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    Patriotic Terrorism (Who are the real Terrorist)

    in Islam

    Muslims are called terrorist for every act done by a brother or sister, from (allegedly) blowing up something to offering their prayer. The non-Muslims can terrifyingly murder masses of people but are able to call it patriotism. Well we have to call it what it is "Patriotic Terrorism". Call in and talk to your Host
     "Muhammad Hard Truth Smith" (347) 324-3601 
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    There is No Humor in the Muslim Terrorist World

    in Politics Conservative

    There is No Humor in the Muslim Terrorist World

    Western Europe is shaken to its core by the Charlie Hedbo slaughter.  Will it drive cartoonists and humorists to self-censor?  Popular political cartoonist, Anthony Branco weighs in on the Paris Islamic terror attack and its impact on free speech in the US.

    Bridget Johnson says Obama wants us to talk to monsters.  She points out that the Taliban in Afghanistan has tried to mold themselves into negotiating partners, even as they continue attacks on civilians and military.  And the Pentagon says the US wouldn’t target the Taliban simply because they’re Taliban.  Johnson is the Washington Editor for PJMedia.com.



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    Islam is a religion of whiney terrorist bullies

    in Politics Conservative

     All over the world, Muslim radicals have carried out barbaric terrorist atrocities. They publicly behead people in public squares and in front of television cameras chanting, "Allah Ackbar!!", they send their children dressed in bomb belts to kill "infidels" in the name of Jihad and Islam, they hijack four planes and crash two of them into skyscrapers, murdering more than 3,000 innocent people, and they commit terrorist attacks all over the world. Yet constantly, politicians in America and the Western World have repeated the line "Islam is a religion of peace." There have been attempts to appease the radicals and to try to not "offend" them, all of which was futile. Yet the question I have is: Why do we see the most active and deadly form of religious fanaticism just so happens to come from the Muslim faith? And why don't politicans say, "Buddhism is a religion of peace" [considering that Buddhists don't engage in violence one bit and really are peaceful]. Why is it said again and again about Islam? In all fairness, not all Muslims [and even not all practicing Muslims] are terrorists. But why is there a lot of silence from the Muslim world regarding radical Islam? In all fairness, there are some brave Muslims who courageously speak out against the terrorists. But that voice is quieter than the voice of the radicals. Look around today. In almost every Muslim country, women are treated as worse than cattle and non-Muslims are persecuted. Do you hear Coptic Christians for instance repeating that Islam is a religion of peace like our politicians do? Of course not. But another problem is, when it comes to Muslim terrorist acts, everybody and everything is blamed but the perpetrators. Israel is blamed America is blamed. People who draw Muhammad are blamed. The truth is that every religion is made fun of. But only Muslims react violently. Tune in, as I discuss the recent terror attacks and more.

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    America: Terrorist State

    in Radio

    I'll be talking about America and how it has become/has been a terrorist state. What is happening in the country. Politics, Social topics, etc. 

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    Flaws in a Cause || Don't Be a Terrorist

    in Motivation

    Violence in the name of someone/something. Hmm. Sound familiar? Don't be a terrorist! LISTEN IN!



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    Social Media and Today's Terrorist

    in Business

    On the somber 13th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks to the greatest nation in the world, one of the greatest tools we use to help our business owners is being used by our enemies and used very effectively. Social Media and Today's Terrorist is not the topic we want to discuss, but it is a topic we have to discuss. Join us today and give us your thoughts. Call in at (347-857-2671 or chat with us.

    Talk radio hosts Mick and Maria Bailey are passionate about What Makes America Great! Capitalism and the Spirit of the Entrepreneur! Each show, they uncover the success strategies entrepreneurs need while providing opportunities for successful business owners, community leaders and business professionals to discuss their ideas and experiences as entrepreneurs. Success City Radio Show is a talk radio show with independent thought, humor and independent music! 

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    The Freedom to think, response to terrorist attack in Texas.

    in Politics

    Tonight, we discuss the terrorist attack in Texas.

    Clarity and focus on the foundational question of freedom in human life.

    Discussing how the right to offend must be counted as a part of free speech, and how civilization should defend itself against this attempt at censorship via bullet.

    I promise a great show.

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    Teacher in Illinois calls Muslims terrorist!

    in Islam

    Our special interview with Rashee Shareef. His 13yo daughter got into trouble for defending islam. We will see how it all turned out with their meeting this morning. 

  • 00:29

    PIJN News: Exclusive Interview with Former Muslim Terrorist Walid Shoebat

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * ISIS terrorists in Northern Iraq are beheading Christian men.
    * Muslim terrorists in Africa are raping Christian women.
    * Exclusive interview with Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian-American and former terrorist who converted from Islam to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • 02:01

    Should The President Negotiate With Terrorist Organization Leaders?

    in Women

    After the 911 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, the American people were introduced to the idea that their country was vulnerable to acts of war by outside enemies. A spirit of patriotism was whipped up in the people and many went off to fight a war in Afghanistan - a place they knew nothing about, and against people who had nothing to do with the plotting and execution of the 911 plane crashes. Americans have allowed themselves to remain ignorant of foreign policy, foreign people and foreign problems for so long that they are easily manipulated into supporting a war, a war that never leads to peace abroad or at home. People across the world are angry at being oppressed. Terrorism is a response to oppression. During the American slave era whenNat Turner went on a killing spree across the South many Northerners didn't understand why, and bought the idea that Black people were savages that needed to be kept under control or killed. Isn't it time we, in this Internet age, took the time to hear what happened to create the terrorist movement? What is our government doing with our tax dollars that is hurting people abroad to the point where they are willing to commit suicide to kill others? Can terrorism end with peaceful negotiations? Should our President try a new strategy to prevent future terrorist attacks?


  • 00:38

    Who is the Terrorist . . . ?

    in Spirituality

    This is not a political or theological or even a national discussion—it is much closer to the bone? What happens when you are willing to deeply examine the terrorist inside of yourself? Who is the terrorist really? This conversation is intimate, uncomfortable, awkward, and can evoke the rage, fear, and profoundly deep despair that is often hidden underneath. In meeting this hell directly, intimately, this collective insanity or this shadow that can lurk in your own mind as well as the collective mind, can reveal the peace that surpasses all understanding.