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    William Jackson on Melinda Talks, YMPM

    in Youth

    William Jackson dedicated educator, talks Bullying on Melinda Talks. a must listen for parents and teachers.
    Duval County Public Schools – Primary TEAMUP After School Program
    Memberships: Executive Board Member of: JCCI Forward ImpactJax Education Member E3  Business Group Member National Association of Black Journalists National Education Association American Federation of Teachers

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    OnlineNation NBA2K LIVE Radio #20

    in Video Games

    Call In (877) 497-1811
    Welcome to OnlineNation Radio Every Monday Nights at 8pm Eastern.
    Today we will be discussing if there is a Momentum Flaw in NBA 2k13.
    What do you want to see in NBA 2k14 and NBA Live 14 for Current Gen and Next Gen?
    Ideas for NBA 2k14 and NBA Live 14 For Tournaments,Teamup, Servers,GamePlay.
    Follow me on twitter.com/NYCDaFuture
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel..
    http://nycdafuture.wordpress.com/  For every1 to post at the Blog.

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    OnlineNation NBA2K LIVE Radio #19

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    Yes Sir,  NYCDaFuture has made his Return after a Long Year waiting. OnlineNation Radio is back for good. Every Monday Nights at 8pm Eastern.
    Follow me on twitter.com/NYCDaFuture
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel..
    http://nycdafuture.wordpress.com/  For every1 to post at the Blog.
    Guests are 2 members from the TeamUp Community Program and Youtube Stars.. Kspade64 and IpodKingCarter
    Will be discussing the Online Servers for NBA 2k13 and for future 2k's.
    The Debate on Crew Mode for NBA2k14, will it also be on the Next Gen Systems?

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    SimNation Radio Show Friday Aug 24, 2012

    in Video Games

    Tonight we talk about the leaked NBA Live 13 footage and the response and speculation concerning it. We will also talk about your reactions to the latest NBA 2K13 Video on gameplay part 2.
    We also hope to have 2K teamup member Shakedown 2012 on deck to share his thoughts and answer questions.
    I also want to talk about this Jon Jones Dana White Fiasco. Who was right ? Who was wrong? Should we care ?

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    Welcome Back Edition

    in Video Games

    What's happening family. SimNation Radio is back this Friday @ 7:00 pm EST.
    Tonight we discuss 2k's Brand new Teamup Program and the pro's and con's of it.
    We will also discuss the lunacy of the 2012 Olmypic team thinking they can beat THE dreamteam
    We will perform our very first buy don't buy segement with some heavy hitters from DLGNOW.COM on NCAA football 13. Should you empty those pockets or not ?
    We will also get into NBA LIve 13 and their lack of information and the new idea that it may be a digital only download game.

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    Sim Nation Radio Fri Aug 10th

    in Video Games

    This week we will be discussing the Article by @owengood http://bit.ly/NdrsU0 If NBA Live 13 Doesn't Hit an Oct. 2 Release Date, It's as Good as Failing to Launch.
    I will also open up the Barbershop to discuss the Elderly woman bullied by kids on a bus. #THATSNOTSIM
    We will discuss with our panel mandatory gameplay enhacnements for next gen systems.
    We will also be visited by one of the best roster makers out there OS'es own Hookupguy and discuss his Olmypic Masterpiece.
    We will also be joined by a few of the NBA2K Teamup program invitee's to get familiar with what they will be looking for.
    If all that isn't enough the #SimNations oun @Real2KInsider will make his return to the show. #mutecity

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    Online Nation NBA2K LIVE RADIO

    in Video Games

    Talking about gettin Crew Mode Back with Improvements with the Community, Teamup Leagues, Discussing NBA2k13 and NBALive13.. Make it more of a User Skill Game, Dedicated Servers.. Online Wishlist..

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    Life Is Poetry Radio Wichita

    in Radio

    Wichita artist, poets, and writers who need an open door outlet this is the spot.  Some of us just need to express and others may want to be proffessionals.  Either way, Wichita does not have this type of outlet and the more supporters the more likely the funding will get approved for the on ground station to create more jobs.  If you have an ad or event email me at oronagrafix@live.com
    Look out for the TeamUP mixer, all walks of art should be in attendance because the invites are from that field. 
    Walter Gritin the founder of Art of Heart has been doing promo for some time and he is now in the matrix.  I'll be working with him on his book and some other great projects for the musicians and poets of Wichita.  Keep your eyes, ears, and mouth open so you can spread the word.
    Yessenia Arellano is the official voice of LIFE IS POETRY and she has done the intro for us.  Show her some support by joining the Life Is Poetry Group on Face Book. 
    Sonrie a la vida no deje q la vida te sonrie a ti!

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    M.A.S.K.E.D. M.A.Y.H.E.M. – Episode 05

    in Television

    In Episode 05 we find out that The Oz Effect has nothing to with a girl from Kansas, we prepare for the death from the sky, and no there are not real moles that spit liquid hot magma on earth. Toon in as OptimusSolo and TFG1Mike bring you more Mayhem!!!! Teamup Overlays Suck! Geeks: Kevin ...

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    Online Nation NBA2k12 Debate 8.0

    in Video Games

    Discussing Server Issues. NBA Live13, Teamup, NBA 2k13 Ideas