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    Don't Touch that Dial!: Games and Television

    in Video Games

    Games and TV go together like peanut butter and jelly. There has been so much cross-platform mingling of these two mediums for so long, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

    This week, the GCR Crew will attempt to separate these two seemingly different mediums with a discussion about how games are portrayed in television. Whether an actual gaming show (such as "The Tester"), shows that feature gaming, or shows that occasionally/incidentally depict gaming, these programs will all be fair "game" for our discussion. We'll also feature another Live Impromptu Game Review!

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    Answering Questions About: Vasectomies, Helmets, & Hot Kids Products

    in Lifestyle

    Being tha talent-booker for a radio show is kind of like makgin a seating chart at a wedding. You want guests to gab freely, and becomfortable, but not too comfortable. Gotta mix it up. Keep it fresh. Through a kids product testing expert and a celeb reporter dad together, to talk vasectomies. 

    On iHeart Moms we make sure to cover it all.. and uncover what needs to be discussed. 

    What you do with the info is up to you. (Husbands, watch out.)

    Julie Kertes GM of NAPPA & Writer/Blogger/Product Tester for LA Parent Magazine joins us to answer what you've always wanted to know about how to become a product tester! She's scooped the hottest kids' camp and has an awsome giveaway from VTECH!

    Marco Gonzalez- Freelance reporter, familliar TV face and Dad joins to talk helmets & vasectomies. 

    Nuf said.

    Let's rock this Mommy Monday!

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    Why does the VA not work?-last Free American 7/19

    in Current Events

    They say all business is about making money.

    They don't know the business of government.

    I'm warren james mann

    the last free american

    follow me on twitter

    If you want your music played on the show email me at

    warren james mann at gmail.com


    Why do people like the idea of socialism so much?because basic services are provided by the government, and we no longer have greed.

    can a business run itself without the idea of making money?


    The VA has been in the news. Jon Stewart always has a joke about the VA

    Allegations of abuse, people dying dying waiting in line.Doctors not seeing patients.

    Now the VA want 17.6 billion, yes billion from the government.


    A government job is the only job in the world where you can say, hey i really suck at my job, but can I have a billion dollars, and maybe i’ll do better.


    The claim is, the money will be used to improve the VA.

    However, nobody can say how the VA will be improved.


    The FBI are investigating whether or not VA hospitals had waiting lists, and last week it was reported that a man dies in a VA hospital and someone had to call 911 and wait for paramedics because none of the doctors would help.


    Earlier this week A vietnam veteran was in the middle of a Lowes hardware store.

    His wheelchair broke.

    Two years ago this guy asked the VA for a new chair and still hadn't heard a word.

    The employees at Lowes fixed the chair for him.

    The veteran contacted the local paper

    after the bad press, than the VA gives him the new wheelchair.

    only after looking bad do they bother to do the right thing and do the job they are hired to do.

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    Shots From The Balcony -

    in Lifestyle

    Here's The tester episode for SFTB on The Bad Habits Network!

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    The Montana Republic-MT Senate Candidate Roger Roots

    in Politics

    Join us for my interview of Roger Roots the Libertarian candidate for the MT U.S. Senate.
    Roger will discuss the race, his campaign, and the "two-party" system in current American politics.  He will also discuss First Amendment issues relating to the efforts by Montana's two current U.S. Senators, John Walsh and Jon Tester, to amend the Constitution to overturn a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court.  Roots has called these efforts a national disgrace, and will discuss the 2010 Citizens United decision and current controversies involving campaign finance laws."

    Get ready with your questions, comments and suggestions.


    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    to see if i could  do this

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    testing premium

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    Workshop Wednesdays - Learn how to Get it Together & Find the “No Whine Zone”

    in Entrepreneur

    Workshop Wednesdays with Tony Gambone with his guest Karyn L. Beach & January Jones


    Karyn Beach has been a game show winner, a produced screenwriter, international traveler and now self-published author and radio talk show host. After losing my mom at the age of 15, I learned that tomorrow isn't guaranteed and if I wanted to live, I couldn't wait until I graduated, or until I found the perfect job or the perfect man (still looking for both of those), or until I reached retirement age. If I wanted to live, I had to do it now ... right now. So I have taken advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves to me and when there were no opportunities, I've made them. As a result, I've lived a life with very few regrets. I started Get It Together Girl! to help women of all ages realize that you can live life on your terms and you can attain your definition of happiness and success; you just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. http://www.getittogethergirlmedia.com/about.htm

    “January Jones sharing Success Stories” is on www.Talk4Media.com @ www.iHeartRadio.com archived 24/7. Also, Ms. Jones is a Featured Host on BlogTalkRadio.com/januaryjones archived 24/7 for your listening pleasure.

    Ms. Jones is the self-proclaimed “Whine Tester” She is a reformed whiner who lives every day in the “No Whine Zone”. Her book published by Beaufort Books is entitled Thou Shalt Not Whine…..The Eleventh Commandment and reached a #1 ranking at amazon.com. Ms. Jones specializes in homemaker humor in the tradition of Erma Bombeck. She is also the author of Jackie Ari and Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle and two other Kennedy books. http://www.januaryjones.com/

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    Kids in Prepping, Prepper A on The Homestead Honey Hour!

    in Education

    Kids in Prepping, Prepper A on The Homestead Honey Hour!
    The Homestead Honey Hour!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    So you’ve caught the vision of what it means to be self reliant, and to be prepared for a variety of scenarios that might leave you family without outside assistance for a period of time. But your family is not on board, and isn’t sure what all the fuss is about. How do you help you children catch the vision, and motivate them to participate joyfully?
    Join Katzcradul for this week’s episode of The Homestead Honey Hour when her special guest will be her own daughter, ‘Prepper A’. Most of Katzradul’s YouTube subscribers are well acquainted with ‘Prepper A’. She is Katz’s right had gal! She’s behind the camera on all of Katzcradul’s videos, and often offers commentary. Subscribers always look forward to her comments on videos, after tasting a dish her mom had prepared. But she’s so much more that just a videographer or taste tester. She is an integral part of her family’s preparedness efforts. She’s involved at every level.
    If you have children or grandchildren that you want to get involved in you efforts, be sure to join Katz and Prepper A as they discuss how to involve children and teenagers in your plans, and how to motivate them to participate cheerfully and with enthusiasm. It really is possible.

    Katzcradul’s YouTube channel Here! 

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