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  • 01:12

    Medical Marijuana to relieve symptoms caused by Agent Orange?

    in Health

    This episode is dedicated to two topics, the new bills in Congress for Blue Water Navy Veterans and a discussion regarding whether or not Medical Marijuana helps to relieve symptoms caused by agent orange illnesses. Our first guest will be retired Navy Commander John B. Wells, of the same law firm who wishes to address the new house bill HR969 and the new senate bill S. 681. The remainder of the show will be diedicated to discussion and debate concerning the efficacy and usefulness of marijuana in helping reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort among aging Vietnam veternas suffering from agent orange related diseases. I hope that we will have many live listeners and call in with questions or concerns.

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    Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets Podcast 6/29/2015

    in Sports

    Co-hosts Vinnie and Mike are back talking all things Mets (and Matz, of course). They'll be joined by Howard Megdal of Capital New York and USA Today, discussing the Mets and their financial situation (exciting, I know!). Also, sports talk radio favorite Artie from Brooklyn will be calling in.

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    Agent Orange Call In Q&A (LINK)

    in Health

    This week's broadcast will be dedicated to those that wish to call in with questions concerning agent orange, health care, claims, etc. My co-hosts for this week will be Janie Bowthorpe, a Thyroid activist and talk show host who is no stranger to talk shows and well represents our female/spouse/caretaker membership. Mr. John Bury is an expert concerning agent orange legislation. Ben Norman is an American sniper who served in Vietnam! Doug Townsend will share his expertise in filing claims with the VA.This is a special prime time edition. If you have SKYPE please use it to call in otherwise you can use the number listed on the screen.This is the LINK to access the show, but it will not work before the show starts.

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    Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets Podcast 6/4/15

    in Sports

    Hosts Vinnie & Mike are back with another addition of the Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets podcast, talking about the Mets current west coast trip, injury updates, absurd controversies and all things Mets. Vinnie and Mike will be joined by Anthony and Rich from the Mets Public Record podcast, as well as sports radio favorite Artie from Brooklyn

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    Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets Podcast 6/22/2015

    in Sports

    Vinnie and Mike are back talking all things Mets. They'll be discussing the current state of the team, talikng about their Atlanta roadtrip, and looking ahead at potential trade deadline moves.  Plus a rant from sports talk radio favorite Artie from Brooklyn.

  • 01:05

    A Conversation with Prince George's County Leaders

    in Lifestyle

    Mark Spencer is a native of Prince George's County.  Mark has practiced law for 26+ years, earning high marks from the county's legal community, neighborhood groups and civic associations for his work as a top litigator in the State's Attorney's office.  He currently serves as Inspector General of the Prince George's County Police Department. 

    In his current role as the Inspector General, he conducts formal, scheduled inspections of all components of the office and ensures agency compliance with rules, policies, and EEO laws.  The Inspector General also resolves any complaints of discrimination and harrassment whereever they occur throughout the agency, and ensures that all deputy sheriffs are performing their duties in accordance with the "best practices" of law enforcement.

    Also in this conversation is Mr. Bob Ross, President of the Prince George's County NAACP.  For more than forty years, Bob has worked as an organizer and advocate in Philadelphia where he was a lobbyist, organization director and he held many positions of increasing responsibilities.  He was especially focused leadership development, organization building, contemporary labor and political issues, civil rights and community organizing.   A great conversation to listen to.



  • 02:01

    Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio: THE REAL Orange Is The New Black

    in Podcasting

    Blacktopia Presents.... Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Some Guy Named Jay and Elizabeth The Great

    Featured Panelist Barbara Williams Cason

    Special Guest Tracy June


    Blacktopian Member Tracy June spent time in Federal Prison and on July 28th Tuesday 9:00 PM EST she will talk with the listeners about her real life experience and what she did when she got out to get her life back on track.  

    Tune in by calling (323) 870-4392 or press one to enter the cue to join the discussion.

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    Orange County Real Estate News Can't Compete With This China Item

    in Real Estate

    Orange County real estate news is fairly predictable - at least compared with some of the stories that filter in from the rest of the world.  Here in Orange County, for instance, wherever a new home is being built, you're likely to see familiar evidence like stacks of lumber and drywall, cartons of nail gun ammo, sacks of cement, and workmen hustling around as they put everything together.  But your not going to believe this.  Nary a printer in sight.  Not so in China.  The are building houses very differently.  Tune in and see how they are building a home.


  • 00:55

    Blue & Orange Nation Talking Mets Podcast 5/21/2015

    in Sports

    The Blue and Orange Nation Talking Mets podcast returns as hosts Vinnie & Mike recap all the latest Mets news, rumors, and absurd controversies (there's always one of those!).  They'll be joined by very special guest Matt Cerrone, Director of Digital Media for SNY and Lead Writer, Creator of MetsBlog.com as well as sports talk radio favorite Artie from Brooklyn.

  • 00:59

    062515 Dennis Virtuoso-Niagara County Legislature

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello show, Niagara County Legislator, Dennis Virtuoso discusses several County issues as they relate to the city of Niagara Falls as well as countywide issues. Legislator Virtuoso represents the 6th Legislative District in Niagara Falls.

    The issue of landlords and giving landlords the opportunity and requirement that  properties that receive social service subsidies be inspected at least once a year will again be brought to the County Legislature.

    The new law giving vendors permission to sell fireworks within the county line on designated dates with a list of acceptable fireworks provided.

    Legislator Virtuoso is also the Minority Leader and points out the stress placed on the minority made up of four  Democrats In a Legislative body of 15.

  • 01:03

    The Orange Report with Big Mike & Matt

    in Sports

     Discussing college football, Big 12 Conference and specifically Texas Longhorn sports. Including Game analysis, guest interviews, and a little bit crazyness. Give us a call to talk UT sports. You can also tweet your questions @MBHORNSFAN

    This episode we will discuss:

    1. Baseball/Big 12 tournamnet, Augie's future

    2. Tevin Mack committment

    3. Football recruiting updates

    4. UT all sports update

    5. NBA playoffs. ROCKETS BABY