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    Testosterone: The Hormone Secret with Dr. Tami Meraglia

    in Health

    From an expert in integrative medicine, a thirty-day plan to help women lose weight and look and feel years younger.

    As they grow older, many women struggle to lose weight. Unlike many men their age, they may also suffer from sleep problems, osteoporosis, and depression. Many women may even feel like they age less slowly and gracefully than their male counterparts.

    Dr. Tami Meraglia knows that the magic word here is testosterone. While there is ample discussion in the medical community about the effects of estrogen loss, few people are aware of the importance of sufficient testosterone levels in women. A healthy dosage helps women slim down, improves their mood, lowers the risk of cardiac disease, increases energy and libido, prevents osteoporosis, enhances skin tone and texture, and may even prevent cognitive decline—yet more than 90 percent of women over age forty-five suffer from low testosterone levels. In The Hormone Secret, Dr. Tami offers an evidence-based thirty-day plan to restore healthy levels of testosterone and balance the relative levels of other hormones, based on lifestyle modifications such as supplements and nutritional adjustments. She also offers her Mediterranean Diet–based meal plan and low-impact exercise ideas that will immediately boost your energy.

    With cutting-edge research and strong scientific evidence to support Dr. Tami’s thirty-day plan, The Hormone Secret gives you all the information you need to balance your hormones and improve your vitality for a strong and healthy life.

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    The War on Testosterone

    in News

    Tonight Show, Live from the Room of Mirrors Studio, Foster Brothers on Point Covers The War on Testosterone.  Why traditional male behavior is a threat to the New World Order.

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    Low Testosterone In Men

    in Health

    What is testostorone?
    How is it metabolized?
    What happens if it is too low in men? 
    When should it be prescribed?
    Are there natural ways to increase testosterone?

    Listen to the docs at AIMS clinic in Tempe, AZ to learn all about testosterone, how it is made and metabolized, what it does in men, what happens when it is low and how physicians can help men with Low T. 

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    Low Testosterone

    in Nutrition

    This week’s episode of Stark Naked Radio (brought to you by www.StarkTraining.com) includes a discussion about low testosterone, the supplement Testoplex, followed by a recipe for Curried Barbary Sheep.

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    Stress and Testosterone: What To Do About It!

    in Fitness


    In episode 44 of Stark Naked Radio, Brad Davidson and Dr. Dayne Grove, N.M.D. of Stark, in Irvine, California (in the heart of Orange County) discuss testosterone markers, what's important, what most Doctors miss and do a deep-dive into the connection between stress and its impact on testosterone levels in men and women.

    Brad Davidson is a world-renowned expert, speaker, and writer on the topic of exercise and nutrition for high-performance, high stressed people.

    Dr. Dayne Grove is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Performance Medicine Specialist at the Stark clinic in Irvine, focusing on the underlying causes and solutions associated with optimizing performance among high performing individuals.

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    Testosterone Thursday

    in Current Events

    Whats the bottom line behind Baltimore??? Is this more of President Obama's Saul Alinsky precepts???? Whats gonna happen in the nfl DRAFT ??? AND OTHER mANLY THINGS

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    Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome with Dr. Marc Richman

    in Health

    Dr. Marc Richman is a Board Certified Urologist and an Expert in Men's Sexual Health.  He has over 10 years of experience and is the co-founder of Obsidian Men's Health located in Virginia.  In today's episode he will discuss details of  Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, including what it is, the signs and symptoms, and the treatment. His website is www.obsidianmenshealth.com.


    Disclaimer:  The information presented is for educational purposes only and is not mean for diagnosis or treatment.  Seek the advice of your healthcare provider before making any changes to your health.

    For more about Dr. Diane A. Thompson, please go to www.drdianethompson.com.

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    Testosterone Thursday Fertilizing your mind

    in Current Events

    How are you gonna make a nuclear deal with a country that you are sending warships to stop that country from supplying your enemies with weapons!!??? How do you wipe out your server that you used for public business??? National security business!!!! And still be running for President. We know everything anyway so lets go.

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    Testosterone Thursday with Mark and Jeff

    in Current Events

    All about ISIS!!! What is this newest terrorist craze that has young people around the world desiring to be a part. Author Erick Stakelbeck of riviting new book ISIS exposed will be here  to talk about it plus much much more!!

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    Healthy Testosterone

    in Health

    As men pass their 40th birthday, most will notice physical and emotional changes; soft abdominal fat takes the place of hard muscle; and even regular physical exercise doesn’t produce the benefits it did in the past. WBHC Radio Network welcomes back Dr. Kyl Smith as we talk about Health Testosterone.  Please join us as we discuss a topic that will affect all men.

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    Curtis Harwell and Kim Duke Discuss The Good, Bad and Ugly About Testosterone

    in Fitness

    A new study has confirmed that high levels of testosterone are associated with lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attacks, improved immune function, and smaller waistlines. But in a bizarre twist, the results of this study seem to show that the same men, who reap the benefits of high testosterone levels, may wind up killing themselves by smoking and drinking to excess or by indulging in other risky behaviors that can lead to personal injury.

    The researchers, led by Dr. Alan Booth, a professor of sociology and human development at Penn State University, measured testosterone levels (using saliva samples) in more than 4,300 men between the ages of 32 and 44 years. They found that those men who had the highest levels of testosterone had a 45% lower risk of high blood pressure, a 72% lower risk of having a heart attack, and an 8% lower risk of having three or more colds a year. These men were also 45% less likely to rate their health as fair or poor.

    On the other hand, the men with high testosterone levels were 25% more likely to report injuries, 32% more likely to drink alcohol heavily (5 or more drinks per day), and 151% more likely to smoke tobacco.

    The health benefits of high testosterone suggested in this study confirm what has been seen in scores of other studies over the last 60 to 70 years, but the men’s high risk behavior remains a bit of a puzzle. Since the Penn State researchers measured testosterone levels but did not attempt to alter them, it is impossible to say, based on their results, whether the high testosterone levels caused the high risk behavior, or was merely a result of them.