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    Progressive Conversation with Rio Tazwell

    in Politics

    Hosts Rev. Terence Dicks and Mike Hersh talk with Rio Tazewell about the Democracy for All Amendment and how it will get money out of politics.

    Rio Tazewell is the Government by the People campaign coordinator at People For the American Way (PFAW). In his role he coordinates with other organizations to raise awareness about the importance of getting big money out of politics.

    PDA and PFAW supports a range of policy solutions to address this problem, including a constitutional amendment to overturn Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United v FEC. His position of campaign coordinator consists of coalition organizing, legislative advocacy and strategic communication. PFAW is a progressive advocacy group based in Washington, DC.

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    Author A.J. Tupps Guests on The Writing Mama Show

    in Books

    Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word.

    Listen today to The Writing Mama Show at 6pm Eastern - 5pm Central - 4pm Mountain - 3pm Pacific for a special show with debute author A.J. Tupps. Blog Talk Radio Hosts, Mom's Choice & Award-winning Author Virginia S Grenier will be talking with Tupps about her own writing goals and books.

    A.J. Tupps grew up in a small farm community in Indiana. She currently resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan. In her spare time she enjoys daydreaming, traveling, sunsets, the outdoors but most of all spending time with her family. As a young girl she entertained herself by living adventures from her imagination. A.J. looks at every day as a blessing and another day to make her dreams a reality. She is still in touch with her inner teenager and enjoys the mischief she can get into. Family is one of the most important things in her life. She has a degree in Medical Transcription and is working towards her bar exam as an A.B.O.C. Currently she works as an optical technician/tester. She has one adoring husband who joins in her mischief or is the recipient of it along with her two loveable children and one hyper dog.

    Shadow Tears is about a child of three worlds, Selena Goodwin faces the typical challenges of maturing and falling in love until she is confronted by an enemy she never realized existed. She will find out how to become the woman she is destined to be despite the obstacles before her. Who said growing up was easy? They hadn’t lived, have they?

    Author Website: www.ajtupps.com

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    The Wet Your Whistle Series continues with Jack Daniel's great grand neice!

    in Lifestyle

    A family business seeped in history was the clear message conveyed when we had Jack Daniel’s assistant master distiller on the Fall Wet Your Whistle Series last Wednesday; his own grandfather was master distiller there in the 1950’s.  Who better than to talk about Mr. Jack’s history, as Fletcher affectionately refers to the patriarch, than his own great grandniece, Lynn Tolley, who will be joining us on the show Wednesday October 22nd live at noon!

    Chris tells us that the recipe for Jack Daniels No. 7 has remained the same for over 150 years, but Lynn, a relative AND taste tester, will speak to us about the evolution of the brand, the whiskey and the process of its making.

    Last week, we did not get to unravel the origin of the “tales of mischief, revelry and whiskey”, but this Wednesday we plan on wiping the dirt off both those stories, and the rest of the family secrets.

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    "Friends with benefits" really is that Who you are???

    in Relationships

    Why do we allow ourselves to be in a predicament when it comes to the matters of the heart? The person that wants to be your friend but want the wife/husband benefit, how does that fit with God's word. Which is better pleasing your flesh or pleasing God. What does the word of God say about you being a TESTER, because that's how you're portraying yourselves. Let's talk

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    tester show

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    AMA Hall of Fame Member, Brian Slark & The Barber Vintage Festival

    in Culture

    Brian Slark has enjoyed a long and storied career beginning with Matchless & AJS in the Off-Road Competition Department and as a Production & Experimental Road Tester. From there Brian raced scrambles, trials and motocross throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's. A competitor in The International Six Days Trials in the Isle of Man in 1965, Brian has raced around the world. After stints as a corporate executive with Norton-Villiers, Triumph and BSA, and operating his own Norton dealership, Brian is now a Technical Consultant at The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. It is our distinct pleasure to bring this guest to our listeners on ElectricKoolaid For The Road.

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    The Montana Republic-Death of 1st Amendment

    in Politics

    The Death of the First Amendment and Free Speech.
    Roger Roots will join me and discuss how our Congress is about to vote on a bill that will destroy your First Amendment.  We are so close to the war and this is going to bring us closer to a state of enslavement and war.
    Join us listen how Tester and Walsh are co sponsoring the bill and we have not voice in it.
    Or do we.   Join us and speak out.
    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    Don't Touch that Dial!: Games and Television

    in Video Games

    Games and TV go together like peanut butter and jelly. There has been so much cross-platform mingling of these two mediums for so long, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

    This week, the GCR Crew will attempt to separate these two seemingly different mediums with a discussion about how games are portrayed in television. Whether an actual gaming show (such as "The Tester"), shows that feature gaming, or shows that occasionally/incidentally depict gaming, these programs will all be fair "game" for our discussion. We'll also feature another Live Impromptu Game Review!

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