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    The UCC Show 2.45 - Thanks Giving

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the UnCommon Christianity podcast, affectionately known as The UCC Show!

    Do you have anything to be thankful for? How about those blessings you have experienced over the last year? What good things have happened in your life? Tonight, we're talking about these things, as well as biblical examples of what happens when followers of God give thanks with a genuinely thankful heart... And not simply pay lip service!

    You can send us feedback  and or questions at AskUCCShow, call in at 347.989.8865, tweet us @UCC_Show, send us a message via facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom- And there will be more ways to contact us in the future! 

    Join us once a week as we review current events, answer questions, provide commentary on social happenings, and more. This may be one of the most informational, fun, and thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely won't want to miss!

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    Thanks, Thanks for nothing, Thanks, it means a lot

    in Christianity

    Thanks, sometimes in passing we through it out, scribble it on the bottom of the page.

    We laugh in the old movies when the catch phrase was, " thanks for nothing!"

    Thanks, it means alot, it means it all, when you thank Jesus.

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    Music for Thanks Giving

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Music 4 Life® Radio where we practice healing Mind, Body and Spirit to support healthy lifestyles!  November's theme of Gratitude with today's topic of Thanks Giving is explored with host Judith Pinkerton, licensed music therapist and founder of Music 4 Life®, and her guest Marquita Pierre-McAlister, keynote speaker and spiritual leader for the Center for Spiritual Living Southern Nevada, in spiritual partnership with Music 4 Life®.

    Today's music choices from Oprah are explored to understand how we use music to feel gratitude. Find our music recommendations and Judith's commentary at Music4LifeBLOG. 

    Download your favorite podcast from 66 more Music 4 Life® Radio shows in iTunes. Learn how your personal music listening habits affect your health in Judith's TEDxTalk "Music Powers Potential."

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    WWD 41 Giving Thanks

    in Women

    Practicing thanksgiving to God in good and bad times of a Business Queen.

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    Ask THE WISE ONES How to Co-create Giving Thanks

    in Spirituality

    KAREN CRESSMAN, a Spiritual Interpreter & Self Empowerment Coach brings forth wisdom from other realms & her higher consciousness known as THE WISE ONES, who are the combined mastery of knowledge she has accumulated from all of her lifetimes on Earth. In honor of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, THE WISE ONES want to talk with us about how to co-create giving Thanks. What does that mean exactly, why should we want to co-create thanks & how will the results better serve everyone involved? They share their divine wisdom with lots of love & light heartedness to guide us as we shift consciousness during this amazing time in human evolution. THE WISE ONES love to answer questions for you, so call or join us in the chat room for fun, laughter, joy filled delight and divine truth. 

    Learn more about Karen at http://www.KarenCressman.com, 
    or https://twitter.com/KarenCressman

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    Radical Gratitude - giving extraordinary thanks.

    in Spirituality

    We normally give thanks for the things that bring us direct joy or happiness...good health, family, togetherness, food and peace. But, what about those things that don't instantly bring us happiness? Could we give thanks for life challenges, violence, oppression, abuse or even death?

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    In All Things Give Thanks

    in Self Help

    It's that time of year when we think about, talk about, and even eat about being thankful. The word "thanks" appears in the Bible 73 times. Mostly directing us to give thanks in everything, even in times of suffering.

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    Big wins for Republicans

    in Politics

    Good morning, Today on The Meter we will cover this past week's election results. In Virginia, Republicans swept to victories across the Commonwealth. The GOP holds the highly contested State Senate as not one sitting Republican lost. In Kentucky, Conservative Matt Bevin was elected governor, on a campaign pledge to kill Obamacare. Serving along side Governor-elect Bevin is Janean Hampton, the state's first ever black female Lieutenant governor. Hampton, a long to e conservative and TEA Party activist routed her democratic opponent by 10%. Have you heard this in the media? Last night, Republican front runner Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live amidst protests from Hispanic Groups. How did Trump do? Hillary Clinton has announced that she will support easier access to marijuana just as Ohioians reject the drug's legalization by a 2-1 margin. In other news, it now looks like the Russian airliner was brought down by a bomb. The U.S. says its 99.9% certain. Please join us as 9 AM at www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    A Season of Thanks And Greatness

    in Motivation

    Join us this evening at 7:00 pm EST as your hosts Quantina and Marc Allen bring you an explosive exciting broadcast by way of live stream internet radio on the Admired Radio Show. We are running a series on Thanksgiving and greatfullness and giving thanks for the blessings given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will have prayer praise, scripture and worship and the spoken Word. Join us by logging onto www.blogtalkradio.com/AdmiredRadio8 or call us to ask questions or comment by dialing 646-668-8315. Don't miss this powerful discussion. We'll meet you there!!! To God be the glory!!!

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    "Give Thanks" with Musician Elijah Ray

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with guest musician +Elijah- (aka Elijah Ray) Live on Friday November 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM EST. A prodigious composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and spiritual teacher, Elijah Ray is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses a wide scope of genres...from funky, danceable tunes and soul-moving ballads, to sound healing and emotionally evocative soundtracks.
    From a young age, +Elijah- (aka Elijah Ray) knew it was his destiny to bring more light into this world through music. And so it is that +Elijah- and the Band of Light's music is a balm for the soul, the sound of sunshine, insanely positive and uplifting... What's not to love? The Band of Light sound goes straight for the JOY button and presses it really hard.

    The Band of Light is Elijah Ray, and a rotating cast of Band Members from around the world....including YOU! If you are living and breathing, growing and flowing...you're totally in the Band!

    His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be an awakening human.  His spiritual messages of authenticity and the power of community have transformed audiences internationally, and many are calling his music the "soundtrack of the awakening."

    Both mystical and raw, Elijah’s charisma and musical prowess draws his audience into life’s nectar--spiritual, sexy, sweaty, gritty, and ecstatic. Elijah has single handedly crafted a full band sound on most of his "Band of Light" albums.

    To learn more about Elijah and the Band of Light and to hear his transformational music, visit: https://elijahandthebandoflight.bandcamp.com/

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    A Season of Thanks and Greatness Part 2

    in Motivation

    Join us tomorrow evening Tuesday November 17,2015 at 7:00 pm EST on live stream internet radio by looging onto www.blogtalkradio.com/AdmiredRadio8 as your hosts Quantina and Marc Allen bring you a continuation of our series on the true meaning of the season of thanks. You can also join us by dialing 646-668-8315. Don't miss this program of praise and worship as the Holy Spirit uses His messengers to bring you a powerful Word and worship to build the kingdom. We look forward to having you all join us. To God be the glory!!!