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  • 02:52

    FistFuckFriday Broken Systems and a Fools problems

    in Comedy

    Join us for another night of buttmad and rage as well tell you why the Government is not as damaged as you think it is. We discuss Capitalism and how it has helped more than '1%' over the past 200 years. Talking points on the NSA, less about Snowden, and more about what you can do to protect yourself.
    We will also be talking about @ShadowDXS vs @th3j35t3r and why Vajayjay is not doing so well this time around.
    Can jester pull her head out of the clouds and back down to earth? We will find out, tonight, on RAGE RADIO!

  • 00:42

    Israel Elite pwns Anongh0st

    in Relationships

    Vince, DocSpin and Shm00p discuss the released of what appears to be info on hactivists who have been plotting cyber attacks on pro-Israel targets. Tonight The Jester tweeted a link to a pdf from Israel Elite who apparently has owned several members of the group Anongh0st. 

  • 02:03

    Weekend Open Lines

    in Radio

    Open Lines.

    Discussing everything that is on your mind. expect tinfoil.

    Moving on from the last show that included a call in from The Jester https://twitter.com/th3j35t3r


    Co-Host: SickGirl

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    News, crime analysis, and Jester aka @th3j3t3r hack hoaxes?

    in Legal

    We will discuss the lates in organized crime, sex crimes, hackers on the run and more information arisng that is calling some of the Jesters or (@th3j35t3r) hacks into question.
    Just how much do we know to be true about the one known as a "the patriot hacker"?  How does he weigh against the same scrutiny given Anonymous?
    Can we put things to rest and prove once and for all that he is the real thing and that what he does are indeed real or a fake whose PR is the product of PR genius and if so by whom and why?
    Then the question still remains, fake or real, what potentential impact does thie increasingly public persona have on our national security and the credability and authority of our government as his operations become more expanded to American citizens and organizations?

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday

    in Dreams

    It's the end of the work week and time to go commando with Vince and tonight's co-host Hammurabi's Code, as we visit with guests Neal Rauhauser, Matt Osborne, Ted DiBiase, and Henry Winkler.
    We will learn about fameball and discuss United Blue, th3j35t3r, KnightSec and the overall decline of Anonymous.
    Plus, we will cover the finer points of: nodes and graphs, headlocks, making money, jumping the shark, being cool, quantum mechanics, Jim Jarmusch films, gun control, anal bleaching, racism, Islamic Fundamentalism. sexual pet peeves, and much more! Also, socks.
    Feel free to call in!

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    in Comedy

    seeking answers about the @th3j35t3r INGLIP SUMMONED

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    Hacking Culture: Infosec, the "White Hats"

    in Legal

    White hats are known to be the antitisis of all that groups such as anonymous stand  for. Anonoymous claims to fight for freedom of information and see  the Infosec community as the ones looking to withhold it. 
    Is it really that simple? Today well know white hat Robin Jacksin of WT Forensics discusses this dynamic and offers a glimpse of  the world of a white hat, thier origins and how they see the free exchange of information and information security going hand in hand. 
    Robin is one of the early winners of DC3 "The annual contest, which started in 2006, is organized through the Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Center, an agency that works to analyze data from electronic devices to aid in investigations related to everything from criminal matters to counterintelligence efforts (Allison Maier, helenair.com)"
    He has been a polarizing figure in the hacking community  since theearly days of 4chan  and at pone point was believed to be the elusive "grey hat", Jester (@th3j35t3r). 

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    in Comedy

    Tonight's discussion:
    women love Santorum! find out why
    google's DO NOT TRACK button
    th3j35t3r mad
    hacking in the USA
    The advantages to fascism - power in the hands of a few

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    in Current Events

    If it's Sunday, it's MEET THE PRESSTITUTES!!! Tonight Vince hosts a round table discussion about news of the week. The discussion will center on Friday's tragic shooting in Newtown, CT and the obscene media coverage of the event. Also, CT law enforcedment is looking to prosecute people who used social media to mock the tragedy and spread "misinformation" about the alleged shooter. Plus, th3j35t3r made headlines for his role in taking down one such offensive twitter account. Of course the Westboro Baptist Church has announced they plan to picket the services of the victims. Many keyboard warriors are busy posting WBC d0x on the Internet in retaliation. Tonight's panel will include: conservative blogger Lee Stranahan, Chronicle.su columnist Tyler Bass, sociologist Sandra Amalie, and internet denizen SanguineRose, who lives close to the location of the shooting.
    Callers include:
    Lee Stranahan,Tyler Bass, Sanguine Rose, ShadowDXS Asshurtmacfags, Jen Emick, FrankDeluxxx, Crappy AIr Bags, and HammurabisCode

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    in Comedy

    Infamous hacktivist "Sabu" was allegedly doxxxed by th3j35t3r earlier today. Vince is joined by special guest Old Brutus from chronicle.su for expert analysis. Plus an all star panel discuss that and hacking in general. Callers include: Kieshu, LulzSecCali, Kyoto, Melissa Hopkins, Wild Goose, One Angry Jew, and Janet Napolitano!!!

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    John Tiessen and RepDanGordon Ignite Pedo ShitStorm

    in Comedy

    Representative Dan Gordon has joined up with John Tiessen after recent attacks on Dan Gordon from th3j35t3r.
    Both Tiessen and Gordon have been maliciously targeted by th3j35t3r, and both have been smeared by the anonymous hacker.