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    TCB Afterparty

    in Elections

    This is the official TCB afterparty come join us all are welcome to discuss politics and current events.....this show is dedicated to the finishing of the debates and conversations of the tcb talk show......please join us and feel free to call in.....im your host Mike Ghost

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    TCB Afterparty

    in Elections

    This is the official TCB afterparty come join us all are welcome to discuss politics and current events.....this show is dedicated to the finishing of the debates and conversations of the tcb talk show......please join us and feel free to call in.....im your host Mike Ghost

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    TCB Afterparty

    in Elections

    Finish up your talk/ debates or other issues in here im an avid fan of TCB Talk and this is there official afterparty room with your host Mike Ghost....please feel free to call in.

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    Tabernacle Christian Broadcast (TCB): Variety

    in Christianity

    The Tabernacle Summer Sunday Children's Camp is HERE!  Register online: www.signmeup.com/108625.

    Listen for Promos by Launch Your MInistry Pastors: Apostle Henry and Wife, True Diliverance Ministry, and Pastor Aundrae Hughes and member, Missionary Janice Clark of  Anointed Tabernacle of God Church

    If you are in the Las Vegas area and have children ages 6-17.  You may now enroll them in the Tabernacle's Sunday Children's Camp. The Sunday Children's Camp is in session on Sundays. Doors open at 10:45AM and Camp closes at 2:30PM.  Open enrollment for children ages 6-17 for non-members and 5-17 for members.  The Summer Session runs May 2015 through August 30, 2015.  The first session's overall theme is "Talking to God."  The first 4 weeks is entitled: Our Daily Bread; the next 4 weeks: Before We Go To Sleep, and Final 4 weeks: Personal Prayer. Your child(ren) will participate in fun Christian songs, and raps about prayer, arts and crafts, American Sign Language, Games and more! During art class, participants will create works that compliment and reflect the themes.  These will be displayed throughout the facility. In American Sign Language Class, participants will learn short songs and prayers in sign language.  All participants will have snack time where they will watch exciting videos related to the theme.  . Please alert us to any allergies or physical difficulties that your child may have.  This is offered for a donation of less than $1.60 per Sunday Camp Day (each child). Parents are welcomed, but not required to attend.  Register online at:  www.signmeup.com/108625, or call 702-664-2078.

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    TCB Presents: "Hallelujah!" with Min. Kim Warner

    in Christianity

    In memory of those lost during South Carolina Church shooting. "...the Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one for another." Genesis 31:49

    Repost of 6-20-15 Episode.

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    TCB Presents: Hallelujah with Min. Kim Warner

    in Christianity

    Join Minister Warner and phone guests from Inner Faith Weath Builders, Inc,  for an exciting spiritually uplifting broadcast.  You can connect with Min. Warner and the Inner Faith Wealth Builders Team through their Bible Study Global Connection Confernece each Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time by callig: 510-881-1212, enter code 818-864-188.  Email: Ifwbuilders@gmail.com Phone: 805-225-3159.  Correspondance: 5778 D Lindero Canyon Rd. #431 West Lake Village, CA  91362.  

    Launch Your Ministry RIGHT! Contact Bishop Terry Criner at Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc. for details: 888-523-HTOM, opt. 2.  If you have a creative and/or unique ministry called of the Lord Jesus, we want to help you get started.  This IS your sign.  Launch Your Ministry Now. 

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    Tabernacle Christian Broadcasting (TCB) Presents: Meet Minister Kim Warner

    in Christianity


    Visit Minister Kim at http://www.kimwarner.com

    You will be deligthed to meet this powerful woman in the Lord.  Minister Kim Warner is a devoted and compassionate servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She is a published author, as well as an active member of H.E.R.O., a non-profit public service organization that reaches out to the mentally impaired and provides educational support to children from a variety of cognitive backgrounds.  Her personal testimony will move, and stir you to good works in the Lord.  Meet Minister Kim, right here at www.blogtalkradio.com/htom1, 8pm Pacific Time.  Also, watch for her upcoming interview on KKVV Christian Radio,1060AM, at 6:32pm on Saturday, May 30, 2015. 

    TONIGHT'S LINEUP: 1) THE TABERNACLE KIDS 12:00 Mins.  2)  LAUNCH YOUR MINISTRY WATCH w/ Evangelist Alaina M. Criner 42:00 Mins.  3) SATURDAY SUNDAY SCHOOL PREVIEW w/ Pastor Teresa R. Bias 26:00 Mins.  

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    TCB Presents: The 8-27-13 Broadcast of the Wednesday Word w/Pastor L. Criner

    in Christianity

    Join the ladies of the Tabernacle as they discuss this most important topic: Witnessing. 

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    7-27-15 INNOVATION UPDATE: Correspondent Lending Reinvented, Jack Nunnery of TCB

    in Finance

    When it comes to Correspondent Lending, not much has changed in decades... that is until NOW! Today's guest is JACK NUNNERY, EVP of Texas Capital Bank (TCB). Last week, TCB announced they are launching their "Mortgage Correspondent Aggregation" (MCA) business, which is a new correspondent lending platform. Jack along with Gary Ort have been responsible for TCB's Warehouse Lending operation. They recognized that there was an unusual opportunity to create within the correspondent lending space an innovative and new approach to correspondent lending that would be streamline virtually all the processes involved to the benefit both the seller and the buyer. As a result, Jack started a "greenfield" work effort well over a year and a half ago with the objective of designing and building a state-of-the-art streamlined correspondent lending platform that operates in a way like no other company has operated before. On today's broadcast, Jack is going to talk about four key considerations that went into designing and building TCB's MCA business which are as follows:

    Historical challenges to innovation in the mortgage industry
    Hurdles to successful transformation
    Solutions for success not previously thought possible
    The consequences of not transforming our business

    You will not want to miss this important broadcast!  

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    The Ye Ole General Store: TCB Edition

    in Comedy

    The SHOW with the most returns to the interwebs to discuss many of things but mainly public bathroom eitquette of doom and destruction! You are about to get some truth dropped on yo head and you may not be ready. If you got some truth of your own call into the FATLine and let us hash it out. Your opinions are welcome but just know we might disagree and it is our SHOW! Join Fuzzz, Travis & Don as they dominate all other web domains!

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    TCB-Tabernacle Christian Broadcast (Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc.)

    in Christianity

    [TCB]  Tonight's Lineup: 6pm The Saturday Sunday School Preview with National Church Pastor Teresa R. Bias and Panelists (Pastor Loretta Criner, Evang. Teresa Tyler, Evang. Alaina Criner)

    6:34:  The Tabernacle Kids (Boss and Pistol Bias) Present - Girls' Talk with Pistol Mani-Yah. This program is sponsored by A Blessed Bible Book Memory Lesson ©2012 , By Bishop Terry Criner.  Learn to recite all of the Books of the Bible from memory.  Call to get your CD copy at 1-888-523-HTOM, opt. 1