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    Is There An Afterlife?

    in Health

    My guest on Monday is Sunny Dawn Johnston, Spiritual Teacher and Author. An internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Sunny will join me to discuss Life and the Afterlife and to provide readings for our listeners. We will also provide insight for you on near death, as I will share my own near death experience. Sunny recently launched her Television Pilot on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN), called A Seance With... featuring Sunny Dawn Johnston. In the Nationally syndicated pilot Sunny provided readings to actress Lisa Rinna and two of her friends who wanted to connect with loved ones that had passed on. Join us to learn more about The Magic & Mystery of Life and Afterlife and get your spot reading!


    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life


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    Dr. Annette Childs, Evidence of the Afterlife

    in Spirituality

    Join me for an amazing interview with Dr. Annette Childs. We will be talking about the evidence for the afterlife. She spent her career working in hospice and saw a lot of spiritual events happen. I have sat and talked with her and she has some amazing stories about people crossing over!

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    Your Perception on the Afterlife

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Terri Daniel is interviewed on Afterlife Awareness. What is your perception of death? What about the afterlife? Share your insights with us by calling 858-769-4705 during our LIVE program!

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    The Afterlife Unveiled

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Stafford Betty comes back to Kardec Radio to talk about his new book The Afterlife Unveiled. ?Join us LIVE by asking your question at (858) 769-4705. Read more

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    A Rabbi Looks At the Afterlife with Jonathan Bernis

    in Art

    Is there a heaven? Is hell real? Is there life after death?

    Join Larry Sparks as he interviews Rabbi Jonathan Bernis about the afterlife and how answering questions about eternity will TOTALLY transform the way you live TODAY!

    In his latest book, A Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife, Jonathan Bernis takes you on an unforgettable journey of faith, exploring Scripture, history, and first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the afterlife.

    Get ready to:

    Re-Imagine heaven and get a clearer vision of the glorious eternity that awaits all believers
    Live with a greater sense of purpose and urgency, motivated by the realities of heaven and hell
    Be inspired by four unforgettable true stories of individuals who had near-death experiences

    When the afterlife becomes more real, you will live every moment in light of forever and recognize the eternal significance that your life plays in God’s unfolding plan!

    About Jonathan Bernis

    Jonathan Bernis is the president and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International. His weekly television show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, is broadcast throughout the world. He has authored a number of popular books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the USA and abroad. A leader in the Messianic Jewish Movement for over 30 years, Rabbi Bernis and his wife, Elisangela, live in Phoenix with their two daughters, Liel and Hannah.

    Order A Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife RIGHT HERE!

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    Afterlife 'Tails' & Connections

    in Paranormal

    Our guest this week is Medium & Liscensed Social Worker Holly Klein. Holy practices a rare and valuable form of grief therapy called "Guided Afterlife Connections ". She actually helps connect the person directly with their loved one who has crossed over and on this week's show she brings us special news from our beloved pets who have transitioned. 

    Tune in Wednesday, October 1 at 7:00 pm for this one of a kind episode  

    Call in with your questions for Holly or for a reading at 646-668-8212. Callers also have a chance to win a free pass to the upcoming PRS Psychic Fair 


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    Dr. Annie Kagan is a former New York City based chiropractor and singer/songwriter. In 1996, she left her hectic city life, and moved to a small house by the bay. While trying to figure out what to do with the next chapter of her life, her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her about the afterlife. This profound experience took her on a journey that changed the way she thought about life, death, and the universe and resulted in her bestselling debut book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life after Death,” (Hampton Roads). For more information visit www.anniekagan.com.

    Call 347-215-7536 to speak with Annie. 

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    The Afterlife What Really Happens Next with Roberta Grimes

    in Paranormal

    Special guest, Roberta Grimes, business attorney, novelist, and speaker will be here to talk about what happens after we die - the afterlife.

    Roberta had two extraordinary experiences of light as a child. In an attempt to understand her experiences, she has spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead and other afterlife-related evidence. That enabled her to assemble an in-depth understanding of who and what we are, how reality works, the nature of God, and the meaning and purpose of our lives.

    For those who worry about dying or losing a loved one, and those who fret about the death of a pet, Roberta brings her passion for the subject and 40 years of scholarly study to deliver concrete answers to all your question. 

    Save the date and call in with your questions.

    To learn more about Roberta Grimes and her books, please go to http://robertagrimes.com

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    The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey with Psychic Author Robert Murray

    in Spirituality

    After being struck and killed by a vehicle on his way home one night, Michael, a dynamic young husband and new father of a two-month-old daughter found himself "alive" and able to communicate with his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray. Hours after his death he was able to vividly describe emotions, experiences, places, "people" and animals in the afterlife. He desperately reached out to his wife, family and friends as his father-in-law wrote what Michael told him. The messages continued over a period of days, months and then years. They formed a diary that became the story of Michael's afterlife journey. His wife, Lynn, decided to share these comforting personal messages which contained information and insights too important to be kept secret. Michael's messages are revealed in The Stars Still Shine.

    How to purchase the book. 

    The book is only available at this Web site and at stores listed on the Shop page.


    Plus, Michael has messages in The Stars Still Shine Magazine Free issue available.


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    Encounters From The Afterlife- Replay Broadcast

    in Paranormal

    Encounters From The Afterlife- REPLAY Broadcast
    Part one of our St. Augustine lockdown at the Old Jail. Featuring your host Dawn Glory and Paranormal- live evps!!!! One of our best lockdowns!!!!!!!!

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    Signs from the Afterlife

    in Spirituality

    Lyn Ragan, author of several books about the afterlife, discuss the afterlife and mediumistic assessment of it. Read more  LISTEN HERE

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