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    Why Thugs Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Less than a month remains this season. Help us finish strong.

    I hope you enjoyed "Why Youth Hate Church". It's Week 2 of our Evangelism series, and each week gets more compelling as promised.

    This week, we're taking all you Christians to a place most of you hate to go, but know very well. We're taking you to the streets. We're taking you to the corner right outside your house or right up the street. We're going to the same corner your cousin, brother, son, daughter or best friend calls home.. the same corner you used to call home. We're going to the Strip Club. We're going to the prison. We're going to the crack house.

    This week, we're discussing drug dealers, drug abusers, strippers, pimps, prostitutes, killers, etc. How much better are you than these people? Do you know any of them? How do you treat them? How should an evangelist approach them? Does an immense resume of sin make someone "worthy of judgment" ? ..more worthy than you?

    Don't forget our Season Finale Survey. Send your "Best Black Comedian of All-Time" in to the show!

    And join us this week for . . "Why Thugs Hate Church" with Pastor Danny Sutton on The Erik Terrell Show

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    Why Youth Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Christians !

    Our last series of the year is for you! We're getting religious, and we're getting real. Join us for our Evangelism Series! It's the realest Evangelism Series you've ever seen..

    First up.. Minister Mike Burger will join the crew to discuss the Church's approach to the Youth. Is there a window for which people are impressionable and open-minded towards religion? When's the window close? How can we get there before it does?! And who are we competing with exactly?

    The Season Finale Survey was revealed last week: Who's your Best Black Comedian of All Time?

    Join us this week for "Why Youth Hate Church" on The Erik Terrell Show..

    Love y'all !

    - ET

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    Does Transracial Adoption Work?

    in Comedy

    So, what is your opinion of Transracial Adoption??

    Black children dominate the foster care system. Will these kids get a "better" life growing up in Lancaster than in North Philly? Is it worth possibly sacrificing their cultural identity? What if they raise them in a white home with white schooling and ship them to an HBCU? But then that'd make them "bougie" right? Oh Lord.

    What about the reverse?! Can little Bob grow up in North Philly.. or will people look at his parents funny?

    It's a Phone Blast. "Does Transracial Adoption Wor?" this week on The Erik Terrell Show.

    Also: Season Finale Survey Revealed !

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    Can Celibacy Ruin a Relationship?

    in Comedy

    Can celibacy ruin your relationship? Is sex something you need? Or an enhancement to your love? What if you aren't in love yet.. Or looking for it?

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    Take Charge Of Your Life Show

    in Entertainment

    Take Charge Of Your Life Show With Your Host, Celebrity Life Coach, Terrell C. Jenkins!


    Join Celebrity Life Coach, Terrell C. Jenkins as he shares his Expert Advice on Life, Relationships, And Family Dynamics! Coach Jenkins has years of Personal and Professional Experience and he is the Author of (2) Best Selling Books entitled: From Pain To Purpose and Take Charge Of Your Life! He knows of what he speaks because he has lived it!

    Be sure to join him as "TJ Ponders" about Life and shares his thoughts every Sunday at 12 Noon CST on Blogtalkradio.com!

    It's Time To Take Charge Of Your Life!!!

    A Singletary Network Production!

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    Dirty dancing

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Radio Episode 189: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion explains how he would fix some of the NFL's most and least important problems.

    Empathizing with Rosemary Plorin.

    Bring back the choreographed team touchdown celebration!

    Where have you gone Terrell Owens? 

    Matt Jones is a trap.

    How the NFL's escalating violence and related injuries impacts fantasy gamers. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) Aug. 19, 2015, Terrell Scott

    in Politics Progressive

    Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, Aug. 19, 2015 - Terrell Scott update. Holly Alston will update us on her son, Terrell Scott. He has been imprisoned in Pennsylvania for six years without a trial. He has health concerns now. Call (818)572.2947 to help his mother to know that we care about Terrell.

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    Talking Sports with the 12th Man

    in Sports

    General Sports Talk with your hosts Robert Ford, JaQuan Jenkins & Andre Peterson.

    1. Manziel to 3rd String

    2. NFL Playoff Picture

    3. NFL's top 5 Teams

    4. Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, and Terrell Owens are semi-finalists in 1st year of eligibility for Hall of Fame.

    5. Tyrod Taylor should be able to play against Chiefs this weekend after shoulder injury.

    6. NFL suspends Panthers DE Frank Alexander for one year.

    7. NFL Predictions: Minnesota at Atlanta, & New England at Denver.

    8. Fantasy Shoutouts

    9, CFB Predictions: #7. Baylor at #19. TCU, #8. Ohio State at #10. Michigan, #18. Ole Miss at #21. Miss. State, #6. Notre Dame at #9. Stanford, #13. Florida State at #12. Florida, & #3. Oklahoma at #11. Oklahoma State.

    10. CFB Playoff Top 4?

    11. Can Michigan State win the national championship?

    12. Has LSU treated Les Miles fairly?

    13. Golden State going for 16-0 tonight.

    14. 76ers are 0-15.

    15. Ignore the NBA chatter, John Calipari will not leave Kentucky.

    16. Ben Simmons sends game to OT, but LSU loses 2nd straight.

    17. Willie Mays and Yogi Berra honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    18. Robinson Cano will be happy in Seattle if Mariners win.

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    How to handle being Nervous when Speaking

    in Self Help

    According to WikiHow, public speaking is the number one fear that people in North America have.  You are not alone when you feel the nervous jitters prior to speaking publicly. Knowing that you possess the courage to go through with it should offer some solace. Toastmaster Cedric Terrell knows this all too well. Therefore he is willing to share with us “How to Handle being Nervous when Speaking.”  Every Toastmaster should tune in to this show. You are guaranteed to leave with something you didn’t have prior to the show. Tune in.  Host John Davis

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    Why Black Women Aren't Getting Married

    in Comedy

    Is it a lack of quality candidates? Or more to do with the woman? Minister Lisa Dubois will join us today for a very important episode! 


    Why aren't black women getting married? 

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    Rick Gianatos: All American Diva's - Music Producer Talks Legends!

    in Entertainment

    Legendary music producer, Rick Gianatos, joins Rated G Radio in Hour 1 of the Friday Night Dance Party tonight talking his latest project for the "All American Divas" CD & Book!   In Hour 2 - it's your requests, so call in or send me your requests early so we can give you a shout out, too!

    We listened to them "On The Radio" and we "Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" to the ultra talented vocals of classic Ladies of Soul, Dance and DISCO!

    These "All American Divas" helped pioneer the Dance music genre in the 60's, 70's and 80's and have carried on recording tracks thanks to the dedication of classic Producers and Mixers such as Rick Gianatos (Gene Chandler,Shalamar, Edwin Starr, Shirley Bassey and many more).

    What happened after they hit the charts and what have they been recording and where are they performing? The Divas' stories will be recounted alongside the behind the scenes story of music business joys and heartaches. These Divas have such amazing, interesting stories to tell and continue to make music to this day and we look into their success and triumphs and visit their new recordings both in the book and with the wonderful fruits of their new music on an exclusive CD Album.

    The All American Divas CD Features: