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    Raising 'Know It All' Girls and the Struggles

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    Have you heard from your kids 'Mother, that was in the olden ages, they don't do things like that anymore' or 'Don't they have peeps to do that'?  Has the power of technology and the internet breed teens and young adults the power to feel 'they know it all' but can they separate laundry?  Where have the days of cut and chop wood gone, cleaning the house, doing laundry and balancing a check book gone?  The dark ages, that is where!

    My guest is Becky Blades, author of Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening which is full of morsels of inspiration and eye opening facts that girls really should recognize, their mothers already said it once or twice.  We all know the phrase 'if YOU tell my kids, maybe they will listen' to something that is so basic in life but it does not seem to phase them until someone else says it differently. 

    If you have girls, any age, this book is great because someone else said it!  For more information and to purchase the book, visit:  www.LaundryorDie.com

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    Is You’re SUN Next

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    Join us this week family as we have another great show planned for you. This week we will ask the question “Is You’re SUN Next?” With the recent verdict in the Jordan Davis trial. This was a conversation we had to have. I heard his mother in a interview just today and it moved me in a way like never before. And I will share this on air this coming Sunday. Also we will interview our sista and friend Nina Thornton-McMillan of “The Diva Movement” during our Hot Topic section of the show. She has an event coming up called “The Black & White Affair” that we will discuss at length with her. So be sure to tell a friend and relative. We go on air live at 6pm est and our call in number is 619-393-2813. 

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    Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption and Treason

    in Politics Conservative

    This week's topics include: over 200 Examples of Barack Obama's Lying, Lawbreaking. Corruption, Cronyism and Treason; Christians being massaquered in Syria by Obama and McCain supported Radical Islamists; Was investigative reporter Michael Hastings murdered by the CIA?; EPA says it will issue new Climate Change regulations without congressional approval; Is America heading for a economic and societial collapse engineered by Barack Obama and the Neo-Coms? U.S. and Mexico sign a secret deal to aid Illegal Aliens currently in the USA; Commom Core Education in the USA - correct answers really do not matter any more; What ever happened to Common Sense and our Laws?; Unconstitutionally Seizing Property for Bicycle Paths; Proof that president Obama was supplying our enemy, Al Qaeda, with sophisticated weapons will be Obama's real Benghazi Scandal - Isn't helping the enemy TREASON?; Vaccines cause Autism after all; Why would Michigan Teachers support a Child-Molester Teacher over the eighth grade victim?; Young White Australian Male student killed by three black teenages in Oklahoma 'for the fun of it.' - and our President, Sharpton, Oprah, Jackson, our main stream media and other Race Baitors remain silent; American media is hiding the true facts about Obama's connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and what is going on in Egypt;  and more.

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    MLB Weekly Segment (Braves, Tigers, Royals)

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    Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds & CrackerJacks: Still extremely early in the season, we're just barely over 2 weeks since the opening pitch on opening day 12 games in. Plenty of storylines & early season surprises have already struck the sport of baseball (on & off the field) entering the 1st month of play. Rangers' pitcher Yu Darvish comes within 1 out of a perfect game, Oakland continues their winning ways as they did entering postseason play last season & the 1-loss "RED HOT" Atlanta Braves seemed destined for a spectacular season. In other news, (42) A Jackie Robinson Story, the self-acclaimed huge movie hit big screens across America this past weekend leaving those who witnessed the film @ the box office inspired to say the least ranging in ages from children to teenages, middle-aged adults, elder & professional athletes. What has Jackie Robinson meant to you in your personal life? All of this including Detroit Tigers Weekly and tonight's showdown preview @ Turner Field where visiting Kansas City looks to crash the victory party and display royalty of their own in Atlanta vs the Braves only on Tate's Take!!!

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    talking about what  happen at school today and listening to music!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Teenages Are Building Wealth Successfully

    in Family

    From the minds of our talented youth who are creating their own wealth building tools using the internet. Thanks to the internet and the connections made in social networking and blogs have turned into financial empires for innovating and out-of-the-box thinking teenagers. Tune-In and be Empowered with my guest Kris Manley author of Resume for Children 17 and under.

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    "My Feet Aren't Ugly" Debra Beck talks about teen girls

    in Women

    Hi there.  This is Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach.  This week's guest is Debra Beck, author of "My Feet Aren't Ugly: A Girl's Guide to Loving Herself From the Inside Out:. 
    Debra is a devoted mentor for teenage girls and parents on issues facing teenages and parents today.
    We'll be talking about what teenage girls go through today, how they treat eacho other and why it's so hard for girls to have self-esteem.
    For more about Debra, visit her website at www.empoweredteensandparents.com
    See you soon.
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach
    Get your FREE Gift "3 Biggest Mistakes Stepfamilies Make" here at www.stepmomcoach.com

    Taking stepmoms from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time!

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    Are We Condoning Sex? Teenagers and Birth Control/Condoms

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    More and more teenagers are having sex early at an alarming rate. Is it condoing sex if as a parent you give your teenagers condoms or put them on birth control. What about sex in the home? Are you a parent that allows your teenager to have sex in the home because you feel that they are going to do it anyway and you want to keep them in a safe place? Lets Talk about! Join Voyce and Kitty June 30 at 8 pm Pst, 10 pm Central, and 11 pm Est. Check out the show on line at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Elavase or at http://www.kittykattkloset.com. Call in with your questions and comments 347-426-3673

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    The Show of Misguided Angst

    in Entertainment

    The show returns for an action packed dose of fail with Brandon,Justin,and Kellen.

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    Special Lifetimes brings you through the tears

    in Self Help

    In this episode of Special Lifetimes host Erin Martin with Guest Christopher Goldshmit will discuss some life changing events in his life. That have brought him advanced knowladge, understanding and clarity far beyond his years. Christopher also has a nefew with special needs. We will discuss how this has effected him and his out look on life..

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    Relationship Abuse talking with Latifah A. Hameen

    in Lifestyle

    Come join us today, we are blessed to have the honor to speak with published author and educator Latifah A. Hameen. She have spend years sharing her story to many around the world by educating teenages and young adults on relationship abuse. Her passion and love is to help them become more aware of its detriment, have the strength to break the cycle if they ever encounter abuse, have zero tolerance for it in their own lives and pass the knowledge on to one person, who in turn can help another person, so that abuse might no longer exists in any form.