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    I Can't Breathe. Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Charles Barkley & more

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    The last two weeks have been unsettling to the psyche of America. It has been devastating to the hearts and minds of Black America. 

    Atty. Bob McCulloch took his time in Ferguson to create enough doubt in the minds of his grand jury, to not only squash any chance of an indictment, but also decimate the character of Mike Brown in the court of public opinion. Just like the legal team in FL did Trayvon Martin, they used traces of THC, "menacing" pictures and size to place these young me squarely in the box of America's fears. 


    With Eric Garner things should have been different. Yes, he was 6'5" and 350 lbs, but he was also unarmed, backed against a wall and surrounded by armed policeman. All while several cell phone cameras were rolling. Surely, we would at least see this case go to trial. C'mon, even after Eric Garner was subdued, and gasping for his last breaths, that would warrant Officer Daniel Pantaleo seeing the inside of a courtroom with a defense attorney having the ability to cross examine him. Right? 


    No not in todays United States of America. Not in an country where a black man with a big microphone like Charles Barkley could see these incidents, as questionable, while people like Bill O'Reilly sees it the way many black people do. 


    These incidents have many of us in a state of utter disbelief that has surpassed anger. What do we do next? We'll discuss this on this episode. Our guest will be Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder. 


    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

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    HIGH NOON - Cannabis Oil: THC vs CBD vs THCa

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    12PM - 2PM EASTERN Open Chat / Open Lines. 626-414-3424

    Join us as we welcome two brilliant oil makers to the round table to talk about the bio-availability and efficacy of cannabis medicines favoring THC, CBD and THCa. We'll also discuss current maneuvers by states to dictate restrictions on various cannabinoids.

    Be sure to join this all-important discussion either by phone or by our studio chat.

    AT THE ROUND TABLE: Sam Wayne Smith , Kevin Spitler , Tori LaChappelle(?) & Timothy Tipton.

    Host: Jenn Jackson


    The show that asks the big question: Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? The only show all about RSO and Cannabis Extract Medicine: how it's made & who's taking it. Real Patients. Real Stories. Broadcasting LIVE every Saturday at 12pm - 2PM EST

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    Florida Vote NO on 2 - Keep Marijuana off of the Florida Constitution

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    The Florida Constitution is No Place for Marijuana!

    Special Guests:  Thomas Pastore and Rob Smith Jr.

    Let's be honest.....Florida Amendment 2 is NOT about Healthcare. 

    Florida Amendment 2 is all about MONEY NOT HEALTHCARE!

    There is no defintive proof THC (marijuana) has any medincinal affect.
    Smoking marijuana is worse for health than smoking cigarettes.
    Highway Deaths will increase due to Stoned/High Drivers
    Youth Use of THC will increase
    Today's THC is much stronger
    Interstate Trafficing of Marijuana will Increase
    Cost of Law Enforcement will Increase
    Negative Impact on Florida Tourism
    Impact to ObamaCare.....ObamaCare to Pay for Medicinal Marijuana/THC??





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    In The Spirit Of Things Epi. 147 (w/justin)

    in Education

    Join brother peter and Justin from 7-9 eastern as we cover how and why to get off the plantation to break the chains that bind to be able to operate with solutions to Mind, Body, and Spirit to live your life in a whole new way. TONIGHT WE WILL COVERING THE IN YOUR FACE BIG PHARMA POISIONING OF THE MASSES AND HOW YOU CAN CHOOSE EASY ALTERNATIVES SOLUTIONS LIKE DENSE NUTRITION AND THC/OIL AND TINCTURES YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF. We'll cover a variety of articles found and posted on our Facebook Page & usually a whole lot more with our two-cents about it all! Join Privatis.me to find the solutions and free from the chains that bind us up. These private conversations are our platform to show you the wool pulled over the eyes of the masses. It's always a great call, and a great conversation. We encourage everyone to call in to listen, or listen online, and share the love

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    WISE WOMEN MEDIA 10/24/14--Medical Marijuana & Amendment 2 w/ Michelle & Joann

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    Join us tonight for a frank and candid discussion on the legalization of Medical Marijuana, Florida's Amendment 2 and all kinds of topics concerning the MM Industry such as: Legal, Medical, Healing, Growing, and creating businesses and clinics.

    My returning Special Guests will be Michelle and Joann Dalnoky.

    This will be a LIVE BROADCAST and we will be taking callers during the broadcast, so call in to comment or ask questions.

     Our Chat Room will also be open!

    Be sure to check out our site at WISE WOMEN MEDIA for complete show descriptions, archives of all of our previous shows, a list of our sponsors and for ways to contact us to suggest guests or give us feedback. We love to hear from the listeners!

    Join us at our FACEBOOK GROUP, FACEBOOK PAGE, TUMBLR AND TWITTER to interact with us and to get updates on upcoming shows.

    ***REMEMBER, it's just a conversation!


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    Transdermal Delivery – A Game Changer in Medical Marijuana

    in Health

    Join us today and meet a pioneer with ground breaking news on health and wellness.

    Nicole Smith has created solutions for hundreds of companies across the nation in many diverse industries from startup to Fortune 500. An accomplished entrepreneur and marketer, she has worked globally to evolve ideas and grow businesses for the past twenty years.

    Nicole's entrepreneurial spirit has catapulted Mary's Medicinals to the forefront as the producer of accurately dosed, cleanly delivered cannabis products.  Her experience in research and development has led her to discovering transdermal applications for cannabis including patches, gels, and balms. She pioneered and was first-to-market the useful benefits of THC-a and CBN; discovered harvesting techniques for the isolation of CBC and continues to develop new cutting edge ideas in isolating, manufacturing and marketing cannabis and its medicinal benefits.

    Learn today what cannabis can do for you!

    Contact Nicole and her team:


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    Brown Autopsy ST Louis Style

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    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not set any such standards, acknowledging that “it is difficult to establish a relationship between a person’s THC blood or plasma concentration and performance impairing effects.” The research that has been done generally shows the effects of marijuana to act as a relaxant. While alcohol has a direct influence on violent behavior, marijuana does not increase the odds of any type of aggression, Several experts said they were surprised by the notation of impairment in the toxicology report because of complicating factors in measuring the drug. It is unclear whether the drug tests were performed on whole blood or plasma, which can produce different results from the same sample. The concentration of the drug in plasma will measure about twice as high as the concentration in whole blood, said Alfred Staubus of the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.ST Louis Post




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    Hemp in our everyday lives; eating, wearing, building with hemp.

    in Health

    Anndrea Hermann is from Joplin, Missouri she graduated from Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO in 2002 with a B.GS in Hemp Ecolonomics.

    Anndrea is the President of Hemp-Technologies Global and Chief Development Science Officer of Creative Edge Nutrition, Advisor for Nutiva Foods, Owner of The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting and is an Instructor, Oregon State University WSE266 Industrial Hemp. She is an Independent Professional Agrologist and researcher, President of the Hemp Industries Association USA, Special Committee Member (Former VP, Science Officer and Interim Executive Director) the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, member of the European Industrial Hemp Association and the International Hemp Building Association. She is a board advisor to Vote Hemp Inc. USA, Manitoba Organic Alliance Canada, Hemp Now South Africa and the Latin American Hemp Trading while supporting efforts in Oceania, Eurasia and the Middle East. She is a Health Canada Authorized Hemp THC Sampler (2005-present) and assists with a wide range of interdisciplinary Cannabis related projects.

    The Ridge Consulting Company

    Vote Hemp

    Hemp Technologies


    For more information Sound Health Options



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    420 and 710 The Burn initiative!!

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    On NEXT week show...we will be having a converseration on the State of Cannabis report by Leafly. Yes cannabis aka weed, marijuana, ganja, herbs, fire, hemp,greens, mary jane and brocolli. Okay stay tuned only in WASHINGTON, first to legalize it.. Call in if you have been to HEMP FEST, thrown a 420 party, what is 710? What is THC, CBD,? INDICA< SATIVA

    <hybird. is="" your="" strain="" tested?="" east="" coast="" bud="" vs="" west="" bud.="" show="" suppport="" and="" love="" y'all!="" feel="" free="" to="" call="" in="" at="" 607-203-5357

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    in Football

    Join Host Joe Lisi (former ABC Sports college football researcher) as he speaks with Fresno State incoming freshman QB Kilton Anderson. 

    Anderson is a dual-threat QB from Skyline HS in Washington. He stands 6'2 205 lbs. and runs a 4.5 (40 yard dash). He will be competing for the open QB position for the Bulldogs this coming fall.

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    Curtis Harwell Debates The Effects of Smoking Marijuana, Fitness and Working Out

    in Fitness

    Studies have demonstrated that the use of cannabinoids can reduce anxiety, but it does not have ergogenic potential in sports activities. An increase in heart rate and blood pressure, decline of cardiac output and reduced psychomotor activity are some of the pharmacological effects of THC that will determine a decrease in athletic performance.

    Together with a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise can reduce stress and give you a blissful state of mind that's hard to beat. Some may say marijuana can do that too, but mixing the two isn't a great idea. In the short term, it can detract from your physical performance and cloud your cognitive functions. In the long run, it dramatically increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

    Drag on the Brain

    Smoking marijuana disrupts the area of your brain that handles coordination, perception and motor skills, reaction time and balance. Marijuana also impairs short-term memory and your ability to form new memories. That means you may also experience problems learning and remembering complex exercise routines that require skill and dexterity.

    Effects on the Heart

    Inhaling marijuana smoke can raise your blood pressure and almost double your heart rate. That leaves you open to a greater risk of heart attack or stroke. It'll also make it tougher for blood to carry oxygen to your muscles and vital organs, such as the heart and brain. This increased strain on your vascular system will lead to shortness of breath and sap your physical ability to keep up with others.

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