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  • Finding That Hidden Treasure From That Temporary Setback

    in Women

    God is working on a major


    from that temporary 


     in your life


    What if I told you that the setbacks in your life was design as a setup for a major comeback in you life? Notice how the most successful people are those who went through a lot of failures, let downs, and disappointments in life that caused many setbacks. Just like an arrow, sometimes God got to pull you back enough to throw you far enough. Find that hidden treasure in the mist of your setback. 

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    Temporary Skeletons - Horror Anthology

    in Books

    Tonight we will discuss the Horror Anthology “Temporary Skeletons”.

    Temporary Skeletons is a collection of weird and creepy works from some of the best voices in fiction today. From ancient lords of the forest to the waste and decay of a fast food culture, this anthology is a feast of fear. Try not to get freaked out by the dark tales contained within these covers. Grab a friend to keep you company as you explore the shadowy recesses inside the skulls of these edgy, modern writers.


    With us on the show will be Authors: Sara Rich, Josh Brown, Jeremy Mays, David Schütz II, Mary Genevieve Fortier, Rick Powell, Bosley Gravel and the book's publisher, Timm Tayshun.

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    What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?- General Information

    in Legal

              Temporary protected status (TPS) is a U.S. government designation given to foreign countries by the U.S. These countries receive TPS status when it is dangerous or unsafe for those nationals inside the U.S. from returning to their countries of origin. This episode will give a general background on eligibility requirements for TPS, the benefits of TPS status, along with country specific TPS information on Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and El Salvador.

    For further information, I can be reached at (323) 924-8560 or you can send me an e-mail at: oscar@acunalawoffice.com. Please Note: This is just general information and is not intended to serve as legal advice for your particular legal issue.

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    Judge Jacobson denies temporary restraining order

    in News

    Judge Jack Jacobson denies restraining order

    A temporary restraining order was denied by Judge Jacobson until a June 22nd 2015 hearing.  The Judge will also be hearing the divorce trial on August 19th 2015. 

    The following narrative by Sherry Fenn wife of Sargent Frank Fenn outlines the facts concerning the divorce hearing. 

    It is assumed the Judge has read the narrative and yet finds that the facts as stated do not show reasonable proof of a past act or acts of abuse.

    The request for the restraining order filed by Sherry Fenn asked that Sargent Fenn turn over all firearms owned or possessed by Fenn to the Modesto Police Department, including explosives.

    Fenn has estimated 50 guns in his possession. He has two registered M16 assault rifles and explosives obtained from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

    Fenn was a Watch Commander for Sheriff Adam Christianson.  He was sent to bomb school and briefly before he retired was put in charge of all court bailiffs.

    The complaints that were filed by Sherry Fenn were never investigated.  However, when Fenn retired from the Sheriff’s Department Christianson notified MS Fenn that the complaints had been closed since Sargent Fenn was no longer with the Sheriff’s Department.

    Sherry Fenn has failed to get a temporary restraining order but hopes that Judge Jacobson will grant a permanent restraining order at the June 22 hearing.

    For women that are concerned about domestic violence the time of the hearing is at 9am in Department 14 at 800 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354. 



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    Why is Happiness so danged illusive and temporary?

    in Spirituality

    Happiness is the newest and oldest longing of mankind. It is an insatiable DESIRE that can't find peace wihin life. This is the CLUE to follow.

    Recent fascinations border on the ridiculous making happiness either something social scientist have "figured out" and can even "prove" or something sexy the life coaching guru's have made into a guidebook of attitudes, platitudes, and/or disciplines that will generate your daily bliss. AND, if these don't work for you...well, the implied message is that it is, "your fault."

    Granted some of this guidance will improve attitudes and prompt better thinking in making choices and dealing with relationships. But that misses getting down to the root of all this pursuit of happiness business.

    The answer generates from either external or internal sources. As long as we favor our external, and that does include the seeminly internal spaces of our ego-body mind, we will hover above the ground and not connect with the happiness that is so elusive. 

    Trade elusive for subtle and you begin to move your attention towards that which will lead you to what you need to connect with regarding our Innnate nature being replaced by an unstable nature that CANNOT keep happiness in its grip or heart.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Wickedness is Temporary... PEACE is Everlasting..

    in Lifestyle

    Wickedness is Temporary... PEACE is Everlasting..
    Have you ever wondered if your bad situation is going to end?
    We see many accounts of bad situations in the Bible but did you know that every last event was temporary?
    It's like today.... Tragedy is going to take a turn... Christ is returning..
    There are great lessons and verses about how fleeting sin and wickedness are... It may seem as though the wicked prosper and sinfulness goes unchecked, yet we all reap what we sow, later and more than we sow. Evil deeds will be punished, by God...in His timing.
    If you would like to call-in and discuss and share…. Please don’t hesitate…
    Well, listen to Charles and hear the simplicity that wickedness is temporary – where Peace, Love and Joy are everlasting….
    Peace, Love and Everlasting Joy
    “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”
    – Words of the Jewish Talmud

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    Tim and Brandon's Bromantic Comedy: All things must come to a temporary end

    in Comedy

    That's right. The Bromantic Comedy will be coming to a temporary end.

    Tim and Brandon have busy lives going on and they both needs some extra time.

    This isn't a final farewell, but we won't be able to promise an episode each week.

    We hope to return about once a month for conversation and nonsense.

    Enjoy and thank you so much for listening!

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    What is love

    in Motivation

    Testing out blogtalk with a temporary show.

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    Injunctive Relief (Part I): Temporary Restraining Order

    in Legal

    What if you are an employer and you shared confidential information, such as client lists with an employee and now the employee is contacting your clients and starting up a competitive business?  What if a competitor named their business the same or similar name of your business?  What if you find out that a lessee is absconding with your vehicles that you leased to them?  In these situations, you need immediate relief, so what can you do?  You can file a temporary restraining order and ask the Court to enter an order stopping that person from doing whatever it is that is harming you now until you can have a full hearing on the matter.  A temporary restraining order (“TRO”) is an equitable remedy that is issued in exceptional and emergency situations when it is necessary to preserve the status quo until the court has an opportunity to rule on a motion for preliminary injunction.  This podcast with Jennifer Burt of Lavelle Law will explore temporary restraining orders and how you can utilize them. 

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    Re-Define Yourself! (Rebroadcast)

    in Christianity

    Unfortunately, some people have become so disappointed, that they are unhappy in life, on their jobs, in their relationships, in their marriages, in need of breakthrough in finances, have health concerns and are combatting a series of other problems.  Somehow these situations have caused folks to pull away and shrink back in their relationships with GOD!

    But Be Encouraged! Get up and dust yourself off because the problems you face today no matter how big, are only temporary! We serve and almighty GOD who has given us promises that we can count on! This may be a time to RE-Visit what the Word says about GOD!