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    Is your mate your mate

    in Music

    Is your mate your mate

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    The Bait to Get Your Mate

    in Relationships

    Dating Strategist Charmaine Graham, will be discussing her book, The Bait to Get Your Mate, and giving some practical insight on how to date and ultimately - get your mate.

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    Fish Bait Radio with Tim Zdrazil - Making the Transition from Co-Angler to Pro

    in Sports

    Join us on Fish Bait Radio this week with special guest and tournament angler Tim Zdrazil from Crawfordville Florida.

    Time is a long time co-angler throughout the Southern US, Tim fished the Gator Division's in the flw many years as a co-angler, Sense his start in fishing Tim now has moved to the front as a boater fishing the BFL tour and in the Rayovac tour...

    Join us as we talk with Tim and learn valuable tips that anglers need to know when thinking about making the move, We will also talk about a few fishing tips and some awesome products that you should try out...

    Follow Tim on twitter at @bassfisher3k

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    Get Real Lol FU Mondays

    in Television

    Welcome to Get Real LoL's Monday Show, F U Mondays! Where hosts from Get Real LoL will talk about Big Brother 17 #BB17! We will weekly look to bring you the hot topics on the goings on inside the Big Brother 17 house and discuss whatever is on our mind. And we will weekly inform our fans what our F U stands for that week. Could be Forgive Us, to F...U... to Fire Um, meaning who we think should be fired, or Fire Ump, if during baseball season theres a bad umpire. Our FU's will also be followed by our hashtag #FUMondays. So sit back, relax & listen in as Get Real LoL give you our F U's of the week! 

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    The Sweet Spot - Tips & Tricks to Help You Get Your Bedroom A-Game On!

    in Pop Culture

    A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) called and asked for some advice on how to get her A Game on in the bedroom.  Rather than keeping this a 1 on 1 conversation, we're going to open it up to our circle of sisters (and the occasional male) to call in and give your skinny on your bedroom A game tips and tricks!  You don't want to miss this one so grab a glass of red, white, or whatever you're sippin' on and join in on the conversation!

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - The Key to Good Health is in Your Gut

    in Health

    One of the keys for good health is a healthy digestive system.  Digestive complaints cost Americans $50 billion each year in medical bills and absence from work.  It is fairly easy to correct.  Tune in and find out how.  Most people, including doctors, don't know that digestive problems can lead to allergies, autoimmune diseases, depression, fatigue, and even ADHD.  Your digestive tract is THE KEY to whole body health.  It is the first place I start when working with people.

    You'll learn why one of the top OTC and prescription medication is interferring with your bodies ability to digest and absorb nutrients and doesn't really solve the problem your taking it for in the first place. 

    Check out our website at www.wellnessandtoys.com.  You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Keep up with our show and tell us what you think on our FaceBook group page.

    Photo Credit:  Stuart Miles, dream designs, marin, and David Castillo Dominic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    Fish Bait Radio Show with Torque Power Rods

    in Sports

    Join us on Fish Bait Radio with TPR Pro Staff member Brain Fisher, At Torque Power Rods they provide quality rods at an affordable price! The Torque Power Rod Team have put thier rods through the test and together they have designed a rod that is unmatched to any other rod on the market today !

    We will aslo talk about North carolina fishing and upcoming tourmament that Brain will be putting togeather..

    Be sure to visit Torque Power Rods at : http://www.torquepowerrods.com

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    "Get Your, It Together!" w/LaOta Of The Sun, host REVELATION & GodIs L aka.

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome LaOta Of The Sun to "Get Your, It Together!" Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 10:am est. She is an energy healer that works with people from the perspective that EVERYONE is DIVINE!  This ultimately brings them into their own sacredness of perfect health, universal balance and overall emotional stability. The goal is to access way back when the tampering with the original energy of Human Beings was the "norm," so reconnecting to the natural birthright and bringing balanced energy forward is the flow of universal conscious intelligence is the order of today's paradigm. The work that she does is truly "Of The Sun!" We will be discussing the need for understanding self mastery, what are the Akashic Records, how does DNA Soul Clearing work, its affects and what can be experienced. Her website, dnareplicate.com, offers some of the most unique options available involving DNA activation. DNA activation is a restoration of the original blue print of the Divine. It also helps to reconnect consciousness with what scientists call "junk DNA." LaOta Of The Sun, states that she's blessed to work with Elohim that guides her with divine groups through the process of transcendence. She's also blessed to be a deep Soul Clearer. She hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show on Wednesday mornings called Soul Solution, Food For The Soul Radio, at www.blogtalkradio.com/soulsolution every Wednesday at 12:00 pm est. This show provides opportunities to discuss DNA Replication and ask questions. If you're interested in learning more about DNA Activation, call into the show at 646-668-8413. So, let's continue affirming that we're all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! Call 773-897-6555 with your questions, and/or comments to be live on air. To log onto the live show or check the archives, go to www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit.

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    Fish Bait Radio with guest Bobby VanEvery from Next Level Jigs

    in Sports

    Join us on Fish Bait Radio with special guest Bobby VanEvery, Bobby is a avid angler, tournament fisherman and the owner of Next Level Jigs. NLJ is a  small tackle business providing Tournament Quality Jig's to help anglers put fish in the Livewell, Rather if your a  Weekend Warrior or Touring Pro Next Level Jigs has something for you...

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    Donna Ghanney interviews Jeff Bearden “The Get Back on Your Feet Guy"

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment Inc Radio Host Donna Ghanney interviews Jeff Bearden known as " The Get Back on Your Feet Guy" today, Monday June 29, 2015 at 6 PM EST.

    Call to speak with our guest live: 001 (646) 668-2413 USA or

    Join us LIVE ONLINE!:


    About Jeff Bearden

    Jeff Bearden, “The Get Back on Your Feet Guy," inspires today’s youth to get back on their feet, stand up to bullying, battle depression, and live lives free of alcohol and drugs through his motivational speaking. As a professional wrestler for over 25 years—working under the names “Giant Warrior” and “Tiger Steele”—Bearden entertained audiences all over the world, including audiences of over 75,000. Through his wrestling career, he had experiences both positive and negative that he brings to his speeches. The topics that Bearden speaks on are those that have personally affected him and people he knew from his life on the road, providing his audience with a judgment-free and relatable message. His message is as powerful as his seven-foot stature: no matter where you are in your life and no matter what cards life has dealt you, you can get back on your feet and thrive.

    Learn more about Jeff Bearden here: http://www.kemagazine.me




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