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    "No Samson No!"

    in Christianity

    Have you ever had a woman or a man nag you to the point you were sickened?  Don't let the enemy wear you down! 

    Join Sabrina Evans, prophetess in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Pray with the Holy Sprit.  Come by faith to receive your healing! Be set free from anguish and pain!  The Word of the Lord says in Isaiah 54, the believer shall brake forth from their right to their left with a joyful shout!  Come experience Peace and Joy!  The Kingdom of God is at hand!  God's drawing His people to Jesus to love one another and be obedient to Him by faith!

    30 minutes of Worship, Prayer, a Prophetic Word & a Word of Hope!

    The Word of God is pronounced upon the lives of those who truly believe in His Word...Jesus, and follow in His footsteps!  Miracles are real!

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    Bible Study in Judges 16: Samson and Delilah

    in Religion

    Today we are digging into the 16th chapter of Judges as we look at the amazing story of downfall and then redemption of Samson.  Some commentators even say that Samson was almost like a type of Christ by the end of his life.  We'll discuss this and more on the show today.

  • Bible Study in Judges 13: The Miraculous Birth of Samson

    in Religion

    Today we're going to look at Judges 13 and see how the Lord went to the parents of Samson, who had not yet been born, and foretold his birth.  Samson's mom was barren and the angel of the Lord appeared to her and then the angel of the Lord appeared to her husband.  This is a fascinating passage of Judges and we hope you're as blessed as we are looking at it today.

    Visit our website at http://www.biblenewsradio.com  and visit Stacy's personal blog at http://www.stacylynnharp.com 

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    Real, Relevant & Raw: Samson & Delilah-Who's Playin' Who?

    in Religion

    Have you or do you know someone who has lost a sense of themselves or self-worth, for the sake of desire and passionate lust? Have you ever been "sprung" by a man or a woman to the point that you couldn't function emotionally, physically, or spiritually?The biblical story of Samson & Delilah (Judges 16) accounts for this type of relationship. When Samson fell for Delilah, a woman from the Valley of Sorek, it was the beginning of his downfall and eventually led to his demise.

    Samson, a man of self-indulgence, sarcasm, and conciet, had been set apart to God through the Nazarite vow at birth. As part of the vow, his hair must never be cut. Using her seductive influence, Delilah persistently petitions Samson of knowing where his "strength" lies, until he finally divulges the information. Though he was set apart for special service to God (Judges 13:5), Samson ignored the Nazarite vow of devotion and relied upon his own strength and abilities. Not only did he refuse to acknowledge the supernatural strength of God in his life but his weakness for Philistine women was more important than God's expressed will.

     Join Truth Talk w. Lady Tae with conversationalists, Amber "A.J." James and Prophet John Scott for an in-depth discussion on the relationship dynamics between Samson & Delilah and 21st century dating & marital relationships. Tune in Monday, March 23, 2014 @ 6:00 pm. Call 347-945-7377.


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    In the Arms of the Angels with Connie McNeil, Thur, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    This hour long show is an invitation to stop and reflect on the angelic presence that surrounds us. I am a licensed clinical psychologist using spiritual insight to ease daily struggles and bring clarity to life decisions. The angels love us! Are readily available to us! Want to be involved in our lives!

    This show will demystify the angels. Who they are, how they communicate with us, how they offer guidance and support.

    In the second half of the hour, you are invited to call to receive an angel card reading.  Please join me for an informative and inspirational time In the Arms of the Angels.

    Website www.DrConnieSays.com

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    Guest: Rev. Samson Mogusu Abuga, President of the GCWCO in Kenya

    in Education

    Rev. Samson Mogusu Abuga. He is the Director/President of the GCWCO (GENERAL CHURCH WOMEN and CHILDREN ORGANIZATION. He sent SWACIN Inc. a letter back in 2013, September 20th seeking for support to the GCWGO ‘s help women and children in their facility.  They needed nurturing, respectful, Caring relationships, with benefactors. Also for motivating thier benefactors to provide financial and spiritual support for the organization well-being. As well to promote thier unity of working together as a fundraising community in with SWACIN ORGANIZATION, under the mutual collaboration and in good standing with  the GCWGO’s leadership.” Their prayer was listened, so to speak, now donors gave donations to help them start skill acquisition training for the women to make jewellries.  Let us hear from him how the conditions of the women and children there.

    Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show: 

    Global Eco Talk Show is brought by SWACIN Inc.  Our radio shows are designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solving the problems.  The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change.

    Stay tuned!

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    Sports with Samson

    in Sports

    Bringing you all of todays sports from Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. Specializing in Chicago Sports..Coming from room in Indiana. Giving you all the excitment in a short, but great show.

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    Sports with Samson

    in Sports

    Bringing you all of todays sports from Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. Specializing in Chicago Sports..Coming from room in Indiana. Giving you all the excitment in a short, but great show.  

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    the pit of despair w/ Samson

    in Entertainment

    Join me Marcus the demon Wolf as I talk to mew strongest  member on the roste

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    What is pushing Christians youth into arms of Islam?

    in Politics Conservative

    This show is not meant to shame or embarrass Christian leaders or their ministries, it is meant to move them from their lukewarm waters which are destroying God's people and the rest of the world. The originator of this list went through his time in which he ignorantly terrorized many people with the hideous and evil teaching. For years, ministries have terrorized family, friends and anyone who would listen. We do not teach love and forgiveness just you will burn in hell forever…

    What is your concept of God? What is your concept of Jesus?

    “Vomit alone in my apartment, certain I was elected for damnation by a cruel God who would laugh at me hysterically while I was ripped apart, eaten, fried, raped, and in every other imaginable way, tortured in hell”? He writes further, “I had long seriously considered killing myself in order to get out from under the emotional oppression and desperation of thoughts of my own damnation. The fear drove me to the point of complete insanity. I blew a solid three years of my youth (21-23) continuously contemplating my damnation and meanwhile lost friends, burdened family members, and drove my girlfriend away. I have yet to regain even a slight measure of what I lost. I was downing antidepressants and curling up in fetal position most nights bawling and praying that God would have mercy on me and unhardened my heart so that I might actually be granted faith in Him, instead of Him willing me into reprobation and, therefore, everlasting, merciless torment and pure insanity in hell.

    Is this why Youth is leaving?

    According to the young man who wrote the above, it was ministers preaching a God of love who brought him to the state of wanting to die. Even now my walk with God is weak."


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    HOT Health & Fitness Tips: Best Exercises To Build & Shape Strong-Sculpted Arms

    in Health

    Best Exercises to Build & Shape Strong-Sculpted Arms ...require usage of more of your body parts, brain power, and coordination.

    Improve your health, healing, wellness, fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle with your personal health & exercise program. Knowing the facts and HOT Health & Fitness Tips (with some physical effort) can guide you to experience exceptional results, faster.

    My goal:

    *Provide HOT Health & Fitness Tips ~ Results With An Olympian's Touch ~

    *Provide information needed to make nutritional and fitness choices for: improved healing, health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, lifestyle.

    *Help you choose to live & maintain an active, healthier lifestyle - one step at a time. 

    First Lady, Michelle Obama, created the Let's Move! program for kids to move their bodies & reduce child obesity.

    I've created innovative exercise, ALTHEA, to repeat affirmations while moving your body and teach you how to manage & lose weight to reduce obesity, feel & look better - within minutes. It'll bring you awareness about your love, power, sacred space, and wholesomeness - health & wellbeing. 

    It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.  -Muhammad Ali 


    Althea's Bio at www.AltheaM.com

    Note: This show is for adults & educational purpose. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise or dietary program.