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    Renegade 99%ers Pushers of Do Nothing Solutions

    in Politics

    The divide in America is being caused not just by the financially powerful. Citizens against citizens is what some citizens want to see. Groups against groups is what some groups want to see. All renegade 99%, stop the attack. Sleep on the divide that is growing. Look to your better Angel. America is the greatest country on Earth. Sure other countries lay claim to the same. But the immigration statistics validates, America is the greatest country on the earth. President Obama wants to do the job we voted him in to do. How would you feel if you were hired at a great job, and then sabotaged by the tenure employees from day one?

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    Renegade Orcherstrators of Do Nothing Solutions

    in Politics

    America is being divided by renegades. Now is the time for all honorable citizens to call out the renegades. We can not afford to allow renegades to muddy  America;  to muddy our politicians of honor; our citizens of honor; our leaders of honors.  Honorable citizens must separate themselves from this growing divide of renegades.  Renegades have orchestrated a divide and are devalueing America.   America is among the most educated group of people on earth. Yet like sheep are lead to slaughter. We have the right values in America as a whole.  Renegades are without values.  Renegades are motivated by greed at all cost. The do nothing solutions are diversions. The soluiton is JOBS<>

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    Is Occupy Wall St. the New Tea Party Movement?

    in Current Events

    The 'Occupy Wall St.' protest is picking up steam and moving across the country, but without a defined leader and agenda does it have a chance to become the Left's 'Tea Party' movement?
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