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    Back on the Couch - Tellofilms and "Gay Street Therapy"

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    After a brief hiatus at the end of 2012, Christin Mell and tellofilms.com returns for another installment in a bimonthly series.  This time we'll be focusing on the new webseries "Gay Street Therapy", which officially launched just one week ago.  "Gay Street Therapy" is a completely unscripted comedy series starring Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman as two women providing hilarious, sometimes good sometimes not so great advice to lesbians about life and love. They're not Ann Landers, okay?  Brandy and Julie, who previously collaborated on 2010's "Julie and Brandy: In Your Box Office", will be bringing their couch to F4F as well as they join Christin in discussing tellofilms' first big launch of 2013.  We will also be taking a few minutes to talk about the recently-announced merger of tellofilms with OneMoreLesbian and what this means for all of us. And perhaps Christin and Brandy will have a few words to say about "Cowgirl Up: Season 2" as well.

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    Tellofilms - We Love "I Hate Tommy Finch"

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    Typically at this time of year we say “out with the old, in with the new”.  But tonight on F4F Radio we kick off 2012 by having it both ways.  We welcome back the familiar voice of two-time guest Christin Mell as part of a brand-new bimonthly segment.  As co-owner of the Tellofilms website, Christin will visit F4F once every two months to talk about the newest major project launching on the site.  Tonight we will also be joined by Julie Keck and Jessica King, the two halves of the “King is a Fink” team.  Tonight’s topic will be the brand-new webseries “I Hate Tommy Finch”, starring Nicole Pacent (“Anyone But Me”) and Shannan Leigh Reeve (“Cowgirl Up”).  While IHTF, which was written by Julie and co-directed by Christin and Jessica, may have premiered last year as a stage play in Chicago, it was always intended to be much more than just a local theatrical production.  A live performance of IHTF, complete with audience and live music, was recorded and then edited for its release this month as a webseries.  If successful, the hope is that this can lead to future opportunities for people everywhere to enjoy something that was previously only available to those in a specific location.  And considering stories about lesbian characters are even today something of a precious commodity, these opportunities become more important than ever.  Our guests will talk about everything that went into making this unique production, what role Tellofilms will play in all of this, and their goals for the future.  Joining me tonight – joining me every night, in fact – will be my new cohost/coproducer Kim Pritekel. UPDATE: Co-lead actress Nicole Pacent will also be joining us! 

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    Everyone Wants to "Kiss Her I'm Famous"

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    F4F Radio kicks off March with the latest installment in a series of bimonthly appearances by producer/writer/director Christin Mell to talk about the latest production to premiere on Tellofilms.com, the site she co-founded. And the site which soon will be merging with OneMoreLesbian, creating a single entity even better positioned to provide high-quality online entertainment designed to appeal to lesbian audiences. This month Tellofilms will debut "Kiss Her I'm Famous", the new webseries directed by Rolla Selbak ("3 Veils") and starring Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews as two best friends whose desperate pursuit of celebrity leads them to create a fake lesbian sex tape. Rolla, Tracy and Ilea will all be joining us this evening, as we discuss the new series and what to expect from it. We'll also get updates on how other recent productions have fared, and perhaps what we'll see in the future.

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    An Evening with Kam Kardashian (The Other Sister)

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    Tonight F4F welcomes back producer/writer/director Christin Mell for the third part in an ongoing bimonthly series, where we discuss the latest projects being created at the Tellofilms website.  This month we'll begin by getting an update on an upcoming webseries we learned about in March, a drama about lesbian teen runaways called "The Throwaways".  After that we'll be joined by Kam Kardashian - you know, the "other" Kardashian sister?  The lesbian one?  No?  Well, if you haven't heard of her, it's probably because she likes it that way.  She'll be here to talk about the ongoing web reality series about her life, her relationship with her family (such as it is), and her attempts to live outside of the long shadow cast by her "famous for being famous" sisters.

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    Christin Mell, Bridget McManus, & the return of McManusland

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    F4F Radio kicks off March by welcoming back Tellofilms.com creator Christin Mell, who will be making her fourth visit to the show.  Tonight will be the second in a series of bimonthly appearances Mell will make in 2012 to discuss the next big project(s) premiering on her website.  This time we'll be joined by actress and stand-up comedian Bridget McManus ("Brunch With Bridget", "Cowgirl Up") to talk about the return of her webseries "McManusLand", which will begin airing its second season in early April at Tellofilms.  McManus and her real-life wife Karman Kregloe are technically playing themselves as subjects of a documentary, but the events of each episode are pure farce, similar to Larry David's life on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  Not only will we learn about what to expect from Season 2, but also we'll hear from Mell about "The Throwaways", a brand-new webseries in which Tellofilms will be employing "transmedia storytelling" - or the telling of stories across multiple platforms - for the first time.

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    Double Up! - Christin Mell & Nancylee Myatt on Cowgirl Up! 2

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    You've waited over a month for brand-new segments on F4F Radio, and starting at 9 PM EST, July 26th, we're giving you two.  In the first hour, we welcome back writer/director Christin Mell for her bimonthly appearance to talk about upcoming webseries on Tellofilms.com.  This time we'll discuss the second season of the comedy-western "Cowgirl Up!", which begins filming later this year.  CU! creator Nancylee Myatt ("South of Nowhere", "Nikki and Nora") will join Christin, just as she did in 2011 to talk about Season 1.  And much as actress Mandy Musgrave (Dakota) was a part of the first show, this time appearing with Christin, and making their F4F debuts, will be CU! Season 1 and 2 stars Kodi Kitchen (Dee) and Marnie Alton (Abby).  Together they'll reveal all sorts of goodies about what to expect from Season 2, including new storylines, characters, and cast members you'll all recognize.  Joining me for this hour will be cohost Inspector Boxer, who also cohosted the original CU! show with me.  And in the second hour . . . well, you'll just have to visit the F4F homepage to see!

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    Girls on Film - Christin Baker and Nicole Valentine from Tellofilms.com

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    When lesbians and other gay and straight fans of stories involving two women in love want to read their favorite stories, they don’t go to the major bookseller chains. More and more frequently, they turn to the Internet, where they can find independent booksellers and fan fiction archives. When those same people want to see similar material on television, they don’t go to the big screen in their entertainment center. (Not unless they enjoy punishment.) They go to the Internet too, and one of the sites they visit is Tellofilms.com. Founded in 2008, Tellofilms is sort of like a Youtube for lesbians, as members are encouraged to post original films, webisodes, and other visual material for others to see. Its success can be measured by the over 700 different videos that can currently be seen there, and by the new and improved website that was just launched. I’ll be speaking with Christin Baker and Nicole Valentine, who first came up with the idea for Tellofilms three years ago, and run the site to this day.