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    15 minutes of motivation by motivational speaker Terri Clay

    in Motivation

    Motivational speaker Terri Clay is pushing others to greatness in 15 minutes during the month of May

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    in Entertainment

    My main man smooth voice operator Hareston Clay back on the top fresh new charts with his new  single, my guest will talk about other tracks and give info on his passion, future projects, fan page info and where to purchase his music- call the guest line to speak with my guest at 657 383 0771

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    Justice For Clay-Brain Injured Vet, Trump & Clinton Head 2 Head, & Lucy Girl

    in Politics

    JUSTICE FOR CLAY: A True Story of the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of a Brain Injured  Veteran, Trump & Clinton Turning Their Sights toward one another, Reaganbaby.com's Megan Barth explains. What The 2016 Contenders Can Learn From Eisenhower And Reagan as discussed by Joseph Castleberry President of Northwest University and author of The New Pilgrims, and The Lucy Girl, Lauren Steward Kitchens has another installment of "Life With Lauren."

    Plus college debt is enslaving our millennials, no wonder they love Bernie, The number of immigrants has increased 810% since 1965, Can the GOP hold it together, The eyes of Government are looking at you and "Flies on the Wall" tell all-Former abortion clinic workers tell the dirty secrets you’re not supposed to know.

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio.  It's all about the truth that will get this country back on track.  And remember to send in your email to win a pair of tickets to the screening of "Climate Hustle," a Fathom event showing nationwide on 400 screens May 2nd at 7p local time.  Email me, Bill@billmartinezlive.com.  

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    The Spirit Of Women/ Women Entrepreneur Series With Terri Ann Heiman

    in Spirituality

    Join Tina & Terri at 1pm on Weds. 3/30. Fourth episode of Women Entrepreneur Series. Phone lines will be open to listen

    516-387-1936 or use this link.

    Terri Ann Heiman is a Spiritual Activist and Energy Healer. She is the owner and founder of Natural Forces Studio and the Spiritual Development Academy. She has been trained in 10 Energy Modalities and is a Reiki Master Teacher, IET Master Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Facilitator, Crystal Color Light and Sound Energy Healer, Pranic Healer as well as a Register Yoga teacher. She has thousands of hours of practicum, and teaches other gifted healers to build thriving business. She has been interviewed on ABC/33/40 and published several times in Reiki News Magazine. Her first book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper was published in the summer of 2015. She is the host of the Blog Talk Radio internet talk show, Catch Your Spirit. Her studio, Natural Forces Studio is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

    Terri helps woman who are going through a crisis (divorce, illness and/or job issues) who feel disconnected from their spirit and seek a deeper connection to the Divine. Through her step by step program she not only helps people move through their crisis but also teaches them the skills to empower their spirit! www.EmpoweredSpiritProgram.com

    For more information check out her website at www.naturalforcesstudio.com or like her on
    Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/terri.heiman
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/terriheiman 

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    Terri McFaddin-Solomon: Finding Your Purpose

    in Christianity

    Purpose is often found at rock bottom. That's the subtitle and premise of Minister Terri McFaddin-Solomon's new book, "THE FALLEN STONE."  Says Philip Bailey, Lead singer, Earth, Wind and Fire: “This is a God-inspired read filled with deep, rich insights. It is fast paced, entertaining and thoughtful. I know first hand that as a creative writer, Terri is a never-ending source of God-ideas.”

    Terri McFaddin-Solomonis a Jesus-lover. She is an ordained minister & holds a Master’s in Theology from Fuller Seminary.  She teaches at 2 Bible Colleges & is a two-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, including co-writing with Will Smith the theme song for the movie MEN IN BLACK. She also spent 10 years as a Motown songwriter.  Her songs have also been sampled by artist 50 Cents and Kanye West.  Terri is the author of three books published by Random House and wrote the T.D. Jakes stage play for “Woman Thou Art Loosed.”

    She has also written multiple Bible Study series and other best-selling books, including "Sapphires and Other Precious Jewels: Discover & Celebrate the Beauty of Women of African Descent" 

    Terri is in love with her husband Charles Solomon and together they have a blended family of four children and eleven grandchildren.  They are the founders of Urban Hope Ministries Los Angeles, which supplies tennis shoes, computers and school supplies to urban children. http://www.terribooksandblogs.org

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    BH Sales New Product Development Update Equine Butter and Equine Clay Prototypes

    in Health

    I continue to talk more about my new products being developed at BH Sales. In this episode I follow up on my New BH Sales Equine Butter and Equine Clay Prototypes for horse hoof maintenance.

    I have placed a link here: to my todays Kennel Kelp Holistic Health Care Product Key Note Blog entry http://www.kennelkelp.com/blog.html

    In this blog entry I have listed a new product video showing my first prototype of my new Equine Butter, with my Kennel Kelp Powder and AquiTerra Clay as ingedients.

    I also tak about plans for developing my new BH Sales Equine Clay.

    Checkout my website for Combo Sale Special Sales Opportunities for additional savings http://www.kennelkelp.com

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    BH Sales Kennel Kelp Aquiterra Clay and Mineral Manna Combatants to Influenza

    in Health

    In this episode Michael King, from Vitality Herbs & Clay, will be discussing recent findings of how Aquiterra Clay , Mineral Manna, and other clay products have had huge success in combating a particularly tough strain of the flu.

    Michael will also be bringing us up to date on exciting new products and recent changes to long standing clay products like Sacred Clay and Aquiterra Clay.

    I am once again encouraging my clients to exercise the option to direct consult with Michael and his staff on the proper products for your particular body make up and natural chemistry.

    I am offering BH Sales 50/25 Program pricing on ANY order directly placed throuh my links to Vitality Herbs & Clay you simply would refer to The BH Sales Code when speaking with VH&C representatives as you place your direct order with them.

    You would then fill out my form on my http://www.kennelkelp.com/BH-Sales-50-25-Program.html

    BH Sales 50/25 Program page and immediately be entitled to a Virtual Discount for 50% discount  voucher on my Kennel Kelp, and/or a 25 % discount voucher on any other BH Sales Supplement of your choice.

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    Smooth Voice of Hareston Clay

    in Entertainment

    An interview with Hareston Clay, an R&B singer who just came out with his music recently. I will talk with him about his journey into being a romantic singer artist,  about on his passion,  and his fan page info and where to purchase his music, and his inspiring message to others.

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    Passover Judgments, Past, Present and Future with Sister Terri Hill

    in Religion

    Passover Judgments, Past, Present and Future with Sister Terri Hill

    Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcoming apocalypse and the Seven Seals of Revelation (chapter 6).  Join us tonight for an in-depth teaching of the Passover Judgments and how they form a prophetic pattern from the past, to the present and into our imminent future.  Sister Terri Hill will be joining us to present this powerful message helping us to understand the symbolism and typology of the Passover narrative and how it can help us to understand and prepare ourselves for the times ahead.

    For more information see sister Terri's website at www.awordindueseason.com

    God Bless You - See you there!

    To sign up for radio show Email Notifications click HERE


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    Interview with Terri Hall about the Lone Star Rail project

    in Politics Conservative

    Local Tyranny – Terri Hall from Texas TURF talks about the rail project that won’t die. Even with the bomb shell that Union Pacific Railroad will NOT allow their railway to be used, the Lone Star Rail project continues to spend money and developed a rail commuter project. This is yet another project that is spending taxpayer money in the name of “mass transportation”. Listen and learn. 

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    OPTIMISM with Terri Clay

    in Self Help

    Inspirational speaker Terri Clay will join us today as our guest today. Terri says re: optimism,"God made us all for a purpose and created us with a thought in mind, and even if you can't see it with your actual eyes, trust through the eyes of faith that He will bring it ALL to pass." What is your purpose and passion? Terri will help you to discover what lies within.