do to advance or to make the grudge game better for 2016

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    Subpoena for Modesto Bee editor quashed

    The Modesto Bee successfully fought a subpoena that would have required Editor and Senior Vice President Mark Vasche' to testify as a defense witness in the trial of former Modesto Mayor Carmen Sabatino. Judge Franklin Stephenson quashed the subpoena in Stanislaus County Superior Court on May 9. San Francisco media lawyer Karl Olson represented The Bee in court. Frank Carson, Sabatino's attorney, had filed the subpoena in early May. Sabatino is charged with 10 felonies stemming from suspected misuse of the mayor's office and alleged theft from employees at his former restaurant. Vase he' was attending a regularly scheduled meeting with Sabatino and Modesto's city manager when investigators served search warrants and seized materials from the mayor's city hall office. Carson sought to question Yasche' about that day's events as well as other knowledge he or the paper had of the investigation. Olson cited California's shield law in successfully arguing for the subpoena to be quashed. 

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    The Lymph System is part the bodies circulatory system. Episode #11

    in Health

    With the use of Live Bee Venom Therapy, we know the venom kills off pathogens & parasites. The death of these agents are left in the body. In order to heal, we need to move them out in a detox. The Lymph System is of great help in this task.

    If you don't have the Lymph System flowing well, you'll likely feel awful as the toxins build.

    Preserving the internal organs, with a proper detox program is essential. 

    Amber Rose & I will discuss how paramount this 4th circulatory system is for patients who are using LBVT. 

    We will cover in greater depth, our written protocol which includes detoxing.


    Please feel free to call in or blog your questions. Join BlogTalkRadio, create your own ID with them. That way, we can see who is with us LIVE on the show.

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    McG's Backroom - Bee Gees Tribute

    in Music

    McG’s Backroom pays tribute to The Bee Gees and the band’s co-founder, Robin Gibb, who died of cancer at age 62. From their early years in the ‘60s as a pop group, to their reign in the ‘70s as disco kings and beyond, the three-part harmonies of the Bee Gees are instantly recognizable. RIP Robin Gibb.

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