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    Bloodbath Radio: Sci Fi In The Valley Show

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    Join Derek Young from the convention Sci Fi in the Valley as he and Eric Morse talk about the convention....and there might be a few surprise guests.....

    (Note: Unfortunately Derek didn't make it for the show. Eric Morse did the show himself and improvised. He even did a reading of the beginning of Psychotic State The Novel...So still a show to check out. It has a few amusing moments...)

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    T'N'T's Sci Fi and Comic Book Movie Spectacular

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    This show is going to dive into some galaxies far far away, starting with Star Wars and the 5 new movies coming out over the next 5 years, also DCU bringing their movies until 2020,and what does marvel have up it's sleeve? Yep we will hit all we can in 45 minutes. 

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    Bloodbath Radio: Sci Fi in the Valley Part Dux

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    Yep, that's right! Due to his phone dying on him host Derek Young wasn't able to be on the show last night, so join him and Eric Morse tonight as he talks about his experiences at Sci Fi in the Valley....

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    BTB Interviews Sci-Fi Author Greta van der Rol

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    Greta van der Rol loves writing action-packed adventures with a side salad of romance. Most of her work is space opera, but she has written paranormal and historical fiction. She lives not far from the coast in Queensland, Australia and enjoys photography and cooking when she isn’t bent over the computer. She has a degree in history and a background in building information systems, both of which go a long way toward helping her in her writing endeavours.

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Google+ | Pinterest

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    Flashback Freakout: chatting & ranting with horror/sci-fi geeks #37

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    This is a special FLASHBACK FREAKOUT episode of KEEP IT REEL, which features a special new year's episode we did a year or two ago when we all got together to talk about all things hororr/sci-fi. I am reuploading it for all of YOU, and putting up some of my best shows from the past, and the most interesting, so that we can all get together and enjoy/embrace all that life has to offer, as far as fandom is concerned.

    (had some audio problems in the end. Apologies! Last 4 minutes or so)

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    Sci-Fi Launching Our Blast Off

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    Welcome To Sci-Fi. It's our first show. Journey with us into a wondrous unknown. We'll talk about science fiction, fantasy & horror. It's gonna be a wild ride.

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    Kathy Porter: Earth's Ultimate Conflict (Sci-Fi) Author LIVE!

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    Get ready for the most fun you'll have in the next hour of your life right here on Rated G Radio!

    Special Guest Star, Kathy Porter joins the show to talk abour her writing of 2 cool new sci-fi novels the Earth's Ultimate Conflict SERIES!  

    If you'd like to ask Kathy a question, please call in!  323 657-1493 is the hotline!

    Kathy Porter grew up in Endicott, New York, the birthplace of IBM and only a short distance from where one of her favorite TV series creators, Rod Serling, was raised. Kathy's lifelong interest in science fiction ignited when her father, a science teacher, showed her craters on the moon and taught her about the constellations. She grew up watching science fiction movies and TV shows. Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles was her first delve into a science fiction novel, and she has been hooked ever since.

    "I think I was born telling stories," Kathy explained during a recent interview. "As second to the oldest of seven children, the girls all slept in one bedroom. I loved making up bedtime stories with an eerie edge to frighten my sisters: tales about fairies, leprechauns, and aliens."

    Visit Kathy's page on Amazon to purchase her books by clicking this link!

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    Terror Fi Radio-All Topics

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, and Melissa Duck for a night of fun and craziness!  They will discuss everything from paranormal to UFOs to current news in the world. Phone lines are open tonight!  323 580 5703 .  Call in and jon us for any and every topic out there whether its paranormal or things going on in the world. Come Join Us Tonight!  You can also follow us on facebook under Terror Fi Radio or follow us on Twitter at URN Radio.

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    Retiring from Horror/Sci-Fi. Those changes in life. #77

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    Upon finding out that I have to go in for not one but two possible surgeries involving hospital stay/anesthesia, ..countless of ER visits and countless of tests in the past month, combined with year long drama over subject matters that would even make high-school dropouts seem like geniuses in comparison, I have decided to retire from horror/sci-fi, and pursuing any serious work at least in that part of the industry. I will go elsewhere where I am maybe more appreciated. I still love many people on my pages, I will be in the scene, post, etc, but I also refuse to do shows on blogtalk, that have my haters listen into/talk about/gossip behind my back, and make things even more complicated than they need to be, even when it's not about them. This "keeping tabs bit." Enough.

    The last straw was when i decided to reach out to people privately thinking I could help them or care about them, and they posted my messages all over and laughed about it.  Aside from one small name drop which I agree I shouldn't have done (though it was still private nevertheless), it proved to me how unfortunately, many people in horror and sci fi to a piont are angry, dramatic, high-school (and below) behaving haters and assholes. 

    I am also a grown man with another birthday approaching, and was originally going to 'retire' on new year's to celebrate 5-6 years of guesting/doing podcasts, which has then been pushed back to Halloween.  Now, due to my health issues, I cannot handle doing podcasts anymore, at least hosting them for the time being, AND I'm not a young kid anymore. As a grown, mature man, I have to make decisions, and one of them is do do something more serious and being around people you love. Sadly that isn't always the case, and hasn't been here. 


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    Pilots, Sci-Fi, Stress, Nature & Afterlife

    in Entertainment

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of BigBlendMagazines.com, for Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour variety show, airing live from the historic Best Western Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, AZ.
    - MayCay Beeler, an American world record breaking pilot and award-winning TV Personality, discusses her new book ‘BUCCANEER: The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed, Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire’
    - Kate Sweeney - NPR affiliate producer and author of ‘AMERICAN AFTERLIFE: Encounters in the Customs of Mourning’
    - Howard Falco – Self-empowerment expert and author of ‘TIME IN A BOTTLE: Mastering the Experience of Life’
    - Kristi Helvig – Author of YA science fiction / fantasy novel BURN OUT.
    - Terry Ross - Julian Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Julian, CA.
    - Chef Jeremy Manley – Executive chef of Jeremy’s on the Hill California Bistro in Julian, CA

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    Terror Fi Radio-Rabbi Dr. Sydney A. Vineburg

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha Starr, and Melissa Duck for a night of fun and craziness!  They will discuss everything from paranormal to UFOs to current news in the world. Our guest tonight is Rabbi Dr. Sidney A. Vineburg, Ed.D.,  He is the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at SAGAN University and Spiritual Leader of Anshe Poale Zedek Synagogue in Manitowoc and served 15 years as Rabbi of Congregation Cnesses Israel in Green Bay.  He is an Associate Faculty of Religious Studies at the University of Phoenix, Faculty Supervisor at Grand Canyon University, and adjunct Faculty at Fox Valley Technical College in Diversity/Global Studies. He taught for 14 years as an adjunct Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. He holds a BA in Jewish Philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and a BA in Religious Studies (Early Christianity) from Columbia University in New York. In 1988, Rabbi Vineburg was ordained “Rabbi, Preacher and Teacher in Israel” by Tifereth Yisrael Rabbinical Yeshiva in New York. Dr. Vineburg also holds a Master of Arts in Education from Marian University and a Doctor of Education degree (With Distinction) at Capella University in Minnesota.  He is also cohost of Paranormal Kool Aid with Chris Medina.  You can look into their show at http://www.paranormalkoolaid.com/  and Rabbi Vineburg has a website at http://jewishghosts.com/

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