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    Temperament & Your Love Life

    in Self Help

    Using Vedic Astrology and the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology, astrologer, author, and teacher, will be co-hosting this show with me, Karen White, of Divine Time Astrology.? Ryan has two books available and he is now teaching Vedic Astrology on-line!
    Today, the topic is How Your Temperament Affects Your Love Life. We have three birth charts to demonstrate how and why your temperament can be a stumbling block in your love life:??
    1. Many unfulfilling relationships?? 2. Long-term, but unsatisfying relationships?? 3. One Long-term relationship, hard to find right man? 4. Needy, but good at pleasing women
    Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology brings you practical solutions, as well as self-knowledge to help you balance your elements and become more of a love magnet!
    We will tell you the ascendant and planet placements of the example charts so you can understand the technique, but the data is confidential.
    Get the best Astrology Reports available on the web! These reports are exceptional because they are based on the best and the most accurate techniques in Vedic Astrology. These Relationship Capacity & Compatibility reports can save you years of unnecessary suffering in love!

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    Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye

    in Religion

    On this episode of Remnant X Radio we will be airing a teaching by Tim LaHaye entitled, "Spirit Controlled Temperament." Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com!

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    in Women

    Women who made changes in their lives, that has impacted the lives of many.

    Special interviews with Author Caroline Saunders of I Married A Preacher with Deep Dark Secrets

     Pastor Mellisa Miller * 

    At some point in his or her life nearly everyone desires to be and tries to be a better person. Nearly everyone will strive, make an honest effort to be a to be a “good person.” People often long to try and change their life for the better. People are not completely blind to their own faults. They recognize a need for change. For example they might see that they have an anger problem and therefore strive for a better temperament and more patience. Some may not like the kind of things coming out of their mouth so they’ll try and clean up their act and have more godly speech. Others strive for a purer thought life, better self-control, etc.

    You can see many examples in society of people’s desire to change and be a better person. The self-help books that line many bookstores are evidence of this desire. The abundance of twelve step programs and classes on such things as anger management is more evidence. The inability of people to get an appointment at Christian and secular counselors because of demand shows us that there is an abundance of people seeking to change for the better. Sometimes even church attendance is motivated by this longing and is evidence of this inward desire to be a better person.


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    The Lost Teachings of Jesus - Discovered!! - Choosing the Apostels

    in Spirituality

    An Investigation into The New Testament Bible

    The Story of Jesus

    Choosing the Apostels and his "1st Miracle"

    From 3 perspectives

    * The Biblical world viiew

    * The Academic/Scholastic

    * The Urantia Book

    1. The apostles learned from Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus learned much from them about the kingdom of men, human nature as it lives on Earth. These twelve men represented many different types of human temperament, and they had not been made alike by schooling.

    2. The father of the bridegroom had provided plenty of wine for all the guests bidden to the marriage feast, but how was he to know that the marriage of his son was to become an event so closely associated with the expected manifestation of Jesus as the Messianic deliverer?

    Email:  gg@godsgumshoe.org
     On facebook: Godss Gumshoe
    Twitter: @godsgumshoe

     YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/godsgumshoe?feature=mhee

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    Ministry and Money Part 7

    in Christianity

    Here are some more common reasons people give for wanting to be involved in ministry:

    “A true prophet prophesied over me, it was confirmed, and I knew in my heart.” If a particular project (ministry) has been assigned to us by God, He is the only One Who can confirm it.

    “My parents were ministers; the mantle has fallen on my generation now. Besides, what else would I do?” The Lord’s ministry can’t be passed down from one generation to the next because relationship, His Personal Presence, can’t be passed down.

    “I want to be able to spend all my energy, efforts and time with God. Being involved in public ministry will keep me safe and in His will.” But the church, and ministry in particular, was never meant to be a haven from the world or a guarantee against making mistakes.

    “I can do it better than what I see being done.” This probably disqualifies you from that project, at least for now.

    “Look at all God has done for me! The least I can do for Him is serve Him and His people.” You’re not doing the Lord any favors by trying to do His work for Him.

    “I want my life to mean something. I want it to have eternal consequences and rewards.” None of us knows what is coming next, so to try to make decisions now, and use the unknown future as a motivator, robs us of the satisfaction and relationship that the Lord has for us in the present.

    “God healed and set me free. Now I want to heal and free others.” We are to neither give nor withhold according to our own judgment, but in each case depend on the Lord for His direction, resources and results.

    “I need to help people; I’m happiest ministering to people.” We don’t want to make decisions on what we want or don’t want, but as our temperament is freed to be joined to His will, we submit our wants and desires to His.

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    Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology- Your Temperament & the Elements-

    in Spirituality

    Vedic astrology and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, are completely compatible healing arts as they both use the same language of the elements. Ayurveda means "the knowledge for long life," and in the hands of a good Vedic astrologer who also has knowledge of Ayurveda, your birth chart will reveal exactly what your temperament is, and how to balance yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for optimum health and longevity.

    Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology is both a Vedic astrologer and a Ayurveda Self-Care Instructor at the Ashville School of Massage & Yoga. He also teaches Kriya Yoga, and recently co-authored and published the book The Art & Science of Vedic Astrology, The Foundation Course, now available on Amazon and through his website.

    He will be joining me, Karen White of Divine Time Astrology, once a month to talk about Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and Kriya Yoga. It helps if you have some knowledge of astrology, but it's not absolutely necessary. We will be doing birth charts volunteered from the audience to demonstrate how this knowledge can benefit you and everyone in your life!

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    The D-ANGER Zone: The Truth About Anger

    in Psychology

    One of my many talents, geez, I am cocky and arrogant, and I fully embrace those qualities, is the performance of one-man shows that educate, entertain and make the audience say, "ffffffwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaattt" and "hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm."

    In this short podcast I discuss my D-ANGER Zone workshop that seeks to help people get their heads our of their ass and their ass off of the couch and improve the quality of their life by healing the hurt and managing the fear that drives anger behaviors.

    It's a cathartic and satiricaly roller coaster ride into my world, in which I have toiled long and hard to overcome my issues and leverage my personality, temperament and life story to deal with The Bullshit of Life.

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    The Greatest Love of All: Learning to Love Yourself

    in Self Help

    People talk about loving self, but what does it really mean? Everything stems from how you feel about you. The more you KNOW of your own temperament/priorities as a foundation for self love and healthy relationships is how you get & sustain them.


    Click links below:

     * Subscribe to the iTunes podcast.

    * Get our 9 Keys To Living In The Grown Zone, NOW!

    * Read our Grown Zone Blog on JETmag.com

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    I-LACE: (#73) Awareness of Self-Past-Present Future-Temperament-Fears & Baggage

    in Spirituality

    ****NOTICE****We go live on the air Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 5pm. Today is August 21, 2014 and we will Co-Host with Mo of New Cintrine. I am thankful for you all showing interest in what is share here on Earths Retreat Radio. Please support our work by tuning in, sharing our page, giving generous monetary offerings via our website. We give 100% of service to you first. Our reward is that you are able to take something from here that will help you to help yourself and others. Through visualizing what you want, all your dreams and desires can come true.

    At Earths Retreat©®™, our Empowerment Coach and Humanity Wellness Doc, Ah'malah is guided by the supreme creator/creatress within, highly favored by many for her endless servant leadership to people worldwide over the past 15 years. Her goal is to inspire, encourage, uplift or empower you in every area of your life. Ah'malah's personal gift to you if you will accept is: #BEAM each and every day. B.e Love/E.mpower Others/A.ffirm Greatness/M.otivate Self. This virtual internet radio show is a support and guide not the solution! Continue to study self and do the work!

    Today we will discuss awareness it is entirety. No boundaries..let's talk about are we really aware of our self, fears, baggage, insecurities, and so much more. We will relate our topic to life in general as it pertains to achieving our goals and focusing on our purpose. We should all invest in the first business, which is family. Think about your questions for our class discussion. Come join us and share your methods, advice, or ideas. See you all on our show hosted by Empress Ah'malah & Guest Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 5pm EDT (646-649-0119).

    Peace & Love Your Earths Retreat Empwerment Coach, Ah'Malah (IniSHEator) (TM)

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    Consciousness 2.0...The Walking Dead

    in Spirituality

    "Let's boycott Black Friday and keep our money in our community. Don't support the system that complicates our lives."

    "F*ck you nigga..i want dat $100 flat-screen tv from WalMart."

    Consciousness exists on many levels. Pandering to indifference and argumentative speculations can cloud one's quest for elevation. Subfactors such as ego, race, economic supression, stagnant movements, and a general sense of despair can poison the thoughs of those on the quest for mental freedom. In the journey to aquire and obtain knowledge of self, one must have a clear and concise temperament which will allow them to mentally absorb the hostilities that history unfolds.

    In a selfish society, how does the conscious thinker absorb his surroundings and still maintain overall ideologies of peace and harmony? How does a conscious mind navigate though stagnant movements and still keep its luster?

    Let's dissect and build.

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