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    Virginity and Kink? How can you play and not have sex?

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight on The Underground Sex Show, We discuss kink and virginity with Feral_Sophisticate and his girl. Everyone always thinks Kinksters have to have sex to be kinky but it's certainly not true! We discuss that and other judgemental issues such as age gap. Even in Kinkville where we are suppose to be accepting of others, age gap continues to be taboo. Tune in!

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    Ten Deposition Tips

    in Legal

    Kirk Stange and Jillian Wood talk about ten tips for clients who are being deposed in a family law or divorce case.  You can read more on this topic on www.stangelawfirm.com in an article titled Tips for giving your divorce or family law deposition.

    Stange Law Firm has offices in St. Louis, St. Charles County and City (by appointment only), Jefferson County, Franklin County, Lincoln County in Missouri and St. Clair County, Madison County and Monroe County (by appointment only) in Illinois.  You can contact Stange Law Firm and their Troy, MO Divorce Lawyers in Lincoln County  and Edwardsville, Illinois in Madison County Divorce Attorneys online at 314-963-4700.

    Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature, and may not apply to a specific factual or legal circumstance.  An attorney and client relationship should not be implied. Nothing in this episode is intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney.  Therefore, if you require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

    The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Neither the Supreme Court of Missouri/Illinois nor The Missouri/Illinois Bar reviews or approves certifying organizations or specialist designations. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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    WINDOWS 8 Tech Tips

    in Technology

    WINDOWS 8 OS tech tips on "The LaPass RePort" Tech Tips Tuesdays.

    Visit our consulting team: www.LaPassProductions.com

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    Infertility and Your Sex Life: 5 Helpful Tips toward Intimacy

    in Family

    Dr. Mike Drouin, OB/GYN in Lewiston Maine has helped couples to conceive for over 25 years. As an infertility specialist he has seen first hand the impact this struggle has on a couples sex life . In this interview he will share tips for combining tradtional medical practice with mind/body techniques to support couples to find their way back to enjoying the intimate side of their relationship once again. 

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    ten tips to reduce stess during the end of the year call in

    in Spirituality

    Join Scott as we talk about ten tips to reduce stess during the end of the year call in for a free coaching sample. You deserve to be stress free and with the help of a coach freedom will be yours Follow the show @poperception on twitter on email Scott to book your coaching session for just $25 and change your life today for the better life does not have to be so complex find your balence today and live well NOW!

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    Tuesday's Tips

    in Radio

    Inspired by our own Jen Marie, Tuesday's Tips is a weekly dose of tips to help you with everyday life.  From removing wax off of carpet to holding an onion under water to prevent watery eyes.  If you have tips that you use, share with us

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    BTP Podcast #14 - Big Ten/ACC Challenge Recap & Upset Talk

    in Basketball

    The BTPowerhouse staff discuss the Big Ten's performance in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge and how fans should react to the string of recent upsets to teams like Michigan, Nebraska, and Purdue among others.

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    Shamanism and your Primal Sex Power! Part 2!!

    in Lifestyle

    Let's Delve Deeper! 
    The way of Action and Power grows as we learn more and more about our abilities to live in our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth! Rev. Goddess helps us to increase our knowledge with multi-dimensional understanding. Shamanism and your primal sex power are the portals to expansion and learing how to use it to heal, grow and expand spritually and sexually could possibly be the most important decision you will ever make! 
    Join the show! PART 2!!
    Goddess Blessings 

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    "Sex, Lies & Soul Ties"

    in Relationships

    Greetings & Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" your Intimacy, Romance & Relationship Enhancement Ministry with your Romance Coaches Shawna, J.L. & Tee and our Special guest Earl J., we invite you to join us on Thursday, December 18 at the time listed for you area,.

    We are a "Keep It Real Ministry" that exposes the darkness that is destroying Relationships & Marriages and what prevents some from getting into a Healthy Relationship & Marriage.

    Our fire topic for this week is: "Sex, Lies & Soul Ties" we are exposing the traps of seduction & lust. Amen 

    To join us, please call (347) 637-1509 and press one to come into the studio with us. Studio rules are, please do not use your speakerphone feature, it causes feedback. Also, make sure you are in a quiet setting. We are recording and want it to be clear for our listeners. Amen. 

    Our broadcast times are 7 PM EST, 6 PM MST, 5 PM CST & 4 PM PST. 

    Tell a friend to listen in, there could be something said that would set you free, to enjoy a healthy and loving relationship/marriage.


    In His Service,


    Shawna, J.L. & Tee

    Romance Coaches




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    Are Sex Toys In Or Out?

    in Self Help

    Some people like their SEX vanilla style and for others, they have no guile trying different things to spice up their sex life including investing in sex toys. Are you the traditional sex mate? Or are you the adventurous type? Whatever your choice, Tell me....Do you think sex toys are overrated unnecessary luxury or do you think more people should invest in their personal/partners pleasure? Join me LIVE (on PART 1 of this series) as I chat with Nigerian Entertainer/Nudist and the 'goddess of sex' MAHEEDA on the #TheNakedTalk to share her candid thoughts on the sex toy phenomenon. .(TO BE CONTINUED....)

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    in Romance

    Join Ms. V and James every Tuesday when you never know what they will talk about.  It's like ease dropping on a private conversation about sex.   They do mix it up with the listeners and guest chimming in, but you never know what these two will say.  Join the conversation at 646-716-804
    Also we'll be discussing up coming adult events in the industy and public and radio apperances we'll be making.
    This is a all new V's After Dark that you don't want to miss.

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