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    The Rob Legend Show - My People

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    The Rob Legend Show wants to tackle the difficult issues and find solutions.  Do you have a topic we can research  and talk about? If so, what it that concern you and your community? Be a part of the solution. 

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    The Rob Legend Show on traditional marriage.

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    On the Rob Legend Show, let's explore the possibility of none traditional relationships.  Many of us aspire to be in love for 40 to 50 yearsand live happily together until death do apart, right? Times have changed, needs have changed, people have evolved into new creatures, so should we be defining our relationship a new measure than our parents and grand parents.  Maybe the traditional is not the best model? Maybe marriage itself has outlived it usefulness? Is it possible that way too many people are stressed, unhappy and beating themselves up trying to be what is no longer conductive in the world live in today? Maybe single life without heart stress of relationships might prove over time to be a better suit for most? I don't have the answers, but let's talk about it this Wednesday night at 7-9 pm @ www.blogtalkradio.com/roblegend and call in to speak at 773-897-3989... 

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    The Rob Legend Show - What is the answer for the world today?

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    The Rob Legend Show is seeking the answer for the ills of the world today.  We want to explore that part of ourselves many times not considered.  As we have arrived at many conclusions on this show, we identified the possibility that we are no longer connecting to our spiritual being.  Is it possible that all the negative things we are experiencing due to a spiritual war that we are trying to fight in a physical manner.  Let's talk about it and explore the possible solution.  How do we get there?

  • The Rob Legend on Relationships

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    Wednesday on the Rob Legend Show, we will get into: 


    1. How to get a good man?


    2. How to keep a good man? 


    3. What should men be willing to do for the right woman? 


    4. Does no sex while dating insure for a stronger relationship development?


    5. Can a man ever find the one who complete him if he settles for the one in front of him? 

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    The Rob Legend Show on Defining Love

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    Topics for next The Rob Legend Show: 


    1. How do I get him out of my house without sending him to jail? 


    2. How do I escape a man who abuse me in private, but treat me like a queen in front of other people? 


    3. She uses my kids to hurt me.  How hard is it to fight for custody? 


    4. She makes more money than I do and never let me forget, should I leave her? 


    5. All of a sudden I can't do anything right according to my mate.  What's really going on? 


    6. If you have to wait in the relationship to take it to the next level, should you also hold back on your money being spent? 

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    The Rob Legend Show

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    The Rob Legend Show is all about speaking on issues, problems and things that affects us all on a daily basis and finding real solutions.  Our guests are invited to participate without censorship.  We believe once a conversation begins, people will find a solution.  There are many opinions and on this show, they are respected, challenged and encouraged to back them up with facts.  You have a voice on this show, so speak up and speak often. No one person holds all of the answers, so collectively we can find the right solutions.

    This week on The Rob Legend Show, let's talk about:


     1. Has the Atlanta Falcons been pushed around until they refuse to be pushed anymore? 


    2. Supporting the home team.  People brag about buying out of town while home biz suffers.


    3.Obama isn't black enough.


    4. Do celebrities really owe fans anything beyond the performance.


    5. Name a black own business you support on the regular beside hair care.

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    The Rob Legend Show - Get Ready Young Man To Lead

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    The Rob Legend Show was so hot last week we ran over 45 minutes and the end of discussion was still not in site.  So, we are going to pick up where we left off...  We are asking men are you ready to take the lead of the black and asking the woman is she ready to give up her reign... Join us Wednesday as we continue this powerful discussion.  7 pm until 9 pm... Call in to speak at 773-897-3989... Or go online at www.blogtalkradio.com/roblegend 

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    The Rob Legend Show All about the money.

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    This Wednesday on the Rob Legend Show.  We want to talk to business owners.  If you have a business of any size, you are invite to speak on your business on my show.  So let's be about business and seize an opportunity to tell our 1500 regular listeners what you have to offer.  If you know someone in business, tell them about joining me this Wednesday at 7 pm. Call in to speak on it at 773.897.3989...

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    The Rob Legend Show - Man aren't you ready yet?

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    This week on The Rob Legend Show, we will talk about how to get the black man back or into or ahead of the black households.  Is it time for the black woman to give up the power over the black family she was forced to take? Is the black man ready to do so and furthermore, did enough black mothers train up their black boys to lead the black family.  Or is it as it suggests in the so-called Willie Lynch letter that black woman only raise her boys to be physically strong, but not mentally strong? Are we ready to have this conversation? 

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    The Rob Legend Show - You have the right to remain silent

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    There seems to be two sets of laws in this country.  Or is it the laws are the same except people are ignorant to the laws.  What are human rights, common law and judicial laws? Would it be benefitual to the black community to have law classes? Classes sponsored by judges and lawyers just to make the community aware of the laws and their rights and the rights of other??? Would you attend such a class

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