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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Teresa Howard

    in Goals

    Teresa Howard is an author, speaker, empowerment coach, and domestic violence survivor. 
    My mission is to empower women to overcome any obstacles and build their dreams! To use their stories to heal and change the world! I know our words are powerful and we can change the world and lives when we use them to empower and uplift! 

    As many of you know, domestic violence is a topic very near and dear to my heart.  My publishing company, IbbiLane Press in partnership with the Positive Transformation Network, is producing a compilation book to be released later this year called "The Journey from Surviving to Thriving."  For more information about that book please email kellie@ibbilanepress.com

    As always, thank you so very much for listening!

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    Into the Shadows with Regina and Teresa chat with Frank Lee from C.A.S.P.I.R.

    in Paranormal

    Meet Frank Lee, founder, director, and case manager for The C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team (Central Alabama Society for Paranormal Investigation & Research) and host of the Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show, is a veteran paranormal investigator who has a background in several areas of study in science and technology including electronics, communications, biology, microbiology, environmental science, and medical studies. 


    Join the chat room and call in to ask Frank a question, live this Friday night... 

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    Let's Talk Issues Of The Heart with HOST Erica Michelle Welcomes Teresa Renee

    in Motivation

    Let's Talk Issues Of The Heart with HOST Erica Michelle Welcomes Teresa Renee

    Let's Talk Issues Of The Heart with HOST Erica Michelle Welcomes Teresa Renee

    Let's Talk Issues Of The Heart with HOST Erica Michelle Welcomes Teresa Renee

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    Womens Wisdom Circle-Change Limiting Beliefs

    in Spirituality

    Join host Teresa Maron for the Women's Wisdom Circle, with Rev. Brigid Waszczak, Facilitator

    One of the most profound limiting beliefs many of us have is: Seeing is believing. When that belief is changed to: Believing is seeing. We empower ourselves to be in the driver seat of our lives

    Our goal:

    Women's Wisdom Circle is a soul sanctuary that invites women to be who they are without needing to change or fix themselves or anyone else in the circle. We gather for deep listening, creative reflection and authentic soul-sharing. We begin by exploring a wisdom quote and go where the Spirit leads.  The Circle is a place to honor our flowering alongside our brokenness and our gathering feels new and ancient at the same time.  The Wisdom of the Circle is the Circle itself.

    Special Guest-Brandy Deutsch, a leader and a pioneer in the conscious living communities of Houston, Texas. She holds a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Science in Sedona, AZ and uses her intuitive gifts and specialized training to help clients achieve fast and often immediate results. Brandy believes that instant change, manifestation, is possible in all areas of our lives and that anyone, given the right tools, can transform their current condition or situation.

    Today's Quote:

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?        ~ Marianne Williamson

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    “A democracia, não torna as mulheres em líderes”, afirma a jurista Teresa Amado

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    Rádio Angola (RA): A jurista Teresa Amado, proferiu uma comunicação em Luanda, no dia 18 do corrente. A actividade enquadra-se no Março Mulher. Nela versou sobre “Cidadania e empoderamento feminino”. Fez-se presente em Angola, a convite da Associação das Mulheres Juristas de Angola (AMJA).

    Durante a sua comunicação, fez uma brevíssima resenha histórica em volta do conceito cidadania numa lógica puramente ocidental. Tendo dito que a cidadania evoluiu passando pela Grécia, Roma, Feudalismo, Revolução Francesa, Independência dos EUA e a Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos.

    Defendeu a ideia de que o conceito cidadania não é estanque. Foi mais longe, ao estabelecer um laço inevitável entre cidadania e democracia. “A cidadania é o exercício da democracia”, afirmou a oradora.

    Quanto a representação das mulheres nos espaços de poder, fez uma referência sobre as mulheres nos fóruns parlamentos. Segundo ela, nos países árabes, 12%, Escandinavos, 42% Ruanda, 56%, África do Sul,45%,  Suécia, 45%,  França 19%, EUA 16% (na câmara dos deputados), Angola, 36,8%, Moçambique, 39,6%, Cabo Verde, 28%, Brasil, 13,6 % (Senado Federal), 9% (Câmara dos deputados), mas tem uma presidente da República.

    AFinalmente, defende que as mulheres devem manter a sua essência. Proporcionando afeto na forma de estar e de organizar as sociedades. Não precisamos adoptar o modelo masculino para impor-se, uma vez que este modelo, deu provas de ser falho.

    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org.

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    Sponsor Spotlight On Don & Teresa Syms

    in Self Help

    Join Us April 17, 2016 at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn London, Ontario for the Hottest Health Show this year.  The Breast Show In Town is focussed on Prevention of the #1 killer of Women.  Breast Cancer no long affects only women, but people of all ages.  Let's Make Breast Cancer history and education is the key.  Get your $5 General Admission Tickets online www.breastshowintown.ca  Our sponsor spotlight is on the dynamic duo of Don & Teresa Syms

    He uses his Math degree from the University of Waterloo to aid him in business and computer programming.  He is a very analytical and logical thinker who is exceptional at problem solving and discovering the technology requirements of the people he works with.His successes in the Information Technology field includes researching and implementation of IT programs and has designed complete business systems for Air Ontario, and KML Windows.He also is a network marketing professional and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help people improve their health through natural products.

    Teresa Syms:  Teresa’s business is called Syms Solutions.  “Syms” being the name she is proud of and “Solutions” is what she offers her clients.She has a diverse background in Business and Human Resources, having once taken the lead on the beginning stages of a bargaining unit of a school board.Teresa also has excelled in her interviewing skills in hiring employees, working on workplace harassment cases and exit interviews.  She has set up Human Resource departments in two small businesses (one being International). Teresa also specializes in Radio Show Coordination as well.  Syms Solutions has recently partnered with Eve’s List, a groundbreaking Wholistic Practioners Directory



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    Soul Sanctuary-Deborah Lindeen, Soul Collage

    in Spirituality

    Join host Teresa Maron as she discusses the art of facilitating a retreat with guest Deborah Lindeen.

    At our recent retreat in Huatulco Mexico, fun and great food was mixed with art, transformation, healing and connection. It was played out against the backdrop of the Spring Equinox, and a lunar eclipse. Magical and powerful!

    Our featured presenter, Deborah Lindeen, MA, LPC, guided all of us through the timelessness of creating art, and crafting beauty while around a table speaking from the heart.

    “Some of the modalities we used were guided imagery and deep relaxation, journaling, working with mandalas, and of course, SoulCollage!” Deborah Lindeen, MA, LPC

    Each of us came with a different journey in mind, and it was an inspiration to me to see how the journeys were interwoven, seamlessly with a magical resolution for us all. The facilitators were on a journey as well, with Deborah and I staying in the moment to support each other, and the group. It was so supportive and loving.

    The experience was phenomenal and everyone expressed that it met their needs of self discovery. It exceeded my expectations! Deborah Lindeen, MA, LPC

    #JoyfulJourneys #SoulCollage #SpiritualAdventure #WiseWoman

    Join the next retreat,


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    Taking It To The Streets: The Scoop From The Stoop With Sister Teresa Vasser

    in Religion


    Taking It To The Streets with Bishop Shirleen Cook

    The Scoop From The Stoop With Sister Teresa Vasser 

    This week I am being joined by Sister Teresa Vasser on the stoop to discuss issues pertaining to family, and the unspoken issues that many of us may be facing, but we would never want anyone else to know about.


    But as Christians, we need to know and understand that our Christian homes are not immune to the issues of the world. Many of us are quick to criticize our young people, but what we should be asking is what are we really teaching our children?


    Now more than ever before we must be ever diligent in how we train up our children, so they won't fall prey to the enemy's traps of teen pregnancies, dropping out of school, drug abuse, gang violence, suicide, or incarceration.


    Now is the time for Christian parents to put that pride aside, and stop worrying about how you will be viewed by those in the church or in the world and start doing what is needed to save our children.

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    Poeta Colombiana - Teresa Consuelo Cardona

    in Education

    Esta valiosa colaboración de Teresa Consuelo fue hecha via telefónica y tuvimos algunas deficiencias en el sonido. Gracias por su atencion!

    Teresa Consuelo Cardona Guerrero, nació en Cúcuta, pero vive en Palmira desde su infancia. Es hija de antioqueño y santandereana, esposa de tulueño y madre de caleño. Realizó sus estudios de primaria y bachillerato en instituciones de la ciudad y se hizo Comunicadora Social-Periodista en la Universidad del Valle, en Cali. Ha ejercido como periodista de radio, prensa, televisión, alternativo y virtual, por más de 25 años, en los más prestigiosos medios del país. Del mismo modo, dirigió una editorial universitaria con resonante éxito en el ambiente latinoamericano. Sus méritos poéticos iniciaron a los 4 años de edad y aunque se han producido de manera ininterrumpida, sólo hace un par de años que decidió darlos a conocer. Con una producción que supera los mil poemas, Teresa Consuelo Cardona participó con una obra en el Concurso de Poesía Ciudad de Palmira, el año 2013, en donde obtuvo el primer puesto. Cada día, nos da a conocer una pieza poética de su amplio repertorio, a través de las redes sociales.

    Para mayor detalles visitar: https://www.facebook.com/PoemasTereco


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    in Spirituality


    CALL; TERESA: 707-825-7703

    As a naturally gifted psychic and medium, I use my direct knowing, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience in all aspects of my work. During forty plus years of professional practice, I have consistently refined and focused these natural abilities to the benefit of those who are called to work with me.

    The purpose of my work is to guide you in developing your spirituality and intuition in order to support your soul’s evolutionary journey. I foster independence, creative self-expression, and responsibility to self and other beings so that you can live your life more fully expressing your soul’s deepest truth.

    As a professional in private practice for over thirty-five years in Northern California, I have collaborated in healing collectives with other alternative practitioners as well as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and medical doctors.