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    What is the History of Legal Voting Rights in the United States?

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    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

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    This segment is Art and Social Justice Issues, a combination some listeners might not be aware of. My goal is to connect you to social justice issues throught art.

    On today's show, What is the History of Legal Voting Rights in the United States?, we will be talking about the issues of legal voting rights in the history of the United States.

    Thank you, for listening to Art and Social Justice Issues. I'm Dianna Long and I am about connecting people to social justice issues through art.

    If you would like to sponsor one of our upcoming shows, please contact our show's Executive Producer at cesarquiroz379@gmail.com.

    Dianna C Long, Host of "Art and Social Justice Issues"

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network


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    The United Nations Are Investigating The United States, You Won't Believe Why

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss the reasons why the UN has put together a committee to investigate the United States. Join the show at 6:30 p.m. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Should The United States Take In Syrian Refugees?

    in Politics

    Should the United States accept 10,000 Syrian refugees or should we deny them access?  Is our vetting process for visas to enter the country substational enough?  Should we listen to Donald Trump and stop accepting Muslims into our counry until we have a better vetting system in place?  Is this possible?  Tune in tonight as we discuss these issues.  Callers are always welcome.

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    Obama Says He Wants To Place Fear Into The United states of America

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    Obama says he hates The United States of America, and wants to play fears, and uncertainty about the future of the United States of America.

    This why Obama hates both freedom and liberty.

    Obama's State of the Union Speech is to talk about his accomplishment is this in one word failure with a Capital F.

    Obama like Syria because of the Words Islamic State Iraq Syria (ISIS) to come and behead each and every America.

    Obama loves the ways of Communist, Liberals, Democrats lack of freedom and liberty.

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    Why Russia Will Attack the United States

    in Christianity

    On Prophecy Quake tonight @8:00 PM CST, we will look at why Russia will soon attack the United States as the Middle East plunges us in WW3. Prophets have warned the United States for decades that Russia would attack in the last days, but few knew why especially after the Cold War ended. However, circumstances are coming together in the Middle East and the global economy that are pushing Russia to act against the United States and Saudi Arabia. The "Pipeline War" will soon turn in a major global war. This is what the Bible foretold thousands of years ago to the letter. It is time to prepare ourselves for the days ahead. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566.

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    Social Justice in United States of America: Part 2

    in Current Events

    Social justice imposes on each of us a personal responsibility to work with others to design and continually perfect personal and social development. The term "social justice" was seen by the U.N. "as a substitute for the protection of human rights [and] first appeared in United Nations texts during the second half of the 1960s. At the initiative of the Soviet Union, and with the support of developing countries, the term was used in the Declaration on Social Progress and Development, adopted in 1969.

    The Quran contains numerous references to elements of social justice. Charity and assistance to the poor – concepts central to social justice – are and have historically been important parts of the Islamic faith. The notion of social justice first surfaced in Western thought and political language in the wake of the industrial revolution and the parallel development of the socialist doctrine. It emerged as an expression of protest against what was perceived as the capitalist exploitation of labor and as a focal point for the development of measures to improve the human condition.

    Many authors criticize the idea that there exists an objective standard of social justice.Some people accept some of the basic principles of social justice, such as the idea that all human beings have a basic level of value, but disagree with the tenet that all people are equally entitled to the respect of their fellowmen.Some scholars reject the very idea of social justice as meaningless, religious, self-contradictory, and ideological, believing that to realize any degree of social justice is unfeasible, and that the attempt to do so must destroy all liberty. 

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    Only A United Church Can Heal A Divided America

    in Lifestyle

    What Would Happen If Pastors And Christian Leaders Took Responsibility Of The Spiritual Condition Of Our Nation And Did Something About It? Could This Be A Tipping Point That Shifts American History And Changes A Generation.

    Join Us Tuesday February 2nd @9PM Eastern time, with special guest Founder Lewis Hogan of United Cry

    www.upfrontintheprophetic.com Unitedcry.com POPPM.org 

    Washington DC Get Ready!

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    Women United

    in Non-Profit

    Women and men need to united for Peace and Justice

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    Introduction to the Government of The United States of America

    in Politics

    A history of the country and the revolutionary war brought forward to today!

    Secretary of State for The United States of America

    Government Directory

    Confederation Party

    Voting Booth

    The 199.00 Trust Special

  • Reach Out America: The United Saints of America

    in Current Events

    When Pastor Sylvester Bland entered the United States Army and raised his right hand to pledge to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic” it did not mention an expiration date on his oath nor has it ever been recanted. Today, as a father, grandfather, Pastor of Home Churches International (Over 20 Years) and media host of The United Saints of America, Bland continues that oath he swore as he “Fights The Good Fight”.  DAILY Live @ 5pm Pacific, 8pm Prime Time Eastern www.theunitedsaintsofamerica.us A Christian Conservative Talk Show! He sees the moral decay of America and the Liberal unlawful corruption of our Constitution he swore to defend and he doesn’t like it. Reminiscent of the “black robed regiment”, loyal clergymen of the American Revolution, today Pastor Bland has stepped up once more.Remember when The Doctor and The Pastor Made House Calls? He goes on Missionary Journeys all across the country. Next stop this year, will be through The "NORTH EAST. Starting in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, PA, NY, and NJ. House to House, City by City and State to State! He Believes America is Traveling along Two parallel Tracks one of Revolution and the other is Revival; thus dividing America in Two at The Fork for every individual. Pastor Bland has issued the call, will you respond? 951-360-3399 My Email: theunitedsaintsofamerica.us@gmail.com * DAILY CONSERVTIVE TALK SHOW! * LIVE @ 5pm PST, 8pm Eastern 

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    Philosophy, Religion & Life - Prisons & Redemption in the United States

    in Culture


    Please join Zhe Levels Scott as I discuss the truth of the prision industrial complex and learn about the positive impact that Sonnie Day is having with the annual prison tour program. In 2015 she was featured in a nightline story about prisions in America. You can learn more about Sonnie and support her efforts to encourage inmates by visiting her website here: www.sonnieday.org. You can donate by visiting:  https://www.gofundme.com/2016prisonministry

    In addition to being a seasoned talk show host, and collaborator with Deitrick Haddon, Sonnie Day is the 2006 & 2008 Detroit Music Award WINNER for Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter and 2008, 2011, 2012 Outstanding Gospel/Christian Vocalist. Sonnie wins a DMA for Outstanding Independent Video in collaboration with Paul Miles and local Detroit artist. She has been nominated over 10 times and has WON SIX DETROIT MUSIC AWARDS. Sonnie was 1 of the 12 Finalists for  Verizon's Next Lady of Song for her new single "Celebrate You" during a contest for Radio One's 2015 Women's Empowerment Summit in Detroit.

    We will also have a couple special guests coming by as well. Stay tuned for more details.