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    Audio Quality Check - Telephony 532

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    Audio Quality Check - Telephony 532

  • What is Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show all about?

    in Finance

    Tonight we will summize what "Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show" will be all about. Our goal is to educate men of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of your generation FA4M is for you... On FA4M you will learn about the following;

    Health = True Wealth - Being healthy is the paramount foundation in reaching all your goals in life. Without health we are nothing, without health we will be limited to what we can achieve. Health above all else comes first on your goals (bucket list). What is true Health? Being sound of mind (positive outlook on life), using logic and critical thinking, feeding your body the proper nutrition to meet the demands of each day, excercise you mind and body which is vital, being aware of your emotional and spiritual needs , replenishing them as often required.
    Finances - Here on FA4M, you will learn about loans (mortgages, 2NDs, HELOCs, Hard Money, , FHA, VA, CON, JUMBO, DTI, APR & more), stocks, fiat currency/ies, precious metals, and much much more!!!
    Real Estate - You will learn about single family homes, multi-units, condos, townhomes, Lots and land, land development and much more...
    Technology - Network/IT, Telephony/VOIP, Structural Cabling Structure/SCS, iDAS, Electrical, Solar Power, programming & coding/Software, and much more.
    Career Paths - Talk about current career opportunities currently available and most beneficial to you...
    And much more - Topics that are relevent that will promote your well being.


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    Test Telephony-832

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    Running a successful Telephony Business

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    Join Stuart Crawford with Paul Moffatt from the Calgary Elite IT Group as we talk about running a successful telephony business. Paul will share some of his insights to what it takes to run a successful company in a hot Calgary market.

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    Ken McCoy Radio Morning Show

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    Top of the Morning News and Info.... Ready for you.

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    Council Blogs on Telephony

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    Join your host, Chief Blogger as he discusses the latest in Telephony technolgy with Mike Bayer from Select Telecom of Northern Illinois. Mike answers questions about the technology but one of his passions is the effective application of new technologies to have an impact on your business. Mike helps many people rethink their strategy for phone system setup. He wants to help people figure how to use the tool to gain more customers or keep the exisitng ones happy. If you missed the live show you can call Mike at  815-282-5151 and he will be more than happy to answer your question. You can also email him at mbayer@selectteltech.com.

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    UnitedNations attempts Web takeover to recapture Telephony$

    in Technology

    Ambassador David Smith visits SyndicatedNews.NET to discuss the International INTERNET meeting being held in Dubai by the United Nations. Present are SyndicatedNews.NET's Military Historian Richard S. Lowry, our own United Nations Correspondent Ian Williams and Internet Pioneer Ruthie DiTucci.

    This highly important debate over government control of the Internet is unfolding in Dubai right now. Some members are pushing for greater UN control of the Internet through measures that critics call highly invasive.
    A UN agency,the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is preparing a new international telecoms treaty but in order to make anything "stick" treaties that were penned long ago would have to be revisited - an unlikely scenario. 

    Accompanying music is licensed to SyndicatedNews.NET by John McEuen, CEO SyndicatedNews.NET

    Click here to purchase your copy of: 
    #CyberDoc: No Borders - No Boundaries.

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    Delivering Quality: Sysco's Service with a S.M.I.L.E.

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    Ed Poorbaugh, from Sysco, shares how they have improved their average quality score from 88.7% to 94%, and reduced turnover by 15%.  They are delivering service with a S.M.I.L.E. 
    Ed Poorbaugh has held a number of positions in warehousing, transportation and information technology operations during his 17 year career with Sysco. Prior to his current role, he managed the IT operations for the Southwestern United States and was the project manager for several successfully enterprise-wide software development projects. Ed was an integral part of the design and implementation of Sysco’s new call centers in Houston and Dallas, Texas. Currently, he is responsible for the operational and quality performance of the support center, including the management of telephony and other technology platforms used to deliver a cost-effective and customer focused experience. Ed has a B.A in English with a minor in Environmental Sciences from the University of New Mexico.

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    Generating Leads While Your Customers are ON HOLD

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    Ronnie Tsunami, the Tiki Techie, interviews John Waller, innovator with The OnHold Experience, about ways to generate leads, increase customer retention, and upsell customers while they are on hold waiting to speak to a representative. 

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    VOC Expert Series: Jennifer Beyer of Allegiance

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    Join us as we welcome Jennifer Beyer of Allegiance.  Jennifer is currelty the Vice President of Best Practices at Allegiance.  She has a diverse background supporting business-to-business and business-to-consumer market share growth through insights to action. Architect of several technology platforms, including one of the first digital telephony switches in New England and the data systems and software of the customer satisfaction programs at the largest financial firm in the nation.  Jennifer was recently awarded Utah's "Top 40 under 40."

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    Jim Machi, VP of Product Marketing for Dialogic

    in Internet

    Jennifer and Luis focus on topics and interviews related to all things media, technology, social, and marketing topics that help the everyday person better understand what's happeing, what it means, and how it can help.
    Jim Machi is Vice President of Marketing for Dialogic, responsible for driving worldwide marketing communications and product marketing. Jim has been with Dialogic since 1998, when he joined as Director of Product Management, working to develop the company's IP telephony roadmap and strategy. Jim was recognized by Internet Telephony Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Voices of IP Communications” in October, 2006 and by VoIP-News as one of the “50 most influential people in VoIP” in November, 2006. Jim holds an MBA degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.