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    Rounding the Bases - College and NFL Football and Texas Rangers News

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    Rattle and Hum Spots Talk - June Jones and Ron Washington Resign - Big 12 - SEC Football News

    RattleandHumSports.com hosts Tommy Smith and Matthew Postins look at the strange resignations of SMU Football coach June Jones and Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington. SMU and Rangers writer Richard "Dic" Humphrey joins in to provide his insight on both of the sudden announcements from the last week.

    Ray Rice has been cut by the Baltimore Ravens. How bad did the NFL mess up that situation?

    We also take a peak at the Big 12 Football schedule with Big 12 insider Kevin Lonnquist as Minnesota visits Fort Worth for the first time to take on TCU. 

    Tennessee represents the SEC in Norman as the Vols take a shot at Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners. 

    UCLA makes a trip to Arlington to face Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhons after Horns Nation gets some expectations set with the beating they took at the hands of BYU, and the Baylor Bears get Bryce Petty back Friday night in Buffalo. 

    Tune in for all of this and more LIVE tonight at 8:30 PM CDT.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0042 Texas & Latino Values

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    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily independent political analysis from the Latino perspective.  On today's show I discussed a number of timely issues important Latinos and Latinos in Texas. First, I read an article from Latina.com that pointed out Latino celebrities that are not afraid to comment on political issues especially those important to other Latinos like Immigration Reform which this show favors greatly. Next, I discuss the insulting prospect that a conservative "news" outlet joked the murderess of Selena Quintanilla Perez would be released from prison. This is not true but remains personally insulting. I read an article from "Latinos Ready to Vote" outlining the religiosity of Mexicanos and Mexican Americans in America. No surprise the vast majority, like this show, are Catholic. Later, I mention that Texas Values is working on a number of morality issues in Texas and among them is the effort to defend Christmas and other religious expression which this show also supports. Another issue in the sights of Texas Values is the City of Plano, Texas that has passed a controversial "equal rights" ordinance. Opponents say it violates the First Amendment Freedom of Religion. I enter into a reminding discussion of my perception of the two major political forces in America. They are the Culture of Life and the Culture of Anti-Life or the Culture of Death. Because this show and the vast majority of Latinos are Catholic, we are among the Culture of Life and work to expose the Culture of Death and its means of undermining the Culture of Life. Lastly, I read two articles about Immigration Reform. One article from CNN and by an economist reports on the financial benefits of Immigration Reform which confirms what we have said for years. Lastly, another article articulates the political pitfalls the Republicans have now they have failed to act on Immigration Reform.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0044 Texas: Epicenter of the coming Immigration Debate

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    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily independent political analysis from the Latino perspective.  On today's show, I discuss political analysis on the actions of the nation's leading VENDIDO, Rafael "Ted" Cruz, and how his bullying tactics and most ardent anti-immigration efforts are the polar opposite of Jeb Bush who both favors immigration reform and public school reform. I read articles about both and add my analysis about them and note that Cruz, along with Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, were all elected with a harsh enforcement only anti-immigration perspective and I submit that agenda is actually anti-Latino in its motivation is also very divisive and polarizing. On the other hand, Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor and originally from Texas is the polar opposite but also Republican. He is for immigration reform and public school reform, both topics important and favored by Latinos. Bush has won larger percentages of Latino voters in the past buth can he, as a Republican, win back all those Latinos and more driven away from the party by bullies like Rafael Ted Cruz, the Vendido? I also notice that the Democrats who also do not favor immigration reform but rather remain quiet on the topic and allow the the deeply divided GOP to self destruct. Their strategy will be to wait and see and rely upon the fact that they have had the Latino vote for decades and assume the GOP will mess up like Romney in the past and drive away more and more Latino voters in the next major election. I propose that while Arizona was ground zero for the immigration debate in the years past that Texas and what it does under Abbott and Patrick will become the new epicenter of the immigration debate in America especially since Cruz and Bush and Paul are all from Texas. Except that Cruz, the Vendido, is actually from Canada!

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    Late Night Jeff & Jeff: Texas Rundown (9/8)

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    Rundown of the daily sports stories featuring only news pertaining to the state of Texas

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    NUCSports College Radio discusses Draft, Spring Ball, Texas and recruiting

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    Show Focus: College Football recruiting and analysis, College football analysis and recruiting recaps and education of top high school players

    Show Topics:


    1. "The hot five" the hottest five topics or things in college football recruiting 5 minutes


    2. “College Chatter" movers and shakers in recruiting and college football



    3. “Five Star Review”: Interviews with todays best recruits, coaches, and analysts.


    4. “Question of the Week" Answer to questions of the week on recruiting and events and coaches from twitter


    5. “Face-off”: Callers can call in to ask questions of the hosts on the days topics.


    6. “Are we smarter" what we have learned this week and wrap up plus upcoming events


    7. "Barry's Backyard" Barry talks about his wacky discoveries with coach schuman on the recruiting trail


    8. " NFL Draft Analysis" We analyze the next crop of top players in the NFL wiith guest NFL Expert Taber Small, NUC's NFL Expert

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    College Life

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    Where we will be talking about things that happen in college. We will be talking about different events that happen. I will be giving advice about different things about college life and the process to get to college. The feelings you get when you get in and the feelings you get when you move in. As I go through my freshman year I will keep you updated on how it is going and how I am doing.  I will also be talking about different issues that happen. 

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    Inside Texas Podcast - Thanksgiving Edition

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    Join Justin Wells and Ian Boyd for the Inside Texas Podcast: Thanksgiving Edition. Our guests include Marshall Weber (FearTheFrogs.com) and Eric Nahlin, recruiting editor at Inside Texas. We'll talk Texas-TCU, Thanksgiving, and the bowl season. Join us LIVE at 1:30pm (CT).

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    Texas Biker Radio #18 - We're Back!

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    With Mel Moss and Mel Robins Co-Founders of Sons Of Liberty Riders RC....

    On Tuesdays Show: Bikers and Politics - Texas Biker Legislation Day - Get Involved Or Kiss It Good Bye - Anti Immigration Push In Germany -  Another One Bits The Dust In Austrailia....

    All that BS and more.....On Texas Biker Radio


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    Fox Sports College Football Announcer, Charles Davis!

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    Tonight on a LATE night edition of Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, we will be joined by Fox Sports announcer, Charles Davis! Charles will join the program to preview the game that he will be broadcasting on Saturday afternoon, Michigan State at Oregon. We will get his thoughts on how Michigan State can control Oregon’s high paced offense, Marcus Mariota and his Heisman chances as well as keys to the game! Steven Meador will also join the program, later in the show, to participate in NFL Pick Em’s for Week 1! Top headlines, update from GB vs. SEA, and more as we are LIVE!


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    Red Light Sports Ramble College Football Playoff review

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    The Playoff brackets have been announced and the Red Light Sports Network will break down the matchups and talk about if they got it right leaving out Baylor and TCU. Also will talk about the Wisconsin Badgers embarrassing 59-0 loss to Ohio State and if the program is headed in the right direction. Listen live to this show and feel free to call in. 

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    Speaking On Sports : College Football Mock Playoff Selection Show

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    Sports talk and discussion with an attitude for the passionate and knowledgeable hard core fan. Today we will have a panel of guests and the topic will be simple: we will come up with who we think are the four playoff teams to fill out the slots in this inagural year of the playoff system. This is not a prediction show, we will hear everyone's arguments for and against certain teams ans, since there is so much left to be determined with Saturday's conferfence championship games, be braced for some intricate "what if" scenarios that might result in some unexpected predicitions such as there being a 2 loss team in the playoff or the Big 12 getting 2 two teams in the playoff, etc.

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