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    1st Year Anniversary

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    Today @ 4p – 6p
     Thank you for joining us this week.  This week is extra special to us as we have been live for a year now.  Help us Celebrate!!!
    Just because this week is our Anniversary we are not going to change the format.  We have GOT to Give God The Glory to start it off.  The news is kind of funny and disturbing all at the same time.  We had to go find the best stories for us to cover for you fine folk out there.
    Since this is our 1 year we are just going to go over some things that happened throughout this tumultuous year and the good things as well.  We’ve got Health Tips, completely natural, for sleeping so if you’re having problems in that area please stay tuned.
    We have music from artists like Styles P, Ace Hood, French Montana, Dogg Pound, Slick Pulla, Young Jeezy, Lloyd, Trey Songz, Kross, Wolf J Flywheel, Terrra, PayBoy, Robin Thicke, Raheem Devaughn and more  30 Minute Massacre is provided to us by DJ King Supreme and DJ Mista T on the Mass Massacre.

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    Final Show

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    Guess what, today is Wednesday.  This is going to be a Wednesday not like any other if you are a fan of the show.  We have a very important announcement to make.
    We are saddened yet excited that this will be our last show on Blog Talk Radio.  Our last show will air tonight.  The Radio show has been cancelled indefinitely (we are shopping the show).  Heir Tight Company has made the decision to go all video.  THAT’S RIGHT, now you can SEE the tomfoolery.  The show will air on www.heirtightcompany.com.  More details will follow.  Please voice your opinions, concerns, hate mail toward midweekmassacre@heirtightcompany.com.
    Mid Week Massacre LIVE from The Cell will begin airing in May.  We will take that downtime to rebuild the site, complete the video set and do the best show possible for our folks.  Submit your videos, EPKs and the like to our email address or go to our website. 
    Thank you for your support.

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    Corruption Pt 1

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    Another day, another dime!  Here we are again.  The Mid Week Massacre played last night and we hope you enjoyed it.  Our special message for Give God the Glory was that we all have a voice.  So use your uplift your voice to praise, love and uplift.
    Our News segment was extra real this week. We discussed pop-ups, spell check and a young lady that thought it was a good idea to sell her child on facebook.  It was rather hilarious if I must say so myself. 
    Our special topic of the month is Corruption.  This week we spoke of Financial Corruption.  If you have an specific topic you would like us to discuss then go to our facebook group page under Mid Week Massacre.  There will be a questionnaire.
    The health segment this will be in honor of our new father Reese the Beast.  We will give you tips on how to bathe your child.  You know you need our health tips. 
    This week’s music is bangin’.  DJ Mista T will provide the 30 Minute Massacre.  The artists we have are Young Jeezy, David Banner, MJG, T.I., Twista, Ludacris, UGK, Fashown, Drag-On, Y.C., Fashown and more.  DJ StanBAK on the Mass Massacre. 
    Listen on your smartphone or (213)943-3498 LINES OPEN NO WAIT!!!

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    High Maintenance

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    Back atcha one mo’ gen’ (translation We are back again this week).  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and first couple of days back at work.  This week we just celebrated a new president and MLK day.  I’d just like to say that we should be glad that we at least have a system in place that no other country has.  So just think about that and pick your words wisely before you start shooting your mouths off in the wrong direction.  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the “MID WEEK MASSACRE!!!”
    The format for this show will be primarily standard.  We are going to GGG (Give God the Glory) which is self explanatory; in the news we have NBA, KimYe and who wants to have a NEANDERTHAL baby?  To keep our topic on point this month we are going to discuss ‘High Maintenance Hoes’.  We will have a couple of random segments you’ll just have to tune in to see what’s going to happen. 
    The music is especially rare this week as I’ve gotten music from the best underground artists from Canada, Russia, Australia and a couple more countries.  Just tune in and listen to what is lined up.  Some artists like Karma SoniQ, Hann With Gunn, Rekevin, Nina, Gwen Stephani, Webbie, UGK, Bone Crusher, Lil John, Kidd Kidd, Juvenile and more.  DJ 88 Keys will provide the 30 Minute Massacre and of course DJ Stones will destroy the Mass Massacre.
    There is a lot of things going on in the world and in this New Year expect the unexpected.  Heir Tight Company has some things planned for the show that will be fun and interactive so stay tuned for that.  Hosted By: Terrra
    Listen on your smartphone or (213)943-3498 Lines open No WAIT

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    Independence Day

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    We’re getting back into the swing of things for the next few weeks.  The year just started, the 5 day work weeks and school scheduling will be something we are all going to have to deal with for the time to come.  Buckle up, hold on tight because there will be bumps in the road.  Never fear, we are here to make you laugh, think and unwind for a couple hrs a week.
    This is the MID WEEK MASSACRE so you know how we do!  First we are going to Give God the Glory because that’s just what we do.  For the news we are going to talk about the Meek Milli and Cassidy Beef (whatever the hell that is all about), why Peeblez The (BOOTY) Model is locked up for first degree murder and a couple of surprises.  We’ve got an interview from Dream Team Mgmt Phancy J that will talk about many aspects of her career and life.  This is our Independent Day Show so ALL music except the 30 Minute and Mass Massacre will be from Independent artists
    The Music this week will be from artists all over the country.  We’ve got Game, Ricky Rozay, French Montana, Future, Sammy Wammy, TI, Kendrick Lamar, Phancy J, Carolina Slim, Nova Supreme, Sound Bloom, and more. DJ King Supreme will man the 1s and 2z for the 30 Minute Massacre.  DJ Stones is going to take us out with the Mass Massacre.  Hosted By: Terrra and DJ Stones
    You can listen on your Smartphone or (213)943-3498.

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    A Little Black History

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    We are coming to the end of Black History Month.  I hope we all took the time to reflect on this.  You should know your history whether you’re black or not.
    This is an excellent show we have lined up today.  It’s going to be a load of fun.  Of course, we have to Give God the Glory in the best fashion we know how.  This week in news we are going to talk about the World’s Best Mom, Reality TV, and much, much more. 
    We have a special presentation from DJ Magnetic for Black History Month.  He will be giving us some interesting information about a prominent black figure from our history.  We will all learn something from this presentation.
    The 30 Minute Massacre will be brought to us again by DJ Camaro.  We are going old school again for this mix.  DJ Stones on the 1s and 2z on the Mass Massacre as usual.
    Special SHOUT OUT to all my indies out there!!!  Next week we are going to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of MID WEEK MASSACRE!!!

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    Random Ignorance

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    It’s been a while, but we are back in the swing of things.  If you had a rough first couple of days in your week then you need to tune in this week we have a pretty good line up this evening.
    You know how we start it off.  We Give God the Glory.  This week and day is no different than any other.  The lineup after that pretty much goes downhill at a daunting pace.  For news, we have Random Ignorance.  Do not expect anything sobering or prolific in nature.  Our main topic for the day is ‘The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Ho’.  We have Kross Comedy Corner and we are going to tell you what ‘WE DON’T LIKE’.  Expect us to get back on track with what you love from Mid Week Massacre.
    The music will be specifically placed for this show.  It will be rough, womanizing and common to the rap genre.  Music from Meek Mill, Raw Staten, ‘Walk Like She Thick’ (NEW SINGLE OF THE WEEK), Destin Winters, DJ Paul, Lil Webbie, Playa G, Lloyd Banks, Remy Martin, Fat Joe, Styles P and More.    We will not attempt to uplift your spirit or preach to you during this show.  Just down home ‘Ho Back Dat Azz Up’ music.  The 30 Minute Massacre is provided by DJ King Supreme and the Mass Massacre by DJ Stones.
    Hosted By: Terrra, Reese the Beast & Kross
    Join us for a spectacular experience.
    (213)943-3498 Lines Open No Wait
    Radio That Really Plays Music!!!

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    Plan, or Plan To Fail

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    Guess What?  You made it to see another year.  That’s something to be happy about unless you are just the biggest grumpy grumpster since Oscar the Grouch.  So let’s make this the best year possible folks.  This is the first show of the year and we are going to bring it in with a blast.
    You know we have to start off by Giving God The Glory and by the show continuing to thrive we have a lot to be thankful for.  We are going to discuss in the news the demise of the Tennessee Titans, the great fall from the Fiscal Cliff, and crazy people, disease and death are on the rise.  We will teach you how to plan for your New Year and new life as well.
    We have music from Beyonce, some more Beyonce and Notorious B.I.G., MC Lyte, Keith Murray, Redman and more!  DJ Unstable on the 30 Minute Massacre for a Beyonce mix and DJ Stones on the 1s and 2z for the Mass Massacre.  This weeks show is Hosted by: Terrra
    Next week stay tuned for an Exclusive Interview with Phancy J!!!
    Listen on your Smartphone or (213)943-3498

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    Let's Talk About Vaccines

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    It’s Wednesday!!!  Yep, time for the Mid Week Massacre.  No delay, let’s get to it.
    If you have noticed the music has changed a bit for a more laid back musically charged show.  I’ll just come right out and say it if your music is not good it won’t get played.  This is the Mid Week Massacre and we are Heir Tight so everything has to be top notch.
    We start it off with GGG(Give God the Glory) with our inspirational word before we get started.  We have just a couple of important news stories this week.  Not going to give up the ghost on those stories.  We are going to talk about Vaccines and we have a musical spot light as well.
    DJ Camaro on the 30 Minute Massacre with an Old School mix.  The musical contribution goes as such, KRS-One and BDP, EPMD, LL Cool J, Currency, Jadakiss, Young Roddy, Styles P, D-Pryde, Nina, Miguel and more.  DJ Stones provides us with the Mass Massacre.
    Listen on your Smartphone or (213)943-3498
    If you would like to be part of the show in any way please contact (615)200-8569.

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    You Look LIke A

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    It’s Wednesday so you KNOW what time it is. Pick the kids up from school, Basketball practice, track practice, Bible Study, Choir Practice, Wet n Wild Wednesdays, Happy Hour, whatever you participate in after work and MID WEEK MASSACRE! So after you take care of your business spend the rest of the night getting familiar with the folks over here on our staff. Here we go! This has been a crazy week so we start it off by Giving God the Glory. We have to start our show off right. We have a lot of news to go over and hopefully it won’t get cut short as it did last week. We do not want to depress our listeners with news you will see anyway. We want to keep it fun, interactive and make you think. We have a couple of new segments; You look like a Dime, BUT….. And Being Real with Yourself. This is another week for our artist spotlight and PayBoy has given us the go for 2 unreleased tracks, EXCLUSIVE tracks.The 30 Minute Massacre is provided by DJ King Supreme. Music this week is from D-Block, French Montana, Young Jeezy, Shurlock, Jaia, LaCrae, L.A.W., Nova Supreme, UGK, Pall Wall and more. DJ Stones is on the 1s and 2z for the Mass Massacre. DON’T MISS IT!!!Listen on Your smartphone or (213)943-3498www.blogtalkradio.com/midweekmassacre

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