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    Looking Ahead to the Year in Tech in 2015

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    What to expect from the tech world next year; Uber stops operating in Spain; What were the top tweets of the year? Mike Weinstein has details.

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    Tech Stocks Tumble

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    Iowa explores digital drivers license; Uber gets a reprieve in France...for now and tech stocks tumble with the broader markets. WSJ's Mathew Passy on these stories and more.

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    Tech Startup Values Reach the Sky

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    Valuations on tech startups exploded in 2014; Apple tops activations in the week leading up to Christmas; promoted pins coming to Pinterest and apps to help you keep your New Year's resolution. WSJ's Mathew Passy on these stories and more.

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    Dealing with Depression and Answering Psychic Questions

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    Dealing with the symptoms of depression is very difficult.  Yes, you should seek medical treatment by a licensed psychologist and psychiatrist.  However, you have to deal with these symptoms when you go home and live in daily life. 

    I was diagnosed with major depression after I was struck by a tractor trailer.  It changed my whole life.  I would not be able to work.  I was always seeing doctors for pain.  A lawsuit which went bad because of the lawyer I had and therefore money problems.   My parents were deceased and my immediate family wasn't healthy for me. 

    However, I did learn how to deal with it and I do believe talking about your problems are the key.  You might have to take small baby steps but you can do it.  When you peel back why you are depressed you will find that you have to deal with changes and it's fear that holds us back.  It's our perception.  

    I live in chronic pain and I will be getting a major procedure done on Friday which involves collapsing part of the disc which is impinging on my nerve root. Physical pain is very depressing and now I know that when I had feelings of depression before I had physical pain I could have done different things to help myself. 


    I will also take your psychic questions and comments or questions about depression. 


    If you want a detailed reading please contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs.  


    Love and Light, 

    Cindy aka Mia

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    Asking Enough Questions

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    I hope that you are understanding that part of the beauty of the dance we do here is a thing called timing and sequencing. That means there is a perfect time for you in the sequence of the events that are playing out in your life expression. By being aware and listening to your intuitive inner self you will always be prepared and forewarned of any step that needs to be understood and felt by you so you are prepared for the timing of the experience.

    So it is important that you look at the decisions that you have made about the change in your life. It is those decisions that you will be having dreams about and those little niggles that come to the surface so that you can be prepared for the experience as it comes to you. This is when you need to start asking questions... digging deeper and deeper to find the truth.

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    Radiation, Cern, Earthquake and Mega Tsunami and Psychic Questions

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    What you don't know will kill you.  Radiation is still spewing from Fukushima, Japan and if you look at videos on Youtube you will see what is really occurring. Thousands of seals are washing up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  You can check out, "BP Earthwatch" on Youtube.  He also says the end is near. 

    Cern will cause major earthquakes and tsunamis and will open at end of March. Around March 25th. 

    I will get into more details. 

    I will also take your psyschic questions. 

    Love and Light, 


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    Spirituality and Psychic Questions

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    I will discuss spirituality and what it all means. 


    I willl take your psychic questions too.


    Love and Light,


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    ISTE's Chief Membership Officer Jessica Medialle on the give and take between ISTE and it's educator/members. If you aren't a member, learn why you should become one !

    www.ISTE.org @isteconnects


    Presented by LEARNING.COM

    www.learning.com  @learningdotcom

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    Texas TECH Talk: A visit with Parqer founder John Adolph

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    Welcome to TECH Talk, Texas Style – “Because Technology Doesn’t Commercialize Itself”! We’re broadcasting from the offices of TECH Fort Worth.

    We’re online to bring to you the best and the brightest: news and information, people and their experiences, expert advice and regional resources. We do this to link talent, technology, capital and know-how so that we can be agents of change to accelerate the development of new technologies and to strengthen Texas economies.


    Website: http://www.techfortworth.org

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/techfortworth

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/techfortworth

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/127929


    John Adolph is the Founder of Parqer, an iPhone and Android app that lets users tip and pay for valet parking by phone.  Having spent the past 10 years in Dallas, John would often find himself stuck at the valet stand without cash, needing to borrow from friends or to look for an ATM. 

    After talking with various parking companies and customers, John designed Parqer and launched it in Dallas in May of 2014.  Parqer has now expanded to businesses in Austin and Houston, as well as test locations in five other markets. 

    When not running his own startup, John works as a lawyer at Bracewell & Giuliani in Dallas and spends his free time hanging out with his wife, Erin, and their two dogs. 

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    Spiritual Discernment and Visions and Answering Psychic Questions

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    Many people are having dreams which are prophetic.  These dreams are really spiritual discernment.  I will tell you about other visions and other ways people are getting these prophecies.  I truly believe we are living in end times. 

    2015 will change a lot of things as we know it.  I will discuss this in greater depth. 

    I will also take psychic questions.  If you want a detailed reading contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs


    Love and Light, 




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    Your Top Spiritual Questions and Exciting Announcement

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    It's time to dive into your spiritual questions for the month! In this show, we'll cover:

    - How do I know if I'm going through a spiritual awakening, depression or I'm just plain going crazy? I'm struggling near breaking point & I don't know how much more I can take.

    - Why are we developing spiritual character? Why make life all about dealing with crap if everything is going to be great in heaven. Are we just heading for disappointment?

    - How will I recognize my soul group?

    PLUS, I have a new development to share with you that I hope inspires you to expand yourself on your journey. It's time for greater global connections, and I hope this announcement motivates you to think of yourself and your energy in a bigger way. Listen in! :)


    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and spiritual teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular website, Conscious Cool Chic.com


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