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    Brain Balance Radio: Special Edition Featuring Famous Author Temple Grandin

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    Dr. Robert Melillo will be hosting a special Thursday Edition of Brain Balance Radio. He will be discussing the latest in Autism, ADHD, OCD News. Dr Melillo will be featuring Temple Grandin and they will be discussing Autism & Autism Rights. 

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    Temple Grandin - The Autistic Brain

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    Dr Temple Grandin discusses brain scans, sensory issues, parenting tips, different thinking styles in autistics and much more 

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    Temple Grandin Talks About The Autistic Brain

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    This week on Autism Spectrum Radio we are thrilled to welcome arguably the most famous person in the autism community, Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Dr. Grandin has been advocating for individuals with autism for more than 30 years. In 2010, Grandin delivered the TED talk “The world needs all kinds of minds.” Grandin’s own experience with autism has informed her numerous books on the subject including My Life in Pictures which was adapted for the award-winning HBO film. Her most recent book, The Autistic Brain, focuses on the latest autism research and new diagnosis and treatments.   

    Born on August 29, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts, Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. She has become a leading advocate for autistic communities and has also written books and provided consultation on the humane treatment of animals. 

    Grandin has been recognized by the academic community and the general public for her work. In 2009, she was named a fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. She is the recipient of several honorary degrees, and has been featured on a range of television and radio programs.

    In 2010, HBO released an Emmy Award winning film on Grandin’s life which continues to strike a chord with audiences.  Temple’s willingness to honestly share her challenges as well as share her passionate perspective with depth and resonance has made her a very popular (and busy) speaker and presenter.

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    An Intimate Conversation with Temple Grandin

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    I recently published an article on PsychologyToday.com that put forth the theory that dam Lanza was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. Concerned that autistics throughout the world might be stigmatized as a result Adma's actions, I felt driven to focus more on the topic of autism.   Who better to assist me than Temple Grandin,  the autistic woman who has captured the world's heart. The subject of the award-winning film, Temple Grandin, she is a doctor of animal science at Colorado State University, a bestselling author, autism activist, consultant to the livestock industry, and inventor of the"hug box" (a device to calm autistic children).   I am particularly honored that she accepted to do this one-on-one interview with me. We’ll be talking about many things, including why the world needs different kinds of minds, her passion for helping young autistics develop their strengths, and her unique sensory abilities that enable her to relate to cows.   For the first time, I will also be publicly discussing my own unusual brain functions. Despite the fact that I am not autistic, the parallels between Temple’s brain and my own suggest that perhaps, we all have abilities that we don’t tap into.   Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a one hour live Internet Radio program originally airing every Tuesday at 1pm (EST) on TalkZone Internet Radio. Visit AskDrLove.com and sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of all my upcoming shows, plus receive 11 FREE relationship eBooks for signing up today!   

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    The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin Book Review

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    Join me as I share my thoughts and opinons about the book The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin.

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    Temple Grandin Animals - Companions and Careers

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    Join hosts Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks with guest Dr Temple Grandin.
    Temple Grandin Animals: Companions and Careers Animals are an important part of our social culture. Many 2e/ASD/ADHD children have found a special connection with Horses, Dogs, and othe companion animals. Temple Grandin herself first discovered a personal connection early in her life which later lead to her incredible career as one of the foremost authorities in animal science. Temple returns as our guest to help us understand the rich therapy animals can provide as companions and how a personal interest and love for animals large or small can develop into a rewarding career. Two of her popular books on the subject written along with Catherine Johnson are- "Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior" and "Animals Make Us Human: Creating The Best Life For Animals"  

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    Temple Grandin

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     Temple Grandin returns as my guest on @TheCoffeeKlatch Talk Radio - one of Time Magazines Most Influential People Of The Year. The HBO movie "Temple Grandin - Thinking in Pictures" up for 15 Emmy nominations. Join Dr Grandin and I as we discuss sensory issues, social deficits, early intervention and neurodiversity. An open and personal interview giving us a look into the real life of Dr Temple Grandin. Call in and interact on our Blog Talk Radio Chat to interact with Dr Grandin.

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    Dr Temple Grandin - Different Not Less

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    We are honored to have Dr Grandin return for her fifth appearance on The Coffee Klatch. 
    "Different Not Less " the phrase made famous by Dr Grandin's mother Eustacia Cutler in the HBO biopic Thinking In Pictures the story of Temple Grandins life, is the title of her latest book.  Inspiring stories of achievement and successful employment from adults with Autism, Aspergers and ADHD is one of the most empowering books I have had the pleasure to read. 
    In this latest release Dr Grandin shares stories of adversity and triumph from those with autism spectrum disorders.  Heart wrenching and overwhelmingly inspirational stories that give hope and validation for those who have fought for their success and independence will give hope to millions. 
    The always informative, gracious and quite funny Dr Grandin is a national treasure.  She just keeps getting better and better!

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    Temple Mount Drama & Rebuilding the Third Temple

    in Christianity

    There's a lot of news going on in Jerusalem these days and it concerns the Temple Mount. With the assassination attempt on Rabbi Yehuda Glick and murders in the local, Jerusalem synagogue, many question if this is the sign of the rebuilding of the third temple. What do you think? Will we see the rebuilding of the third temple in our generation?

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    Feasts of Lights- Chanakkah & The Restoration of the Temple

    in Religion

    Teaching & Preaching the Word to the World. Making disciples and seeking and saving the lost like Jesus did.        Luke 19:10 " For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost."

    Donations at:


    Website:     www.wtlffjim.org

    the Jewish historian Titus Flavius Josephus narrates in his book, Jewish Antiquities XII 12.6-7 how the victorious Judas Maccabeus ordered lavish yearly eight-day festivities after rededicating the Temple in Jerusalem that had been profaned by Antiochus Epiphanes  IV . Josephus does not say the festival was called Chanukkah but rather the "Festival of Lights"

    Feasts of Lights- Chanukkah, The Maccabees & the Redication of the Temple

    Objective: To know Chanukkah-Feasts of LIghts

    Memory verse: Matt 24:15
    Read Daniel 9
    Greek Emperior Anticohus Epiphanes IV (pig sacrifice in the temple)
    Maccabees revolt against the Selecuid & the retaken of Jerusalem
    Nov/Dec-Kislev 25th 168.B.C.
    Oil that lasted 8 days, 8 days of rest
    a 9th light standing Attention/Servant (Shamash)
    Dec 25th the sun worship-Roman pagan god

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    The Temple of All Knowing

    in Dreams

    Join Kelly as she interviews Holistic Entrepreneur Lee Papa! 

    Lee Papa’s mid-life courageous journey from the depths of despair amidst a challenging marriage, shattering financial collapse and heartbreak while caring for her elderly mother, finds her way back from the Light.  In her first book, The Temple of All Knowing, Lee’s 2008 near death experience provides much more than a glimpse into the unknown, she came back with tools to share with all. 


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