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    South Carolina Stories: Rennard East, Patricia Lowman Pryor, Elizabeth Robeson

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    The Truth About The Lowman Family Lynchings in Aiken, South Carolina

    Rennard East is a hip hop artist/ songwriter from Philadelphia, PA and one of his new passions is genealogy because he knew nothing about his ancestors when growing up.  Patricia Lowman Pryor has always wondered about the truth concerning her grandmother Bertha Lowman and will share her research and discovery behind this story.

    Historian Elizabeth Robeson - a leading researcher on the Lowman Family Lynchings will provide the political, and social order through which African Americans had to navigate a hostile and dangerous existence in the South. Elizabeth Robeson holds the M.Phil in American history from Columbia University where she was a fellowship doctoral candidate studying under Professor Barbara J. Fields. The Lowman Family Lynchings is the subject of her dissertation and a book manuscript in progress. 


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    One on one with Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor

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    The Down and Distance team sits down to chat with former Ohio State standout and current Oakland Raiders quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.

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    Thursday Family and Friends Bible Study - This week Charlene Pryor Instructor

    in Religion

    What a blessed time we're having fellowshipping with family and friends.  This week I'm real excited to have one of my good friends CHARLENE PRYOR!! Leading the class study.  We go back a day or two.  I thank the LOrd for her valuable insight into the Bible.  I'm sure you will be blessed with this segment. We will be picking up at Matthew 12:30

    Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

    31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

    32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

    33 Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

    34 O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

    35 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

    36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

    37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

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    Lights Up pt. 1... THE PRYOR EMPIRE: A Richard Pryor Tribute by Timothy John

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    Lights Up pt. 1

    Interviews, reviews, memories, and sneak peeks with the cast of THE PRYOR EMPIRE: A Richard Pryor Tribute by Timothy John! Official dvd of the stage play coming soon along with an encore performance of the show!

    Fifteen years ago actor, writer, director, and producer Timothy John left his hometown of Kansas City to follow his dreams. At the request of the show's executive producer, he gave a breathtaking tribute to Richard Pryor at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, N.Y. now he's set to relive this tribute for KC audiences!

    Almost ten years have passed since Richard Pryor, arguably the greatest comedian ever, lost his battle with multiple sclerosis. Pryor will never lose his position as cultural icon, and we can only hope that a cure to this debilitating disease will soon be found so we don't lose another soul that reaches out and touches as did Pryor and his ability to allow us to experience our reality with the outrageous, profane, and conscience perspective that only he imparted.

    “The Pryor Empire” will feature Timothy John as Pryor from his teenage years up until the years of his last breath. He will also bring on Pryor's former wives, closest friends, and his long time fan favorite character, Mudbone.

    “The Pryor Empire” is guaranteed to entertain and electrify audiences as if Pryor were still alive.

    "I always wanted to star as Richard Pryor in the movie of his life. Post-Jo Jo Dancer, his complete biopic. No one's called about the movie yet, so I decided to do this one-man show in honor of the man I looked up to and give back to his family, his struggle, and his legacy.” -Timothy John

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    Laughter Is The Best Medicine (What or Who Makes You Laugh?)

    in Comedy

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will have some fun while we talk about and listen to our favorite comedians, tv shows, movies. This is gonna be a clip heavy show tonight. Sit back and laugh with us or at us. Call in and share what or who makes you laugh, because like they say, Laughter is the best medicine.

    Call in to listen and/or participate at 347-202-0492 or just use Skype!

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Serene Motivations

    in Self Help

    Serene Motivations, w/ Host Johnnette Young & Terrelle T. Lewis Welcomes Actress, Model & Radio Personality Ms. Joyce White! The Truly Blessed & Very Talented  Joyce Will Be In The House This Wednesday 3/11/15 @ 11A.M. EST. To Share Her Testimony & Dish On All Of The Excited New Blessings That Have Taken Place Her Life! Tune –In And Catch The Interview, You Won’t Want To Miss This!

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    Supplemental Draft Special - Terrelle Pryor and More!

    in Sports

    Scott Wright and Shane P. Hallam discuss the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft.  Available prospects include Ohio St. QB Terrelle Pryor, North Carolina DE Michael McAdoo and Georgia RB Caleb King.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Your Love...is Killing Me.."

    in Youth

    Topic: "Your Love...is Killing Me.."


    Dr. Divine Pryor

    Author Kenyetta York

    Dr. Divine Pryor serves as the Executive Director of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, an independent research, training and advocacy Human Justice think tank, formerly at Medgar Evers College in the City University of New York, founded and developed by academic professionals with prior experience within the criminal punishment system.Dr. Pryor is a social scientist with extensive knowledge and expertise in the criminal justice, health and social service fields, having spent over half his career administering HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, substance abuse and other social service non-profits. 

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    "Mighty Love" is a 1973 song recorded by the American R&B vocal group The Spinners (known as "Detroit Spinners" in the UK). The song was co-written by Joseph B. Jefferson, Bruce Hawes and Charles Simmons and was produced by Thom Bell. Recorded at Philly's Sigma Sound Studios, the house band MFSB provided the backing. Bobbie Smith and Philippé Wynne rotate lead vocals during the first half of the song, with Wynne taking over completely for the final two and half minutes. During live performances by the Spinners, the song was often used to showcase Wynne's exceptional ad-lib ability. When it was released as the lead single from the album of the same name, the song was split into two parts and "Mighty Love - Pt.1" became another hit for the group, holding the number one spot on the US R&B Singles chart for two weeks in March 1974 while also reaching number twenty on the Pop Singles chart.

    Todd Rundgren, Lisa Stansfield and Phil Perry are among those who have covered the song. The song appears in Richard Pryor's 1986 film, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling.

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    Stirred Crazy pt.1 - Inspired by the life of Richard Pryor Jr.

    in Entertainment

    Join hos J.R. Strongg as he speaks to Richard Pryor Jr. and the cast of this great showcase, produced by John Wilson and TTO Entrtainment. 

    They say you can’t go home again in Stirred Crazy Pt. 1 takes us into Richard Pryor Jr.’s life away from his famous father l and to where it all begins for the Pryor clan Peoria Illinois when he returns home at the time of his 
    great- grandmothers passing.

    Richard Pryor Jr. a talented and accomplished singer, actor and comedic talent will be joined by an amazing ensemble of talented singer and actors depicting characters inspired by his family.  


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    Show Talk With Angela Butler

    in Entertainment

    The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is Comedian, impersonator, and actor Elijah Howard. Alright people get ready to get your laugh on. Howard impersonates Katt Williams,Bernie Mac, Chris Tucker, and Tony Montana scarface among others. Howard will be performing in LA,Chicago, NYC, and Detroit. Also look for Elijah in a Richard Pryor, Jr. film.

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