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    Mike Courtney - REVIVAL not Republicans

    in Christianity

    Mike Courtney is a traveling evangelist and a good friend. He has some very wonderfull "Bible based" ideas as to why REVIVAL in America is the answer to our problems..not Republicans..or tea party or Libritarians..or...  NO! Mike believes GOD is the answer for every problem!  I agree! .. Join us to hear what he has to say.

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    101 Ways to Say Thanks to Your Mom with Amy Newmark

    in Moms and Family

    When was the last time you thanked your mom for all her hard work? And do you sometimes wonder if your own parenting efforts are making a difference? Multi-platinum selling country music star, Jo Dee Messina, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks to My Mom, knows exactly what that’s like: “We women tend to be self-deprecating. We wonder if we are ‘enough.’”

    Mothers need to know they are appreciated, they make a difference, and their children view them as role models. This latest Chicken Soup edition is a collection of entertaining, heartwarming stories of gratitude, love, and lessons learned. It is a gigantic “Thank You” to mothers of all ages, and a confidence booster for moms who are still in the trenches raising their kids.

    Join Amy Newmark, the publisher and editor-in-chief for Chicken Soup and me on Tuesday, April 28, 10-11 A.M. CT US, as we share stories about every aspect of motherhood and how thankful we are to our moms as well celebrate Mother's Day 2015.

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    " Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart"

    in Self Help

    Have tea with me Blase every Thursday on a journey to being our AUTHINTIC self!!!!

    Topic: Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart.

    James 1:17 ESV:   Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

    Romans 8:28 ESV : And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

    Show Contact information: email: successstory@verizon.net

    Phone:  315-333-2377

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    * Give Thanks To The LORD-For He Is Good! *

    in Prayer

    His Love Endures Forever...

    Give Thanks to The God of Gods...

    Is Love Endures Forever...

    Join me for a Brief yet very Special Prayer.

    I will Pray Prayers of Thanksgiving to Our Heavenly

    Father Jehovah-god in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ.

    Our Lord and Savior.

    I will also share Beloved the Trials that we have overcome

    since starting the Prayer Radio Show and the Many Blessings

    the Good LORD has Blessed us with during that time.

    I will share with you how fatigue kicked in and a seed of "Should

    I continue with the Prayer Call and How Our LORD answered my

    Question in less than 24 Hours!

    Beloved it is not about me...Rose Dallas Prays is here to spread 

    the Good News of Salvation and Declare the Acceptable Year 

    of the LORD's Favor.

    Psalm 118:24 Says..."This is the DAY the LORD has MADE, Let

    Us REJOICE and BE GLAD in IT!

    As we Pray Beloved it is my sincere Prayer that the LORD will meet

    all your needs according to His Riches and Glory in Christ Jesus...

    See Phillipians 4:19

    * Need Special Prayer Beloved-Message Me here on BlogTalkRadio/

    RoseDallasPrays or Message Me via Facebook with Your Prayer Request.

    * Beloved if any of our Prayers have or are being a Blessing to You, I encourage

    you to leave a comment below so others may be Blessed and encouraed in their

    Spiritual Journey.

    Beloved if you are listening and you know Jesus as LORD and Savior, My Prayer

    is your Love and Faith in Him will be strenghtened today.

    However if you do not know Jesus Beloved, I extned an Invitation to you...as Beloved,

    He says in "Whoever Calls on the NAME of the LORD shall be saved" See Romans 10:13

    "Give Thanks to the LORD for He is GOOD is LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!" Psalm 118":29

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    Hillary did good. Christie did good. Republicans & Democrats doing bad.

    in Politics Conservative

    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" where we talk about real politics. Yes, real politics involve the good, the bad and the ugly. Today we will be looking at several of those incidents takining place over the past several days. We all know the liberal agenda is full of bad and ugly; however, there are some good things intertwined in their agena. Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly....Conservatives also do good. Conservatives also do bad. Conservatives can also can be very ugly.

    Join in the conversation in the online Chat Room or call and share your views live on air by calling 855-236-2486.

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    W.A.R. - Weasels, Asses & Republicans

    in Politics Conservative

    DC teems with Weasels and Asses using the Constitution to defend Obama and talk of equality, racism and when it is OK to shoot at cops, while they expand the police state, kill babies, institutionalize poverty and avert their eyes as their ‘dear leader’ bombs the shit out of the ‘brown’ people they pretend to care about. Then there are Republicans–champions of smaller government, lower taxes and free markets who control Congress and they are going to stand up for the Constitution. Well, except they don’t stand up when it permits POTUS to use his power to feign peace, they don’t lower taxes nor restore free markets, 2nd amendment or anything else that remotely represents liberty.

    The Democrats blame the Republicans for an expanding empire overseas as Democratic presidents expand the empire overseas. The Republicans blame the Democrats for an expanding welfare state at home as they expand the welfare state. America splits along these ‘ideological’ divides and cheers and blames on queue for an expanding empire overseas AND an expanding welfare state at home.

    Tyranny persists UNLESS liberty-loving people band together to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to DC.  Restore The Constitutional Militia of the Several States, sound money, free economies, religious and civil liberties as well as a foreign policy of non-interventionist defense; or watch the fascists in both parties push transnational agendas. Now is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate an empire abroad and a police state at home. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, fascists, useful idiots and their fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocon RINOs...for liberty!

    Please LIKE and SHARE our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder

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    Wake Up To Jesus, with Apostle Lonnie Stocks (Give Thanks To God)

    in Christianity

    Thanks for tuning into  the
    Wake Up To Jesus Broadcast
    Coming to you from:
    The Jesus Ministry, Inc.
    509 Evergreen Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11221 USA
    24/7 phone: 1-213-992-4339
    with Apostle Lonnie Stocks

    1 Thessalonians 5:17-20 (KJV)
    17  Pray without ceasing.
    18  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
    19  Quench not the Spirit.
    20  Despise not prophesyings.


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    The Liberal Redneck ~ Devolution of Republicans

    in Politics Progressive

    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.

    As you shovel your snow today we will shovel the shi... erm... snow job the Republicans are piling on Americans.

    The Theory of Devolution in Republicans explained today as well as being gay is a choice, being a bigot must be inbred.  As the news discusses Free Range Kids, the GOP defends the right for parents to "Let God's will be done."  And the Republicans who position themselves as defends of the constitution take a huge dump and use it for toilet paper this week! 

    Join the debate, listen live or on the archives.  We are here every Thursday at Noon Central.



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    in Family

    I want to say, "Thank You", like I always do from the bottom of my heart. Some have been with me a long!! long!! time and some just came on board. I'm forever grateful and humbled of your loyalty to this Great Mission!!!. You know what I'm working on, so no need to go into details. I just wanted to do a Special "Thank You" greeting" from the "MOONDOWORLD" SHOW, platform. Just to let you know, how much I Appreciate the Love and Support I get from you all who Supports this Godlly Mission. Your continued Support helps me through the trying times like these and others but we always seem to get through it just as well. To my two little brothers over sea's, Talib Khan, of New Delhi India and Md Rubel in Dhaka Bangladesh. I'm so proud of you both and what you represent and mean to the "MOONDOWORLD" family. The world will know our brotherhood one day and others will join because of it. Keep moving forward only looking back at the smoke you leave towards your Success!!. Continue your education and work hard and (God/Allah) will Bless your Mission. Our brotherhood is on display and very important to show the world, "Unity Among Nations"!!. To all my other Loyal followers!! Supporters!! and Twitter followers!!, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!. WHERE GOING PLACES!! AND I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!!!!. "STAY TUNED"!!!!!! 

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    Giving Thanks

    in Christianity

    We will discuss the dynamics of giving God thanks during this holiday season,

    Facilitator: Pastor David Williams

  • 02:01

    Thanks for the number, Eric Hosmer.

    in Sports

    We're here to discuss the craziness that is playing the Kansas City Royals.


    What plans do we have for Escobar when he comes back to Oakland?

    Is Dan Otero in trouble?

    Where does the Lawrie vs Escobar rank among alltime among A's beefs/bench clears/brawls?

    We'll hopefully be joined by Daniel Green at 9 to talk about the upcoming Angels series.

    We're all over it. And we want you to get your voice heard.