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    Where in the World is E Mark Wolf! Live from Thailand and Florida!

    in Lifestyle

    Join April Claxton and she catches up with E Mark Wolf and his travels around the globe. Adventure, Life Lessons and more!

    What happens when an intuitive male and female come together to talk about the Universe, Life, Lessons and Love?  An entire hour of miracles and magic unfolds!  Join April Claxton and E Mark Wolf as they take you on an adventure of the mind, body and soul- from the male and female point of view.  Mondays 8pm EST.  This Educational show provides tools, tips, laughter and Light- all to guide you to the Guru within U.


    April Claxton is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, author and speaker who inspires her Spirit Posse to dive deep, get real and create radical change.  She is also the host of Spirit Posse Radio, Sundays 11am EST on BlogTalk Radio and is the founder of www.TheMovementWithin.com.  To find out more about April, visit her at www.SpiritPosse.net.


    E Mark Wolf a published author, public speaker, holistic healer and energy medium who has spent years traveling, studying, and practicing a variety of spiritual principles.  His background is deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Zen simplicity, Taoist balance, Reiki healing, Vedic traditions & ancient Christian scripture.  Spending time practicing solitude by fasting and meditating in nature, E Mark has dedicated his life to spiritual devotion.  E has incorporated transcendental guided meditation and Chakra balancing techniques into his everyday life activities.  Following his soul path, E Mark is currently teaching others how to love more and fear less.  To find out more about E, visit him at www.ChakraU.com.



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    Decoding Thailand: It's Not What it Seems

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the soft launch of Nicholas Snow Live, a daily, global conversation all about "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."  You're the co-stars!  Every day, Nicholas Snow and his panel of guests welcome audience participation to discuss the hottest topics of the day.  This week the Thai military has declared martial law, sort of like a coup, but what does it all mean?  Host Nicholas Snow, who lived in Thailand for 5.5 years and has plans to return, and his callers give their perspectives of living the "Amazing" Kingdom (for real) of Thailand.

    You're the co-star of Nicholas Snow Live!  During each live broadcast, you may interact with Nicholas and his panel as follows:

    Call +1 (347) 215-8866 (during live broadcasts only).
    Follow and Tweet @TheNicholasSnow on Twitter
    Tweet anytime with the hash tag #NicholasSnowLive
    Join and comment in the official Nicholas Snow Live Facebook group.  The shortcut to the group is www.SnowbizLive.com.
    Skype into the show following these instructions.

    Nicholas Snow will Tweet and post in the Facebook group before each show to alert you he's going on the air!  Remember, you're the co-star, and worldwide participation is welcome and encouraged

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    Kenneth's Thailand Adventure part III

    in Travel

    And now the exciting (anti-climactic?) conclucion to my trip to Thailand, when I finally detail my love affair on the island of Ko Samet.

    Was it love or was it simply... Thailand?


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    Kurt Priessman AO Thailand Veteran

    in Military

    Kurt will be our guest. He is an AO thailand Vet.



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    News from Thailand

    in Business

    Thailand Army has seized control

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    NSFW - Thailand Travel Tips and Adventures part II

    in Travel

    We continue our look into Kenneth's trip to Thailand with part II in this special Thailand Bonusode. On day two in Bangkok, Kenneth and Marcus hook up with two German girls and decide to go to one of the most sacred temples in the country... where Marcus pukes and one of the girls gets half-naked. 
    Then, Marcus and Kenneth head to a town called Pattaya based on several recommendations on how great of a party town it is, only to find out that it is instead one of the most notorious sex destinations in the world, and possibly a haven for child molestors. Yikes.
    Find out what happens in part II right now!

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    Luca Bocci--Perspective on Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand--Get Informed

    in News

    Hear interview with Luca Bocci on what is going on in Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand.  Get real news and views. 

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    Going Global - Safety in protest in Thailand - Egypt

    in Travel

    The news ALWAYS makes it worst that it really is... Rioting in LA, Sevistation in Hawaii, Drive by Shootings rampant in America, Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts Fighting in the streets of  Chiang Mai..Use common sense... Would you go to look for a riot in your home town... then don't look for the riot in your new country...
    Find out what the sighs of alligance are and make sure you are NEUTRAL...
    These and other tips...
    AND how to stay safe as a traveller and expat during turblent times...

    Election in Nepal, Red shirt yellow shirt Thailand, Holy wars whereever...

    Sometimes the planet seems like a minefield... Is it true... Not so Much.. the world is still and Enchanting Place to be...

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    Rod Eccles Analysis Of News You Can Use

    in News

    Please Share: Rod Eccles Nationally Syndicated Talk show host is on Voices of Global Freedom! 

    Rod has lived or visited the nations of Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey as a child.  His father is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force and saw active duty in Vietnam and Thailand.

    Rod remembers a time while living in Greece.  “It was a time when Greeks were not very happy with Americans due to something, then Sec of State Henry Kissinger said about the conflict Greece was having with Turkey over the Isle of Crete.  It enraged Greeks especially the younger generation.  American cars owned by service men stationed in Athens were targeted for firebombing.  My father used to hide our car at night and I also remember boarding the school bus with two fully loaded and decked out Military Police officers for our protections.  I was in the third grade at the time.”

    His favorite color is Blue.  Royal Blue to be specific.  His favorite professional sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Boston Celtics.  He loves good food and good wine and loves to travel although he does not get to do it often.

    Rod graduated from North Syracuse Central High School in North Syracuse, NY home of the Northmen.  He was part of the last class to graduate as Northmen as the following class was combined with the districts other high school to form one large school.  They were dubbed the Northstars. Learn more about Rod at http://rodeccles.net/

    Listen to Voices of Global Freedom Archives



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    in Politics

    Bev Courtney on Gun Club & Rev Judah Becker on his award winning coffee raised by his orphans in Thailand -- saved from the sex trade!!

    https://www.facebook.com/mhcministry http://newmercyhouse.org/ http://www.mercyhousecoffee.org/ 


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    NSFW - Thailand Travel Tips and Adventures part I

    in Travel

    In Part I of the special NSFW adventure to Thailand, find out about booking your flight, the best Asian airline I've ever flown on, how we got too drunk on our plane trip over, the creeps we met along the way, all leading up to the most insight you've ever head into the real dating life of Kenneth Arthur.


    I fell in love in Thailand. Find out how it fell apart.


    This is just the beginning...