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    Friday’s Entrepreneur from Chi-Town Terrell Gholston Owner of “Flashy 44’s

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    Friday’s Entrepreneur from Chi-Town Terrell Gholston Owner of “Flashy 44’s” is on the move despite the economy continues to rise. Terrell of “Flashy 44’s” is adding his unique & custom way to deliver sunglasses that allow the inner you to shine. Terrell is also a graduate of “Tennessee State University”… You will be inspired and impressed by who he is and also how he brings his spirit within out.

    “*Flashy 44's started as a simple idea soon transformed into a vision: to custom design sunglasses that brings out the swag that is within you. That vision has made Flashy 44's a well known brand in the mid-west, and soon to be across the globe. We offer a great selection of custom design sunglasses with excellent quality. “

    “*Flashy 44 Sunglasses are unique and sophisticated. Flashy 44's are designed with Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski Crystals are the finest premium quality, full-lead made in the world today. Each crystal contains a high percentage of lead, making it optically pure. The crystals are faceted with tremendous precision, creating stunningly beautiful prisms. We use the finest crystals on the market. Flashy 44 Sunglasses are unmatched in excellence quality, elegance, and distinction.”.

    So, sit back relax have a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine enjoy so good conversation & music…TGIF…