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    DuB WyZe TaLk with MISS T. LANE

    in Culture


  • Matt Lampert -Marijuana, Lane Kennedy, Ross Givens - Alibaba Stock, Austin Bauer

    in Business

    Matt Lampert director of the Socionomics Institute discussing the legalization of recreational marijuana.

    Lane Kennedy, Personal Growth Hacker for go-getting, kick ass women who are ready to think bigger and get noticed! She’s been a serial entrepreneur, turning a start-up into a legit business that brought in over a million dollars in sales in less than 18 months.

    Ross Givens Chief Market Analyst and writer for, "Wealth Empire." He advises subscribers on traditional and alternative wealth-building strategies.

    Austin Bauer coach, speaker and workshop facilitator on topics like peak performance, challenging conversations and communicating with authenticity and influence.

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    Talking PIctures with Tessa Blake

    in Film

    Talking film directing, short films, Hawaii and The Cannes Film Festtival with Film Director Tessa Blake.

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    Slut shame...or did I Call Your Name?

    in Entertainment

    Tonights show is about slut shaming. What is it? Why did Amber Rose do a walk in Los Angeles about this? Are you being called a slut or are they calling you by what you answer to? Or are we just calling you by what is the truth? You will hear my views on this subject. Clearly I have much to say as I wrote about the "Hoe Stroll" in my book ,"Stay in Your Lane: A Diary of a Hot Mess" Tune in or call in.

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    Tessa on The Love Seat

    in Health

    Our radio show facelift is showing up in a big way!  Today we are focusing on the one.  We know that unless we support the one the community will not thrive.  We are having Tessa Ardanda on the Love seat today.  She will share her dreams and desires.  We as a community will support her and share our insights, connections, and experiences with her.  Tessa has the opportunity to feel all the focus on her for 30 minutes. 


    The beautiful thing about this process is the ones that are supporting her will gain their own insight for their lives.  They will feel the depth of love that comes when we give our full attention to another.  


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    Sports Talk With Christopher Metcalfe (Packers Topple The 49ers)

    in Sports

    Christopher is BACK! And he will chop it up with Michael on the upcoming MLB playoffs, the week that was in the NFL, Kobe Bryant's Muse, the upcoming NBA season & of course, give us his thoughts on his 49ers falling to Mike's Green Bay Packers! Join in on the conversation by calling (347) 826-9357.





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    Award Winning Author Tessa Shaffer of Heaven Has No Regrets

    in Christianity

    Greetings From Insanity to Sane welcomes Tessa  Shaffer Author of "Heaven Has No Regrets" please join us for an hour of inspiration August 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.CST. To be apart of the audience please dial (323) 693- 3830. If at anytime you desire to speak with our guest please dial 1.


    When we were 16, my cousin and I joked about writing a book together someday and publishing our diary entries from the same dates.  How different, yet the similar they would all be.  How messed up a lot of them would seem.  But we loved thinking about how those entries put together would tell a story.  Our story.  A story of struggle and survival. Most of all, we liked the idea of someday being the survivors of our own story.  We both did survive those stories, but in different ways.


    "The girl with the soft voice holds up a picture and asks, "When was this one taken..." And she holds the picture carefully by the edges. She knows that these pictures are all that I have left, and even they tell a lie. I think about my cousin and I in the 'selfie' that my friend is now holding, and how neither one of us will ever be those same two people again. She got promoted to angel wings. And I now have to walk the earth to feel all the pain of a rapture gone wrong..."  ~Heaven Has No Regrets


    The day she passed away, I started writing in a peach notebook.  At first, they were all letters to her. Then, there were more notebooks filled with memories and questions. Eventually, I started writing about the pain.  Not just the pain of death, but the pain of life.  The pain of secrets.  The pain of survival.  Heaven Has No Regrets is the collection of my grief and the journey of my healing.

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    Chosen Path By Gregory M. and Poet Micheal Dickson and Terry Lane, Indie Artist,

    in Culture

    We have to choose our past and sometimes I was passed or not always the right one but with God's help we can get back on track tonight the diva will talk to the Arthur have chosen path Gregory and with the poet Michael Dixon. Terry Lane and music artist

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    Writer and Director Nick Phillips discusses PRIMROSE LANE on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back writer and director Nick Phillips to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his love of storytelling and what it's been like to see the reponse to the new project PRIMROSE LANE.

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    Life Hacker and Communication Specialist with Lane Kennedy

    in Women

    She’s been a serial entrepreneur, turning a start-up into a legit business that brought in over a million dollars in sales in less than 18 months. Spun rough sketches of lingerie into a booming business where thousands of garments were being shipped out every year.

    Gone off the grid to work for a non-profit in Bangkok, creating a program that served to empower women across the country and get them off the streets.

    She is a proclaimed ..foodie, mama, fiction writer, recovering fashion model, bio-hacking freak and
    Beatles-lover.   She can’t live without... yoga, meditation, prayer, music and cheese. And the longest relationship she’s had is...with her dog,  Jackson, 13 years and counting!

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    Tell the Truth Tuesday: Loss of Innocence

    in Entertainment

    Tonights show Im going super mama. My son has had issues with the same kid for the last 3 years. As a brown male child Im trying to NOT get him started on a bad family trait....fighting. At this point Im ready to show up to the school everyday to watch this kid try my son so I can go off on the teachers that allow it. What really upsets me is the issue with the PARENTS of this child. To call my son a racial slur last year, spit on him another year (I almost saw God that day) and to call my son an asshole yesterday are things he has seen in his home obviously. My son was prompted by the racial slur to write about it in his book we published last year called ,"Journal of a Kid Waiting to be King" available on amazon as well as my website. Although I teach my son to fight with his words at some point after the shoving and taking of my sons books or lunchbox it might just be time for Malcolm X not Martin Luther.