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    Teen Bullying, Suicide, and Electronic Tools to Combat Them

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    On December 3, 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu, a former 6th grader enrolled at Folsom Middle School, committed suicide after schoolmates had bullied him for being a cheerleader.

    According to the CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year. 
    Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University. 
    A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying
    10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
    According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

    Anonymous Alerts® is a tool which enables students to quickly report bullying, cyberbullying, depression, family problems, drug and alcohol abuse, gang-related issues, sexual harassment, guns/weapons in schools, theft/vandalism or unusual student behavior which may warrant immediate attention by school officials. The system is simple and secure for students and school officials.

    Join us as we discuss these issues and more.

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    Teen Suicide - How to Prevent It: Stomp Out Suicide Founder Sean Haines Join Us

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    Join me as Haines, Founder of Stomp Out Suicide Sean Haines shares the experience of how his daughter's sucide is reaching others. 

    Stom Out Suicide was created out of love and hope in memory of Alissa M. Haines of Wyoming, MN. Stomp Out Suicide is a local organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide through public awareness and community outreach. Our goal is to educate and increase discussion about suicide prevention and awareness.

    Suicide occurs most often in those who suffer from mental illnesses. Depression is the most common mental illness. Depression is not just a bad mood or a phase; it is a serious medical condition. In most cases depression and other mental illnesses can be treated, but the problem needs to be diagnosed by a professional. Suicide can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities. While its causes are complex and determined by multiple factors, the goal of suicide prevention is simple: Reduce factors that increase risk, and increase factors that promote resilience. 

    One of the most important aspects of suicide prevention is support. The person who is struggling needs to know that you support and love him or her, and that you are willing to help them find hope in life again. Our goal at Stomp Out Suicide is to reach others like Alissa, and to prevent this tragedy from happening to people like her. Visit www.TheIronJen.com/StompOutSuicide for the show notes and links or visit www.StompOutSuicide for more info.



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    Teen Talk CNY - Teen Suicide

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    Teen Hosts Brianna, Arij, Kudzwai, and McMillen talk about the growing problem of teen suicide. Our guest is Laurie Best, Mental Health First Aid and ASIST Trainer.
    If you are having suicidal thoughts or you know someone who may be suicidal, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1800-273-TALK (8255) or visit their website at suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

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    Teen Suicide and Bullying: What you need to know to save a life

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    More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.

    On tonight's show we are discussing teen suicide and bullying. Over 3.2 million students are victims of suicide each year. Of that, up to 9 percent victims of bullying are more likely to commit suicide. 

    We will discuss the risk factors of teen depression, suicide, and how to help a student who is being bullied. 


    Our Co-host is Erika Jones. Erika is a Master of Psychology and currently works in the field as a Psychological associate. Using methods of behavior modification, Erika works with clients who have developmental disabilities. She also has experience working with young children who have been victims of bullying and diagnosed with major depression. 


    Denisha M, the host, is a Master of Psychology and behavioral specialist. 

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    Dec 1 ~ Charlotte View: TEEN SUICIDE "Once the Storm is Over" Nina Bingham

    in Psychology

    Charlotte View welcomes Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nina Bingham. She is the author of the upcoming book "Once the Storm is Over" (February 2015) where she chronicles her descent into grief following the suicide of her teen daughter.

    Did you know? Every 13.3 minutes someone in the U.S. commits suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. 

    In 2013 Nina's daughter secretly stopped taking her anti-depressant, and in the middle of the night hanged herself. Life as she knew it came to a screeching halt. Although she’d worked as a mental healthcare professional for over a decade, nothing she’d learned prepared her to lose her own daughter in such a devastating way.

    This interview is intended as a suicide prevention tool. It is ideal to share it with everyone, including your kids. Listeners will:

    be able to identify warning signs and risk factors in themselves or in their friends,
    understand what to do if they or a friend is suicidal.
    Listen about grief support and suicide prevention.
    get the help and healing needed in your grief process.

    Writing has been cathartic for author and counselor, Nina Bingham, and it has helped her to heal. So these days, she is a woman on a mission. While counseling has been a wonderful job, being an advocate for suicide prevention has become more than a job-I guess one could say it has become Nina's new calling in life. Please help Nina by sharing this FREE interview all over the Internet

    Nina Bingham's Contact Information: 
    Phone:  (971) 266-0292
    Email:  createyourlife.nina@gmail.com
    Website:  www.oncethestormisover.com

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    The Real Teen Mom Talk Live: Episode 49 - MTV Paid - Jenelle Complained

    in Television

    Check out our website at www.therealteenmomtalk.com for news and exclusive interviews with the casts of Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, and 16 and Pregnant!


    Shop with us! 


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    CYGN: The Value of Life - Understanding and Preventing Teen Suicide

    in Youth

    This is our second episode with the remarkable healer, Carissa Schumacher and young, but wise, empath, teen Jayda Hammermeister.  The topic of the show is youth suicide.  We explore the signs and causes of teen suicide, how to prevent suicide if you are a friend or parent, and new perspectives on suicide.  We delve deeply into the struggles that teens are facing that lead them to feeling trapped with no alternatives - a topic that parents don't always understand.  We also talk about the spiritual side of these issues and how teens can take a bigger perspective on their life to see daily challenges as learning lessons and not a cause to end life.  We also talk about the importance of a non-parent adult support person for youth - everyone should have one!

    Join us to learn from these wise guests on this most critical important topic.  The show includes a native healing song performed by Carissa.  Don't miss it!

    About our guest:  Carissa Schumacher is an empathic intuitive, energy therapist, and psychic intuition trainer.  Carissa can be reached for private sessions and for her Sedona Sacred Spirit Illumination Journeys at 310-499-8970 or email: cariohlovely@yahoo.com. 

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    Cutting vs Suicide and Understanding Your Child and Teen:

    in Self Help

    This show will address suicide, cutting, and child/teen behaviors

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview London Ellis!

    in Entertainment

    Hellooooo, my name is London Ellis and I am singer/songwriter from London chasing my dreams with my big stubborn personality toget my music heard and to make other people happy with it. I have always wanted to be a singer. You know when you are asked in school what you wanna be when you grow up? Well mine wasn’t the astronaut, (even though the thought of jumping around on the moon does sound fun), not the Princess, (even though having a prince whisk me off my feet wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, damn maybe I should re-think this…) but anyway I said “I’m gonna be a Popstar” and I have never changed my mind since.

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Pynk Lemonade!

    in Entertainment

    Un4gettable, Fearless and Determined to be the next top triple threat in singing, dancing, and acting these four talented Los Angeles native consisting of Brielle Angelique ,Sydney Bourne, Inaya Ashanti, and, Simone Carillo who are setting social media on fire with their trendy fashion style, hot moves and musical chemistry. Collectively they have worked with some of entertainments hottest like Dj Skrillez, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more.

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    Preventing Teen Suicide

    in Spirituality

    The Californian Psychologist Denali is interviewed about the campaign she is leading at Harnessing Happiness Co. regarding Prevention of Teen Suicide. As an excellent educator, she shares tips and hints for all. Let us join this campaign by calling in! Read more

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