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    Money on Your Terms

    in Finance

    Tune in to the show that the Banks, Credit Card Companies, and the Financial giants handling your student loan don't want you to hear.
    It's time to take control of your money on your terms, instead of everyone else's.
    This week Tim gives you how to chisel away at your debt.

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    Life viewed in Terms of Energy

    in Spirituality

    Look at life in terms of energy. Beliefs as an energetic download can be part of it.Energy expands consciousness by reconnecting circuitry and more fully connecting the pituitary hippocampal complex (endocrine system). From the view of cosmic consciousness, the xtra 8 days i was in Bali was for purging & recalibrating energetic downloads in my bio-computer. The 3D view is volcanic ash clouds 2x caused my flight 2b cancelled. Yet other carriers were flying. I am still integrating energetically after reconnecting biocircuitry. This is about aligning the lightbody in physicality, seeing and perceiving as if on DMT or Ayahuasca or LSD only naturally. The reason certain drugs are deemed illicit is b/c they temporarily expand consciousness, allow one 2c outside the matrix. Ancient mystics, shamans, Hindu yogis, regularly took plant based substances to see the world from a cosmic perspective & bring wisdom back to this dimension. Reconnect biocircuitry & u generate ur own bioelixirs naturally, the way divine template or more fully activated human DNA allows. Nosuch thing as junk DNA only inactive and active genetic material. Circuitry switched off in most humans. Bali 1st time 11th Template ceremony made public. Participants experiencing vast array of physiological and energetic effects. Keeps one more regularly in the now moment. Join Liara and Steven live 718-664-9735.


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    Are you ready for a life on your terms?

    in Entrepreneur

    Deb Boulanger is known as the Great Do-Over Expert to smart and accomplished women over 40 who are ready to live life on their terms - happy, healthy and spiritually abundant.  Tune in and learn some tips to reinvent yourself after life events or your life as a business owner can leave you feeling depleted, confused or even afraid for your future.  She reinvented her own life at 53 when a 25 year marriage ended and her passion for her work had long faded leaving her exhausted, anxious and searching for more.  Deb is an accomplished health coach with a holistic view of optimum health that goes well beyond food and exercise.  Don't miss this conversation.

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    Shaitan In Modern Terms And In Modern Times

    in Education

    Shaitan in Modern Terms and In Modern Times

    “And (remember) when Shaitan (Satan) made their (evil) deeds seem fair to them and said, ‘No one of mankind can overcome you this day (of the battle of Badr) and verily, I will be your protector.’ But when the two forces came in sight of each other, he ran away and said ‘Verily, I have nothing to do with you. Verily! I see what you see not. Verily! I fear Allah for Allah is Severe in punishment.’”

    [al-Anfaal 8:48]. 

    It is related from `Abd Allah b. Mas`ûd Ibn Mas`ûd that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to him about Abû Jahl: "He is the Pharaoh of this community."

    The hadîth is related in Musnad Ahmad (3824, 3825, 4246 and 4247) and Sunan al-Nasâ'î al-Kubrâ (8617).

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    BGU: Thriving During Mid-Terms

    in Training

    Join Professor Bougie Girl as she discusses how to thrive during Mid-terms.

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    Written Contracts and Terms that Provide the Best Asset Protection

    in Legal

    <strong>In order to protect yourself from transactions which occur during the course of your business, <em>every</em> contract you enter into on behalf of your business should be in writing in order to cement the terms of the contract in a form that is less susceptible to dispute. In this show, Bill and Rick discuss how you can be more assured of what you bargained for and therefore make yourself less likely to expose your assets to loss, should a “contrived” dispute arise.</strong>

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    Terms we hear, saved, apostle, gnosticism, sadducce, pharisee

    in Christianity

    "you need saved, you need salvation, you need born again...!" We all have heard that at one time or another and thought, old man( fire and brimstone crowd) you are scaring me! lol

    Seriously though, Biblical terms can be like speaking a foreign language let's see some of the words defined.

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    Coming To Terms With Faith: What Do You Believe?

    in The Bible

    What we blieve and what occupies our mind directs our lives. There's no getting around it. We can go to church for years and not believe what we hear. How can this be? It's much like sitting in a class and listening to the professor teach week after week, but not taking notes or really putting personal trust or value into what is being taught, so we just drift from class to class, not really learning or applying what is being taught. Jesus said it like this; "You Know A Tree By It's Fruit". If I say am a apple tree, but you only see oranges on my branches, then my statement about me being an apple tree has no real basis. It's a lie. We can be this way as Christians. We are defined by our fruit not our words. Sometimes we talk too much, rather than allowing our lives to speak for us. What people see is what we really believe.


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    Motivational Mondays "The Power Hour" with Evangelist LaShaun Gabriel O'Bryant

    in Christianity

    We welcome the opportunity to pray for others and establish a line for prayer throughout the world. We pray to strengthen the body of Christ with equipment, armor, and understanding while building faith, hope and abundance in the lives of our brother and sisters.  Also please be sure to stay tuned for the Bible verse breakdown, which is a detailed explanation on the meaning of God’s word as we seek to apply on daily terms- that will be conducted later on in the show! And with that said, let’s go and be about our Fathers business in the Name of Jesus.               

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    in Religion

    How should the church or Christians do outreach? Is the goal to "show LOVE" or show Christ? Are those terms mutually exclusive? Is the goal to be relatable, cutting edge or relevant or a witness to those who are lost? What is the purpose condemnation or a ministry of reconciliation? What if the person doesn't smoke cigarettes but instead is addicted to marijuana, cocaine or meth; do you give them a nickel bag instead of Newports? What if the person doesn't need condoms but is addicted to going to the strip club, do you give them a stack of $1 Bills? WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE? In this show we discuss the biblical precedence that Jesus set with outreach ministry when dealing with those who he encountered in the streets. God is not going to "tell us to do something" that is opposite than HIS WORD. TUNE IN and call in on Tuesday Feb. 9th at 12 PM EST. for Break Bread Online bible study, where unlike Sway the bible does "have the answers", we just need to read it in context to find truth.